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22.10Benediction - Entering Studio Soon
 Agalloch - Update From The Band
 Arsis - New Album Completed
 Catamenia - Postpone US Tour
 Darkane - New Singer Announced
 Within Temptation - European Tour Dates, New Video
 Helloween - New Video Online
 Amon Amarth - To Tour Down Under
 Gorgoroth - Internal Conflict, Tour To Still Go On
21.10The Old Dead Tree - Part Ways With Drummer
 Killing Joke - Paul Raven Dead At 46
20.10Ministry - Ex-Member Paul Barker Sued By Al Jourgensen
19.10Tristania - New Female Vocalist Revealed
 At The Gates - To Reunite And Perform Live Next Summer
17.10Omnium Gatherum - Part Ways With Bassist, Announce Replacement

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Benediction - Entering Studio Soon

Long-running British Death Metal legends Benediction have posted the following statement on their MySpace-page:

"OK, they've talked and talked about it for long enough. The boys will be going into the studio on November 21 (booked and confirmed!) to actually record the fucking album ("Killing Music") at long last. It will be released at the end of March 2008 and a full tour will commence in April 2008 for God knows how long followed by as many festivals that will allow them to play!!! There will be at least 12 tracks on the final mix, maybe more, if the studio can keep them out of the bar for long enough. Let's hope they manage to stay alive long enough to get in the studio considering the mayhem they cause by just popping out for a few drinks together!!! Get the ambulances ready, it's gonna get messy."


Band profile: Benediction
Posted: 22.10.2007 by Thryce | Comments (4)

Agalloch - Update From The Band

Agalloch have updated their MySpace with the following blog:

"Agalloch will finally release "The White EP" through Vendlus Records in early 2008. It is the follow-up to 2004's "The Grey EP" and completes a dichotomy of releases for the label. "The White EP" contains seven dark folk and ambient works written and recorded over the past 3 years.

"The White EP" tracklisting:

01. The Isle Of Summer
02. Birch Black
03. Hollow Stone
04. Pantheist
05. Birch White
06. Sowilo Rune
07. Summerisle Reprise

Also, the band has two European gigs confirmed for next year. We will be playing the 5th edition of the annual Ragnarök Festival in Germany alongside Negura Bunget, Skyforger, Menhir, Haggard, Sear Bliss, Unleashed, and several others. This will be followed by a headlining gig in Belgium with Mourning Beloveth (UK) and In Age And Sadness (Hol). Of course, a couple gigs in our native Pacific Northwest will be played before we head off to Europe. More info regarding that will be forthcoming.


Band profile: Agalloch
Posted: 22.10.2007 by Lupas | Comments (3)

Arsis - New Album Completed

Arsis has completed work on their upcoming album, "We Are The Nightmare." Produced by Zeuss (Agnostic Front, Hatebreed) at Planet Z Studios in Massachusetts and mastered by Alan Douches (Kataklysm, Unearth), the tracklisting for the album, due out in North America in early-2008 through Nuclear Blast Records, is as follows:

01. We Are The Nightmare
02. Shattering The Spell
03. Sightless Wisdom
04. Servants To The Night
05. Failing Winds Of Hopeless Greed
06. Overthrown
07. Progressive Entrapment
08. A Feast For The Liar's Tongue
09. My Oath To Madness
10. Failure's Conquest

Guitarist and vocalist Jim Malone comments:

"I can honestly say that this was the best recording experience that I have had in my years with Arsis. Not only was Zeuss great to work with, but Ryan , Darren , and Noah all did an outstanding job. We all worked together to create what I feel is the most accomplished Arsis album to date. It's been a few weeks since we finished recording and I can still listen to the songs; that's a good sign."


Band profile: Arsis
Posted: 22.10.2007 by Putrid_Cadaver | Comments (4)

Catamenia - Postpone US Tour

The following was posted on Catamenia's official forum (but it's not an official statement) either:

"It is the hardest time after a long work and long discussions. And I am really sad to inform that we have recently had to cancel our USA tour after we spent months on it. The band and I, myself, are really disappointed now, since it is more than a dream to come true for both of us.

What we have been trying is to make the best for Catamenia fans. The tour was totally not financial one and what we wanted to make a long tour and visit every single town for the fans. But as I said I have failed to make it happen.
We had started working on time and found a promoter, it went all well and we got the confirmation about the dates. then it started to go worse, we have changed the line-up and promoter and dates for a few times. We thought it was best to post the tour in 2008. But some problems occured and we aren't left any choice except cancelling.


Band profile: Catamenia
Event: Catamenia: North America Tour [POSTPONED]
Posted: 22.10.2007 by Bararey | Comments (4)

Darkane - New Singer Announced

The following message was posted on Darkane's official website:

"Darkane would like to welcome Jens Broman as the new vocalist in Darkane.

