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Reminder: Fear Factory Live Webcast Tonight presents a free live webcast from Fear Factory on Saturday, May 29th. The free live broadcast will begin at 8:30pm ET / 7:30pm CT / 5:30pm PT / 12:30am GMT, and is scheduled to also include sets from Prong, Silent Civilian, and Thy Will Be Done as part of the Fear Campaign Tour.

There will be a re-broadcast on Saturday, June 5 at 7:00pm ET / 4:00pm PT / 11:00pm GMT.

The live webcast will feature up to seven camera angles and near-CD-quality sound via the website, which has streamed many live concerts, including bands like Shinedown, Underoath, Cannibal Corpse, Rusted Root, Nonpoint, and more. is a service of, the official website of The Rave/Eagles Club in Milwaukee, WI USA. The Rave/Eagles Club is a 180,000 square foot entertainment complex with six concert halls in one building, four of which are wired for simultanteous live broadcasts with anywhere from three to eight camera angles. Over 2000 bands performed at The Rave/Eagles Club in 2009.

To access the free live stream:

Point your web browswer to this link
If you're not already a member, click on the "Free Signup" button at the upper right of the page
Choose the "Fan" option and fill out the information
Sign in on May 29th and click on the "Fear Factory Live Webcast" icon, and you're all set


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Event: Fear Campaign Tour II
Posted: 29.05.2010 by Thryce | Comments (8)

Fear Factory - US Fear Campaign Tour Dates

First dates have been confirmed for Fear Factory's previously announced US headling comeback tour in Spring, dubbed Fear Campaign Tour 2010. Taking the tour banner a little too literally, "support" will come from the following godawful acts: Winds Of Plague, Dirge Within, and Periphery. Yikes! For what it's worth, Divine Heresy is also said to play on select dates.

So far the following shows have been announced:

Mar. 22 - Tempe, AZ - Marquee
Mar. 23 - Albuquerque, NM - Sunshine Theatre
Mar. 24 - Colorado Springs, CO - The Black Sheep
Mar. 26 - Dallas, TX - House Of Blues
Mar. 27 - San Antonio, TX - White Rabbit
Mar. 28 - Houston, TX - The Channel
Mar. 30 - Ft. Lauderdale, FL - Culture Room
Mar. 31 - Lake Buena Vista, FL - House Of Blues
Apr. 01 - Atlanta, GA - The Masquerade
Apr. 02 - Knoxville, TN - Valarium
Apr. 03 - Little Rock, AR - The Village
Apr. 05 - Ft. Collins, CO - Aggie Theatre
Apr. 06 - Grand Junction, CO - Mesa Theatre & Club
Apr. 09 - San Francisco, CA - Regency Center (with Amon Amarth)
Apr. 11 - San Diego, CA - House Of Blues

More dates will be announced soon.


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Event: Fear Campaign Tour
Posted: 23.02.2010 by Thryce | Comments (6)

Fear Factory - New Video Online

"Fear Campaign", the new video from US metallers Fear Factory, has been made available online. The video was directed by the team of Ian McFarland and Mike Pecci for Boston-based, Emmy nominated Killswitch Productions. The clip was filmed in Los Angeles with additional photographic elements and all post production completed in Boston.

"Fear Campaign" comes off the band's forthcoming album, Mechanize, which will be released on February 5 in Europe via AFM Records and on February 9 in the US via Candlelight Records.

Mechanize cover art] tracklist:

01. Mechanize
02. Industrial Discipline
03. Fear Campaign
04. Powershifter
05. Christploitation
06. Oxidizer
07. Controlled Demolition
08. Designing The Enemy
09. Metallic Division
10. Final Exit


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Posted: 03.02.2010 by White Winter Sun | Comments (2)

Fear Factory - New Album Cover Art Revealed, New Song Online

US metallers Fear Factory will release their forthcoming album, Mechanize cover art], on February 5 in Europe via AFM Records and on February 9 in the US via Candlelight Records.

Mechanize, which was co-produced by the band with Rhys Fulber (Front Line Assembly, Paradise Lost), was recently mixed by Greg Reely (Paradise Lost, Front Line Assembly, Skinny Puppy).

Also the new song "Powershifter" is currently available for streaming at this location.


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Posted: 12.11.2009 by Kamilbolt | Comments (18)

Fear Factory - Pull Out Of Summer Dates

A message from Burton and Dino posted to the Bloodstock festival, which is one of the dates the band were supposed to be playing this summer, reads as follows:

"I am writing to each and every one of you to relay important information regarding the Fear Factory concerts between June 21, through August 15. We regretfully are informing you that we are postponing these dates in Europe, to schedule for later dates.

These particular dates are being postponed in order that we as Fear Factory may finalize the writing and recording of our new music. We are aware that this album will be a very important recording for each of us in Fear Factory. That this album has to be sonically incredible for each and every one of you who are sincerely interested in listening to this latest creation. In order for Fear Factory to create the album of our career, we must focus and work diligently to engineer our rhythms of mechanical death. We feel that rushing to release this recording will not be beneficial to the craft of our manufacturing.

