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20.12Maryland Deathfest VIII - Line-Up Finalized
05.12Austrian Death Machine - New Video Online
10.11Deathbound - New Album Details, Two New Songs Online
27.10Suffocation - Touring South America With Napalm Death
06.10Evile - Tragic Death Of Mike Alexander
15.09Napalm Death - Entire Live Show Posted Online
10.08Lightning Swords Of Death - Ink Deal With Metal Blade Records
23.07Deathstars - Australian Tour Dates
22.07Jeroen Paul Thesseling (Obscura/Ex-Pestilence) - Bass Players In Death Metal Should Be More Audible In The Mix
21.07The Monolith Deathcult - New Video Online
25.06Vader - Headlining N. American Monsters Of Death Tour
19.06Napalm Death - New Video Online
04.06Death Angel - Drummer Leaves The Band
04.04Death Angel - To Release Live DVD
16.03Necrodeath - Lose Guitarist, New Album Recordings

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Maryland Deathfest VIII - Line-Up Finalized

The line-up for the 2010 edition of the Maryland Deathfest has been finalized. Set to take place in May 28-30 at Sonar in Baltimore, Maryland, the following bands are scheduled:

Day 1 (29.05)

Watain, Possessed, Gorguts, D.R.I., Nazxul, Coffins, Stormcrow, Malignancy, Putrescence, Defeatist, Trap Them, Gride, Birds Of Prey, Jesus Crost

Day 2 (30.05)

Sodom, Melechesh, Autopsy, Incantation, Impaled, Asphyx, The Chasm, Haemorrhage, Deceased, Fuck The Facts, Total Fucking Destruction, Sulaco, Jucifer, The Communion, Howl, Ingrowing, Obliteration, Wolfbrigade, Sadistic Intent, Blood Duster, Verbal Abuse, Fang, Portal

Day 3 (31.05)

Obituary, Entombed, Naglfar, Pestilence, Malevolent Creation, Converge, Pentagram, Gorod, Eyehategod, Sinister, Necrophobic, Circle Of Dead Children, Tombs, Rottenness, Surroundings, Honkey Kong, 16, Capitalist Casualties, Captain Cleanoff, Rompeprop, Gridlink, Magrudergrind


Event: Maryland Deathfest VIII
Posted: 20.12.2009 by Thryce | Comments (9)

Austrian Death Machine - New Video Online

"I Need Your Clothes, Your Boots, And Your Motorcycle", the new video from Austrian Death Machine, has been made available online. The video was directed by Dave Brodsky.

Tim Lambesis comments on the video: "Arnold is proof that you can be brutal and still have fun. Metalheads can still laugh at a party right? The theme for this video can go a few different ways. I think that no matter what drastic measures Ahhnold takes, he somehow only creates more fun for all. Other people may think there is an underlying story as a Terminator love story between Ahhnold and T-One-Million. However you interpret the video is fine with me, but if you sing along loud enough Ahhnold just might show up at your house too!"


Posted: 05.12.2009 by White Winter Sun | Comments (0)

Deathbound - New Album Details, Two New Songs Online

Finnish metallers Deathbound will release their forthcoming album, Non Compos Mentis, via Dynamic Arts Records on the following dates:

January 25: World
January 27: Finland
January 29: Germany / Austria / Switzerland

Non Compos Mentis cover art] tracklist:

01. I Hate Them Still
02. The Wave Called Misery
03. Free Shackles For Everyone
04. The Process Of Destruction
05. A Better Tomorrow
06. A Reason For Your Fight
07. Hell Could Be The Cure
08. When The Seas Are Boiling
09. Strain
10. The Blues Of A Dying Man
11. Death Comes For A Visit
12. Non Compos Mentis
13. The World Is But A Memory
14. A Need To Survive

Also two new songs from Non Compos Mentis, entitled "Free Shackles For Everyone" and "A Reason For Your Fight", have been made available at the band's MySpace page.


Band profile: Deathbound
Posted: 10.11.2009 by White Winter Sun | Comments (0)

Suffocation - Touring South America With Napalm Death

Suffocation and Napalm Death are confirmed to do a tour of Latin America in May next year.