Jens will take over the vocal duties after Andreas Sydow left the band in August, and Jens has recently been seen on the vocal spot in Constucdead and The Defaced (he will continue to sing in both bands). Jens grew up in Glumslöv south of Helsingborg (as a good friend of Björn Strid from Soilwork), but now lives in Stockholm. His live debut with Darkane will take place in three weeks at the Progpower Scandinavia festival in Copenhagen, Denmark (November 10th). Darkane has been rehearsing hard lately and are very excited to work together with Jens. He has a huge vocal diversity and we are pretty sure that fans of Darkane won´t be disapointed.


Band profile: Darkane
Posted: 22.10.2007 by cradka | Comments (2)

Within Temptation - European Tour Dates, New Video

The following update was posted on Within Temptation's official website:

"We can announce some new special tour dates! In January we'll be visiting a lot of countries we have never been before. For example: Slovenia, Croatia and Poland. We hope to see you soon!"

Dates announced so far are as follows:

Jan. 10 - Bologna, Italy @ Estragon
Jan. 11 - Milan, Italy @ Live Club
Jan. 12 - Karlsruhe, Germany @ Europahalle
Jan. 13 - Graz, Austria @ Orpheum
Jan. 14 - Zagreb, Croatia @ Tvornica Kulture
Jan. 16 - Warsaw, Poland @ Stodola
Jan. 17 - Praha, Czech Republic @ Roxy
Jan. 18 - Budapest, Hungary @ Petofi Csarnok
Jan. 19 - Ljubljana, Slovenia @ VPK
Feb. 07 - Rotterdam, Netherlands @ Ahoy


Band profile: Within Temptation
Event: Within Temptation: European Tour
Posted: 22.10.2007 by White Winter Sun | Comments (5)

Helloween - New Video Online

Helloween's video for the new single 'As Long As I Fall' was posted on SPVAmerica's YouTube Channel at this location (Or by clicking here for a direct link to the video).

The clip was shot at Munich's AVA studios (who previously worked with the group on the 'Light The Universe' clip).

"As Long As I Fall" comes off the German group's new studio album, "Gambling With The Devil", which is scheduled for release on October 23, 2007 (USA), October 26, 2007 (Germany) and October 29, 2007 (rest of Europe) via SPV.


Band profile: Helloween
Posted: 22.10.2007 by White Winter Sun | Comments (7)

Amon Amarth - To Tour Down Under

Posted by Amon Amarth on their official site:

"We have exciting news for our fans Down Under. There has been rumours in the past few days about a possible Amon Amarth tour in Australia. Well, the rumours are true. We are thrilled about this tour in Australia. This will be the first time that the band sets foot on the continent. The tour will be in early January. Tour dates and locations can be found in the tour dates section. We are looking forward to performing for and meeting our Australian fans for the first time. See you at the shows!"

Australia and New Zealand tour dates 2008 are as follows:

01.04 - Adelaide - Fowler's Live (All Ages)
01.05 - Perth - Amplifier Bar
01.06 - Sydney - The Enmore Theatre (All Ages)


Band profile: Amon Amarth
Event: Amon Amarth - The Wrath Of The Norsemen Tour
Posted: 22.10.2007 by bluemobiusx | Comments (5)

Gorgoroth - Internal Conflict, Tour To Still Go On

Last night Infernus, guitarist of Norwegian black metal band Gorgoroth gave reason to believe the band may be splitting up with the following update on the band's official MySpace site:

"I am writing to inform you about the fact that there has been taken a decision to split up the band, Infernus on one side, Gaahl and King on the other. We can not continue working together any longer. What is still not agreed upon is who rightfully get to keep the band's name, as it is both parts will to continue. Since this will be a question of legal affairs, I am afraid this might take time to get sorted out. I am sorry for that."

But we now know that whatever happens, the band's European tour will continue as planned, with an update to the band's official website this morning:


Band profile: Gorgoroth
Posted: 22.10.2007 by Apollyon | Comments (13)

The Old Dead Tree - Part Ways With Drummer

As posted on the official website:

Foued Moukid has stepped down from his drums wielding duties after 3 years in The Old Dead Tree. Foued has decided to devote himself to his other band Arkan in "full-time" mode, and also to others personal private projects.
"We had been working in this band together for almost 3 years and we shared some unforgettable experiences together all over Europe. We will obviously remain friends and this "break up" has been on very good terms from both sides. We would like to thank our friend and wish him the best of luck with his future ventures!"
Please note that all gigs scheduled - except Portugal - are still confirmed! A session drummer - Raphaël Antheaume- will replace Foued until his successor has been found.