In this parting statement, please understand that postponing these dates is not for any other reason than to create the album that Fear Factory fans are anxious to hear.

Burton C Bell
Dino Cazares"

This comes after the news that Christian and Raymond claim that Dino and Burton reformed as "Fear Factory" without even communicating with them, and are thus in legal battle over the name.


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Posted: 24.06.2009 by Baz Anderson | Comments (9)

Fear Factory - In Legal Battle Over Name

According to an interview conducted by Speed Freaks with Fear Factory members Christian Olde Wolbers (guitar) and Raymond Herrera (drums), they claim that Dino Cazares and Burt C. Bell reformed as "Fear Factory" without even communicating with them.

The part of the interview goes as follows:

Raymond: We're actually still in Fear Factory. There's a big legal battle going on right now. Essentially, what's happened is Dino and Burt have become friends again and they decided to start a new band, and furthermore, they decided to call it Fear Factory. They never communicated with us about it, and they're acting like there was never any contract, but there's four members that are Fear Factory Incorporated - which is the four of us - so it's almost like them two against us two, so it's kind of a stalemate. Moving forward, I don't know what's gonna happen with the trademark, so to speak. It's kind of a weird situation, but it's not a situation that we created that was weird.

The interview can be found at this location.


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Posted: 17.06.2009 by Baz Anderson | Comments (28)

Fear Factory - Line-Up Reshuffle & Reunite With Dino Cazares

Fear Factory have had a complete line-up change including the original members Dino Cazares (guitar) rejoining along side Burton C. Bell (vocals) as well as bassist Byron Stroud and Gene Hoglan to play drums. The band will also play some festivals this summer.

Metal Hammer conducted an exclusive interview with Burton and Dino to talk about their friendship, why Raymond Herrera and Christian Olde Wolbers aren't included in the band any more, and their plans for a new album.

The interview can be found at this location:


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Posted: 28.04.2009 by Baz Anderson | Comments (18)

Fear Factory - Members Form New Band With Threat Signal Singer

Fear Factory members Christian Olde Wolbers (guitar) and Raymond Herrera (drums) are proud to announce the debut album of their new group, Arkaea. The band also features one of metal's hungriest young singers, Jon Howard (Threat Signal).

Arkaea has just finished up preproduction and are scheduled to enter the studio to begin recording.

The band's yet untitled album is due out fall 2008 on Koch Records and plans for touring are under way in support of the record.

You can preview new music at


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Posted: 07.04.2008 by SlaytallicA | Comments (9)

Fear Factory - Ex-Founding Member Starts New Band

Official press release:

"After a five-year hiatus, Dino Cazares (co-founding member of the revolutionary band Fear Factory. And guitarist for Asesino, ex-Brujeria, ex-Body Bag and guest musician for Soulfly) has triumphantly returned with a new group that is quickly going to force the entire genre to take notice.
This new juggernaut is Divine Heresy whose members feature Cazares handling guitar and bass duties, Tim Yeung (Hate Eternal, Vital Remains) on drums and newcomer Tommy Vext on vocals. This band will redefine the true meaning of extreme with their Century Media Records debut offering "Bleed The Fifth", which is set for an August release. (The record will be released on Century Media in North America with Roadrunner having the rights to all other territories).

Be sure to check out the band's MySpace page for additional info and snippets of the new tracks "Bleed The Fifth" and "Failed Creation" will be posted in the coming weeks."

More info about the band can be found here.


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Posted: 21.05.2007 by Thryce | Comments (12)

Fear Factory - To Release Remix Album

Fear Factory is currently working on another remix album, tentatively due later in the year.
A first taste of the upcoming CD - a remixed version of the song 'Supernova' (from the 2005 CD "Transgression") - can be heard on the band's MySpace Page.


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Posted: 20.03.2007 by Thryce | Comments (3)

Ministry - Burton C Bell From Fear Factory To Appear On Upcoming Release

"Recently the 13th Planet compound was visited by aliens from Amen and Fear Factory Casey Chaos (Amen) and Burton Bell (FF) hooked up with Uncle Al in the studio last week for some jammin'!!!" Burton C Bell is going to appear as a guest vocalist on Ministry's upcoming final record "Last Sucker". A final tour is set to follow and then Al Jourgensen will focus on running his label and recording the long overdue Buck Satan record.