Dates are as follows:

05/05 Mexico City, Mexico @ TBA
05/07 Caracas, Venezuela @ TBA
05/08 Bogotá, Colombia @ Teatro Metropol
05/09 Quito, Ecuador @ Bunga
05/11 Lima, Peru @ Voce
05/13 Santiago, Chile @ Teatro Caupolican
05/14 Buenos Aires, Argentina @ Teatro Flores
05/15 Curitiba, Brazil @ TBA
05/16 São Paulo, Brazil @ TBA


Band profile: Suffocation
Event: Suffocation + Napalm Death
Posted: 27.10.2009 by Thryce | Comments (5)

Evile - Tragic Death Of Mike Alexander

Sadly, just a few days into their European tour with Amon Amarth, Evile's Mike Alexander was suddenly taken ill and rushed to hospital, but tragically passed away in Lulea, Sweden.

Evile members Matt Drake, Ol Drake and Ben Carter have released the following statement:

"This is so hard to find the words to express fully how we feel. We can't believe or accept what's happened. One minute we're talking to our buddy, Mike, the next minute we can never speak to him again.

There's so many things rushing through our heads that we want to say, do and feel. We half expect him to come round the corner and call us 'dickheads'. We can't get our heads around it.


Band profile: Evile
Posted: 06.10.2009 by Jeff | Comments (62)

Napalm Death - Entire Live Show Posted Online

British metallers Napalm Death have posted the entire live concert they performed at The Lost Horizon in Syracuse, NY earlier this year on UVTV's website and on iTunes.

The setlist was as follows:

01. Strong Arm
02. Unchallenged Hate
03. Suffer The Children
04. silence Is deafening
05. I Abstain
06. Life And Limb
07. Diktat
08. On The Brink Of Extinction
09. It's A Mans World
10. From Enslavement To Obliteration
11. Time Waits For No Slave
12. When All Is Said And Done
13. Scum
14. Life?
15. The Kill
16. Deceiver
17. You Suffer
18. Persona Non Grata
19. Smear Campaign
20. Mass Appeal Madness
21. Nazi Punks Fuck Off


Band profile: Napalm Death
Posted: 15.09.2009 by White Winter Sun | Comments (4)

Lightning Swords Of Death - Ink Deal With Metal Blade Records

Metal Blade Records is proud to announce inking a deal with LA underground black metal act, Lightning Swords Of Death. The band is seven years of the making and has been praised by the likes of Decibel, SOD Magazine, PIT Magazine and Metal Maniacs for their unrelenting and irrefutably vicious sound. Those who were privy to the band's 2007 release, "The Golden Plague", are already aware of the band's prowess. Their second release took the form of a split CD with comrades Valdur, which was only available for a limited time at performances during the country wide 2008 Blodhevn tour. Metal Maniacs called LSOD's part a "heavy, bestial and brutal assault bringing to mind a young and hungry Thornspawn." The split continues to infect all who experience its unyielding expression of true chaos, but it's only a precursor of the grand and terrible horror that is looming in the future like a headsman's shadow...


Posted: 10.08.2009 by Thryce | Comments (7)

Deathstars - Australian Tour Dates

Deathstars have announced a small Australian tour in September. Sweden's death-glammers, Deathstars, and their infamous, wild, provocative and dark live sets will be in Australia for the first time in September. Tickets are on sale 9am Thursday 23rd July. First 1,500 tickets purchased come with 3 free Deathstars downloads. For your free Deathstars download of "White Wedding" click here.

24/09 - Manning Bar, Sydney
25/09 - Club 299, Brisbane
26/09 - The Corner Hotel, Melbourne
27/09 - Capitol, Perth

Tour Trailer:


Band profile: Deathstars
Event: Deathstars: Australian Tour
Posted: 23.07.2009 by Thryce | Comments (3)

Jeroen Paul Thesseling (Obscura/Ex-Pestilence) - Bass Players In Death Metal Should Be More Audible In The Mix

Dutch bass player Jeroen Paul Thesseling (Obscura/Ex-Pestilence) says most bassists should be more audible in death metal recordings. "In many of the death metal productions the bass guitar is simply absent or inaudible in the mix, which is a shame. Perhaps this is one of those aspects that will change as the genre evolves. We are lucky to have bassists like Steve DiGiorgio and Alex Webster, both of whom have contributed greatly to the death metal style of bass playing."

Further information can be found at and

Thesseling joined the German progressive death metal band Obscura in 2007. He toured North America and recorded their second full-length album Cosmogenesis, released via Relapse Records in February 2009. This August, Obscura will embark on a European tour alongside ATHEIST. With PESTILENCE, Jeroen played on their fourth album, "Spheres" (1993).