Band profile: The Old Dead Tree
Posted: 21.10.2007 by wrathchild | Comments (1)

Killing Joke - Paul Raven Dead At 46

Influential bassist Paul Raven passed away on the 20th of October. A message posted on the MySpace page of his latest project Mob Research states:

"Mob Research founder and bassist Paul Raven passed away today Saturday 20th October, apparently from a heart attack. The cause of the attack is currently unknown. He had just arrived in Europe to commence recording with his friends Treponem Pal.

Raven was the charismatic bass player for Killing Joke for many years, also Prong and most recently Ministry and Mob Research. He was a great friend to many and a legendary bass player. We shall all miss Paul incredibly. When we have more information on his untimely passing and cause of death we will let you know. We are still in a state of shock. We understand the funeral services will be held in England. Any messages of condolence are welcomed.


Band profile: Killing Joke
Posted: 21.10.2007 by jup (mia) | Comments (8)

Ministry - Ex-Member Paul Barker Sued By Al Jourgensen

Information regarding Ministry's Al Jourgensen suing his ex-bandmate Paul Barker has recently been circulating the Internet. According to the official Los Angeles Superior Court website, case number SC094122, a case for tortious interference regarding contractual agreement has been filed by Al Jourgensen against Paul Barker and Spurburn music. Although documented in legal archives, this case has not yet been publicly confirmed by either side.

Paul Barker left Ministry in 2003, following the release of the album Animositisomina, citing musical differences and personal problems as the reason for this decision. The split seemed amiable and only now is evidence pointing to the contrary beginning to emerge. Since leaving Ministry, Barker has recorded an album as Pink Anvil and joined the band USSA.


Band profile: Ministry
Posted: 20.10.2007 by jup (mia) | Comments (8)

Tristania - New Female Vocalist Revealed

October 19, 2007

Tristania is proud to present their new female singer, Mariangela "Mary" Demurtas. Possessing a voice and talent that will not only complement the bands music, but give it an entirely new dimension. She is sure to usher in a new age of Tristania.

Mariangela Demurtas, aged 25, from the island of Sardinia, Italy, is the singer Tristania was looking, but did not dare hope, for. The band was focusing on voice and talent when they went out looking for a new singer half a year ago. After a thorough search and many audtions, little did they know they would get all that, and more, in the form of Mary.

She's all about music - and metal to the bone. She has performed with several Italian bands, before finally joining up with Tristania. She lists her musical influences to include Janis Joplin, Diamanda Galas, Lisa DalBello, Lauryn Hill, Skin, Chris Cornell and Jeff Buckley. An educated linguist, she has already moved to Norway and settled in Tristania's home town of Stavanger. Although this is not her first time living abroad (she studied for a year in the Dominican Republic at the age of 16), it's living proof of the dedication she brings to Tristania.


Band profile: Tristania
Posted: 19.10.2007 by dismaleuphony | Comments (39)

At The Gates - To Reunite And Perform Live Next Summer

"Yes, it's true... At The Gates will reunite for some shows next summer."
So says the message left on the band's official website. Guitarist Anders has also commented regarding the reunion:

"Well, it felt like the timing was right for once. We have been talking about a possible reunion for years now, but this was the first time everything fell into place. For me personally, it feels like getting closure. The break-up over ten years ago was abrupt and left a bad vibe between us that took years to get over. We have a better relationship today and a more relaxed approach to who we are and what we do. The time is right to get together and play some shows. Try to catch us live in the summer 2008. It could be your last chance."


Band profile: At The Gates
Posted: 19.10.2007 by Incinerated | Comments (24)

Omnium Gatherum - Part Ways With Bassist, Announce Replacement

The following update was posted on Omnium Gatherum's official website:

"We´re sad to inform that our long-time bass player for 10 years Janne Markkanen has decided to step aside from OG crew due to his lack of time and motivation for this type of music. There´s none bad blood between us and of course we wish him best of luck for whatever he is doing from now on.

Good news are that we have new fresh motivated blood in the crew as Eerik Purdon is our new bassist from now on and he´ll be looking after to create some demonic bottom pulse and groove to our noise. Eerik have been our good friend for some time and he also helped us and played bass on Omnium Gatherum's Summer Blast Fest Spain / Portugal -tour in June 2007 when Janne was unavailable to do the shows and the dude really showed his infernal talents and Omnium Gatherum attitude there! Eerik also plays in Crystal Blaze and he was acting session bassist in Amoral for their latest Finnish shows."


Band profile: Omnium Gatherum
Posted: 17.10.2007 by White Winter Sun | Comments (3)

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