In related news, 13th Planet has recently released a remix album of the Revolting Cocks' "Cocked And Loaded", titled "Cocktail Mixxx". The tracks have been remixed by Luc Van Acker, Clayton Worbeck and Phildo Owen. The tracklisting of the album is as follows:

1. Fire Engine (Gumby Mixxx) 5:08
2. 10 Million Ways to Die (Jammin' the Radar Mix) 4:20
3. Caliente (Searing Social Problem Mix) 4:50
4. Prune Tang (Prune Juice Cocktail Mix) 3:11
5. Dead End Streets (86 Mixxx) 5:49
6. Pole Grinder (It Hurts When I Piss Mix) 6:09
7. Jack In The Crack (Crackrock Mix) 3:38
8. Devil Cock (Sum Yunguy Mix) 4:00
9. Viagra Culture (Fat Juicy Hog Mix) 7:27
10. Revolting Cock Au Lait (Le Coq Au Lait Mix) 4:25
Bonus Track - CD Only
11. Fire Engine (Stayte of the Nation Mix) 6:66

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Posted: 06.03.2007 by jupitreas | Comments (2)

Fear Factory - New Zealand Show Cancelled, Signing Sessions Announced

Industrial Metal band Fear Factoy have announced the cancellation of their showing in New Zealand. The band was previously going to appear there on the 13th September as part of their Australia/New Zealand tour. The New Zealand portion is now cancelled however, and Fear Factory will only be appearing in Australia.

Here is Fear Factory's official statement about why they've cancelled: "Due to band's busy schedule, the New Zealand date is cancelled as the band, being on tour were unable to appear for visa processing".

Fear Factory drummer Raymond Herrera has scheduled three signing sessions in Australia this month. He will be appearing at the capital cities Brisbane, Sydney and Perth for the three two hour sessions.

Here are the details for each location:

Brisbane 15th of September
Shop: Col Gillies (Drummers Warehouse)
Address: 14 Brookes Street Bowen Hills QLD 4006
Time for Instore at 1.30pm
Finish at 3- 3.30 pm

Sydney 16th of September
Shop: Drummers Dream
Address: 612 Canterburry Road Belmore NSW 2192
Ph 02 9787 4177
Time for Instore at 2.30pm
Finish at 4.00pm

Perth 19th of September
Shop: Mega Music
Address: 95 North Lake Road Myaree WA 6154
PH: 08 9330 2777
Time for Instore at 2.00pm
Finish at 3.30pm


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Posted: 08.09.2006 by Necromancer_S | Comments (5)

Fear Factory - South American Tour Cancelled?

According to this article written on La Musica, Fear Factory has concelled its previously announced south American tour due to scheduling difficulties.

The trek was slated to kick off tonight (Thursday, August 24) in San Jose, Costa Rica and make stops in Argentina, Chile, Venezuela and Ecuador. It is not currently confirmed if the band's scheduled dates in Mexico (Sept. 2 in Mexico City and Sept. 3 in Guadalajara) will be affected by the cancellation.


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Posted: 25.08.2006 by Døc | Comments (0)

Sepultura, Fear Factory, Type O Negative, Ill Nino - Best Of Records

Roadrunner Records will release 4 best of records in September for Sepultura, Fear Factory, Type O Negative and Ill Nino. All four titles will be in stores and available for download on September 12th. Tracklists and covers are as follows

The Best Of Sepultura
1. Troops Of Doom
2. Beneath The Remains
3. Inner Self
4. Arise
5. Dead Embryonic Cells
6. Desperate Cry
7. Refuse/Resist
8. Territory
9. Slave New World
10. Biotech Is Godzilla
11. Roots Bloody Roots
12. Attitude
13. Ratamahatta

The Best Of Fear Factory
1. Martyr
2. Scapegoat
3. Scumgrief
4. Demanufacture
5. Self-Bias Resistor
6. Zero Signal
7. Replica
8. Shock
9. Edgecrusher
10. Resurrection
11. Cars
12. Linchpin

The Best Of Type O Negative
1. Unsuccessfully Coping With The Natural Beauty Of Infidelity
2. Christian Woman
3. Black No. 1
4. Too Late: Frozen
5. Love You To Death
6. My Girlfriend's Girlfriend
7. Cinnamon Girl
8. Everyone I Love Is Dead
9. Everything Dies
10. Highway Star
11. I Don't Wanna Be Me
12. Life Is Killing Me

The Best Of Ill Nino
1. What Comes Around
2. Unreal
3. God Save Us
4. If You Still Hate Me
5. Liar
6. This Time's For Real
6. How Can I Live
8. Cleansing
9. Te Amo. I Hate You
10. What You Deserve
11. This Is War
12. Turns To Gray
13. Corazon of Mine


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Fear Factory - Touring Australia In September

Industrial Metallers Fear Factory have announced that they will be touring Australia this September. They will playing with support act Devildriver. Fear Factory will still be touring in support of their Transgression album. Tickets can be purchased from July 21. Fear Factory join a list of bands that will be touring Australia in the next few months, including Kreator and Cannibal Corpse.

Here are the Australian dates for Fear Factory:

September 15 - Brisbane, The Tivoli
September 16 - Sydney, Big Top Luna Park
September 17 - Melbourne, The Palace
September 19 - Perth, Metropolis Fremantle

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Posted: 10.07.2006 by Necromancer_S | Comments (1)