Band profile: Obscura
Posted: 22.07.2009 by BitterCOld | Comments (27)

The Monolith Deathcult - New Video Online

"Master Of The Bryansk Forests", the new video from Dutch metallers The Monolith Deathcult, has been made available online.

Regarding the video, the band commented: "It lacks the quality of the last God Dethroned video but we are happy with it. As we all know French soldiers aren't very experienced with shooting, but the civilians of Metaluna Productions did a very good job. The live footage of "Master Of The Bryansk Forests" was shot at the 2008 edition of the Chaulnes Metal Fest in France by Metaluna Productions."

"Master Of The Bryansk Forests" comes off the band's latest album, entitled "Trivmvirate", which was released on February 2008 via Twilight Vertrieb.


Band profile: The Monolith Deathcult
Posted: 21.07.2009 by White Winter Sun | Comments (1)

Vader - Headlining N. American Monsters Of Death Tour

Polish deathsters Vader will team up with California's Decrepit Birth, L.A.'s Warbringer, The Amenta from Australia, Success Will Write Apocalypse Across The Sky from Florida, and Montreal, Canada's Augury for a 38-show "Decibel Presents: Monsters Of Death Tour" through North America beginning November 4th in Baltimore, Maryland.

Vader guitarist/vocalist Piotr "Peter" Wiwczarek shares his thoughts on the upcoming trek: "Metal always was and still needs to be a brotherhood. All we were doing to support the music and the scene was cooperating with other bands. Natural seIection decides if a band is really dedicated or if it's just an episode. Not much has changed today, actually.


Band profile: Vader
Event: Vader: Monsters Of Death Tour
Posted: 25.06.2009 by Thryce | Comments (9)

Napalm Death - New Video Online

Napalm Death have posted their brand new video, for the song "Time Waits For No Slave", online. The video can be watched here. The track for this song comes of the group's latest album "Time Waits For No Slave", which was released in Junary this year.


Band profile: Napalm Death
Posted: 19.06.2009 by Abattoir | Comments (0)

Death Angel - Drummer Leaves The Band

Death Angel have released the following statement in regards to the departure of longtime drummer Andy Galeon:

"As some of you may have already heard, Death Angel's long time drummer and original member Andrew Galeon has decided that it is time for him to move on from the band. While we are sad to see him go, we wish him nothing but success. Not only has he been an integral part of Death Angel from day one, but he's also family and a friend and we will miss him. All the best to you, Brother.

As for the future of Death Angel, THE SHOW GOES ON! Old friend and long time fixture of the Bay Area metal scene, Will Carroll (Scarecrow, Old Grandad, Vicious Rumors, etc.), will be handling the drum duties for the upcoming local shows in June and the Summer Madness Tour in Europe with Kataklysm and Keep Of Kalessin. Will's been jamming with us for over a month now and is tearing it up! We look forward to hitting the stage with him very soon. We'll be performing songs from "Frolic Through The Park" and "Act III" that we haven't played live since back in the day so prepare for a dose of some serious old school thrash!"


Band profile: Death Angel
Posted: 04.06.2009 by Thryce | Comments (2)

Death Angel - To Release Live DVD

Official press release

Five years after the acclaimed comeback album "The Art Of Dying", and the following album "Killing Season", the legendary and one of the most influential bands of the Bay Area Thrash Metal scene Death Angel will release a DVD with two full length concerts filmed in Germany.

The DVD was filmed live at Rockhard Festival 2007 and in Adelsheim in 2008. It contains some of the new songs, two clips and a lot of old Death Angel stuff which is still seriously cult. This is the first live DVD ever in the history of Death Angel and it also contains a live CD."

"Sonic German Beatdown" cover art] tracklist:


Disc I:
01. Intro
02. Seemingly Endless Time


Band profile: Death Angel
Posted: 04.04.2009 by Abattoir | Comments (7)

Necrodeath - Lose Guitarist, New Album Recordings

Guitarist "Maxx" from Black/Thrash Metal band Necrodeath has decided to leave the band for "personal reasons". Rather than recruit a new guitarist Necrodeath has decided to continue on as a four-piece band.

In other news the band have started the recording of a new album. Videos of the recording have been posted on the band's official website.


Band profile: Necrodeath
Posted: 16.03.2009 by Raiden | Comments (4)

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