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22.10Annihilator - Complete DVD Details Revealed
27.04Annihilator - First Live Album To Be Remastered
13.09Annihilator - To Support Iced Earth On European Tour
02.08Annihilator - Rare Videos Online
11.05Annihilator - Live Videos From Europe Tour
19.03Annihilator - New Album Samples Online
19.02Annihilator - New Album Tracklisting
28.11Annihilator - Songs Available For Streaming
10.08Annihilator - New Release Dates
27.10Annihilator - Jeff Waters the fastest?
18.10Annihilator - DVD early spring 2005
12.03Annihilator - a new member
05.03Annihilator - news on the forthcoming album

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Annihilator - Complete DVD Details Revealed

Canadian metallers Annihilator will release their new DVD, "Live At Masters Of Rock", on the following dates:

Germany, Austria, Switzerland: October 30
Europe, Australia: November 2
USA, Canada, Asia: TBA

The cover artwork comes from the band's set which was filmed and recorded on July 11, 2008 at the Masters Of Rock festival in Vizovice, Czech Republic.

A new press release reads as follows: "Prepare to experience Canada's Annihilator. Known as one of the premiere live metal acts for 3 decades now, Annihilator are captured live in the hot, Czech Republic summer of 2008. The band hits hard with mint, metal masterpieces, ranging from early metal classic records like "Alice In Hell", "Never", "Neverland" and "Set The World On Fire", to powerhouse records like "King Of The Kill", "Waking The Fury", "Carnival Diablos" and from 2007's acclaimed release "Metal". Performing live in front of 30,000 metalheads, this sold-out concert DVD is the purest example of why Annihilator are touted as one of the best metal bands of our time. Enjoy the metal."


Band profile: Annihilator
Posted: 22.10.2009 by White Winter Sun | Comments (5)

Annihilator - First Live Album To Be Remastered

Metal Mind Productions press release:

"For many fans Annihilator was always the silent hero of thrash metal. They never got the same attention as Megadeth, Metallica or Slayer, but when musical critics predicted the end of thrash metal by the end of the 80's, they shut their mouths with one of the most intense thrash metal releases ever - "Alice In Hell". The album was a brilliant mixture of melody, power and aggression - everything a thrash metal band could ever wish for in their debut. Annihilator's next offering, "Never, Neverland", was proof that the debut was not made by accident - the album delivered the same amount of sheer thrash madness, backed by some extremely melodic riffs and solos. After these two releases the group continued their career with various line-up changes (eventually leaving guitarist Jeff Waters the only original member), but every album recorded after 1990 had a totally different vibe than the first two releases. Perhaps that was the reason why in 1996 Roadrunner Records decided to put out a live album covering the period from 1989 to 1990, by many fans considered Annihilator's strongest years. "In Command" brilliantly captures the band at the beginning of their musical voyage, when all that mattered was the joy of playing thrash metal and kicking some ass!


Band profile: Annihilator
Posted: 27.04.2008 by SlaytallicA | Comments (2)

Annihilator - To Support Iced Earth On European Tour

As posted on the official Annihilator forum, Annihilator will return to Europe starting early October as "very special guest" to Iced Earth.

Guitarist/Mainman Jeff Waters says "We are looking forward to another great tour through Europe and, this time, courtesy of metal warriors Iced Earth. Ripper and I have been good friends for years and it was an honor to be asked to join them on this tour, spreading more METAL through Europe. See you all again real soon!"

Iced Earth + Annihilator:
Oct. 08 - Köln, Germany - Live Music Hall
Oct. 09 - München, Germany - Backstage Werk
Oct. 10 - Milan, Italy - Alcatraz
Oct. 12 - Barcelona, Spain - Sala Razzmatazz 1
Oct. 13 - Madrid, Spain - La Riviera


Band profile: Annihilator
Event: Iced Earth + Annihilator: Wicked European Tour
Posted: 13.09.2007 by Thryce | Comments (3)

Annihilator - Rare Videos Online

Rare video clips of Canadian Thrash legends Annihilator have recently been posted on YouTube, which showcase the band performing live at various points throughout their career, including the following:

'Riff Raff' (AC/DC cover live in Japan 1995): video
official 'Syn Kill' video video
'The Perfect Virus' (live in Greece 2001): video
'Shallow Grave' (live in Greece 2001): video
'Blackest Day' (live in Paris 2002): video
'Never Neverland' (live on SwedenRock cruise 2006): video

UPDATED (on 13/08/07) thanks to Nervel:

Annihilator has posted more video's online, check them out at this YouTube location.


Band profile: Annihilator
Posted: 02.08.2007 by Thryce | Comments (3)

Annihilator - Live Videos From Europe Tour

The following links were posted on Annihilator's official forum on their website:

Never, Neverland - live at Elysée Montmatre 28.04.2007
Alison Hell - live at Elysée Montmatre 28.04.2007
Clown Parade - live at Elysee Montmartre 28.04.2007
King of the Kill - live in Paris 28.04.2007 (Trivium Tour)
W.T.Y.D - live in Glasgow 13.04.2007

You can also find live pictures of the show at Paris here and live pictures of the show at Glasgow here.


Band profile: Annihilator
Posted: 11.05.2007 by White Winter Sun | Comments (1)

Annihilator - New Album Samples Online

Audio samples from Annihilator's forthcoming album "Metal" have been released.
Click here to check out 'Couple Suicide' featuring Canadian frontman Danko Jones and Arch Enemy vocalist Angela Gossow. Click here to listen to 'Clown Parade', featuring a guitar solo by Nevermore's Jeff Loomis. And click here to download a clip of 'Army Of One', featuring a guitar solo from Anvil mainman Steve "Lips" Kudlow.

"Metal" will be released April 11 in Japan (King Records), April 12 in Australia/New Zealand (World Riot Distributors), April 13 in Germany (SPV Records) and April 16 in the rest of Europe (SPV Records).
More info about the album here.


Band profile: Annihilator
Posted: 19.03.2007 by Thryce | Comments (3)

Annihilator - New Album Tracklisting

Canadian thrashers Annihilator have revealed the complete track listing for their new album, "Metal", due in Europe on April 16 via SPV Records. An official statement by the band on their forum goes as follows:

The CD's ten new tracks were recorded by Jeff Waters (guitar, bass and lead vocals on one song), drum legend Mike Mangini and Dave Padden (long-time vocalist and touring guitarist/vocalist).
"Metal" also features sensational performances by some of metal's finest players and Annihilator's good friends, like Alexi Laiho (Children Of Bodom), Danko Jones (Danko Jones), Michael Amott and Angela Gossow (Arch Enemy), Corey Beaulieu (Trivium), William Adler (Lamb Of God), Jeff Loomis (Nevermore), Jesper Strömblad (In Flames), Steve "Lips" Kudlow (Anvil), Anders Björler (The Haunted), Jacob Lynam (Lynam) and more.


Band profile: Annihilator
Event: Trivium + Annihilator: European Crusade Tour
Posted: 19.02.2007 by Thryce | Comments (8)

Annihilator - Songs Available For Streaming

Annihilator guitarist Jeff Waters has uploaded three old Annihilator songs at the band's official MySpace page for streaming and free download. The songs on offer are 'King Of The Kill', 'The One' and 'Refresh The Demon'. They will only be available for a limited time. Go to this location to check them out.

The song 'Plasma Zombies' from the latest Annihilator album, Schizo Deluxe, is also available.


Band profile: Annihilator
Posted: 28.11.2006 by Thryce | Comments (1)

Annihilator - New Release Dates

Canada's "Annihilator" have set the following 2005 worldwide release dates for it's 11th studio alBUM "Schizo Deluxe": Japan (Marquee Inc.) on October 21, November 8 in North America (Locomotive/Warner) and in Europe (AFM Records) on November 14.

Says guitar-legend Jeff Waters: "This cd is dedicated to our fans and all metal fans. This time around, I went right for the throat: 100% thrash metal with an attitude. No ballads. No breaks in the insanity. "Schizo Deluxe" is what alot of metal fans have been screaming at me to give them this time: brutal guitar riffs and solos, second-to-none musicianship and back-to-the-roots thrash/heavy metal metal song-writing."

Band profile: Annihilator
Posted: 10.08.2005 by abougrej | Comments (0)

Annihilator - Jeff Waters the fastest?

Taken from
"Annihilator mainman Jeff Waters has posted several audio clips backing up his claim that he is the fastest/tightest-picking guitarist in the world. Check out the clips at this location
Commented Waters: "I was sitting here yesterday thinking of how I could stir up a bit of poop in the good ole USA; we don't get any coverage there, remember, and our 10th studio CD 'All For You' is due out today in the USA on The End Records. So i figured I would make up a silly statement like that (fastest/tightest picking guitarist in the world!), well-hidden in my answers to some fan questions, but knowing, very well, that my two favorite metal web sites would immediately seize that one short sentence and headline it! hehe! They did.
"Now thousands of USA metal kids are all talking about me; most not very nicely, but talking all the same! Funny thing how quick people immediately respond 'no he ain't' and they either haven't heard me before OR have only heard the 'All For You' clip OR have only heard 'Alice'/'Neverland'!
"And by the way, I couldn't care less about who can play fast... all you fans here know that this is the furthest thing from my mind. But I am the fastest, if you factor in tightest picking; they just don't know it so they react aggresively! Pretty interesting human nature. I think I will still run with that statement because it is getting us a lot of talk in the USA right now and, more importantly, I can also back it up!"

Band profile: Annihilator
Posted: 27.10.2004 by janhuss | Comments (0)

Annihilator - DVD early spring 2005

Jeff Waters has announced on the official Annihilator site that they are planning on releasing a DVD called Ten Years In Hell. It will feature appearances of many former members like Mike Mangini, Coburn Phar, Neil Goldberg and many others. It will probably also feature some live footage of The Dynamo Open Air Festival in Holland.

If your interested check the official site for more info:

Band profile: Annihilator
Posted: 18.10.2004 by Metal_Head | Comments (0)

Annihilator - a new member

Long-running Canadian thrashers ANNIHILATOR have announced the addition of bassist Sandor de Bretan and drummer Rob Falzano to the group's ranks. Bretan hails from Waters' hometown of Ottawa Canada, while Falzano, a Boston native, came recommended to Water by "All For You" studio drummer Mike Mangini, who was also Falzano's teacher. Mangini will also be "guesting" at some future shows with the band.

As previously reported, ANNIHILATOR are scheduled to release their new album, "All For You", on May 24 through Germany's AFM Records. A five-song EP, entitled "The One", will surface on April 26, and will include two bonus video clips.


Band profile: Annihilator
Posted: 12.03.2004 by Sephiroth | Comments (0)

Annihilator - news on the forthcoming album

Long-running Canadian thrashers ANNIHILATOR have set a May 24 European release date through Germany's AFM Records for their new album, "All For You". A five-song EP, entitled "The One", will surface on April 26, and will include two bonus video clips.

As previously reported, "All For You" (view cover here) marks the recording debut with the group of new singer Dave Padden, who replaced previous vocalist Joe Comeau last June. The album also features a return appearance by drummer Mike Mangini (EXTREME, STEVE VAI) following the departure of Randy Black (PRIMAL FEAR) in early October.

"All For You" track listing (not final sequence):

01. All For You


Band profile: Annihilator
Posted: 05.03.2004 by Sephiroth | Comments (0)

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