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22.01Nightwish - N. American Tour Dates Announced
17.01Nightwish - Vocalist Auditions Completed; New Singer To Be Announced In Late May
18.11Epica - Reject Rumours About Vocalist Joining Nightwish
28.09Nightwish - Did NOT Find A New Vocalist
16.09Nightwish - Starts Recording New Album
10.07Tarja Turunen - Offers Unreleased Nightwish Songs For Download
03.07Nightwish - Studio Update
12.06Nightwish - Tarja's Husband Marcelo Cabuli's Collected Explanations
06.06Nightwish - Launch Official Video-Blog Page
17.03Nightwish - Search For A New Vocalist Is Launched
16.03Nightwish - "End Of An Era" Tracklist
06.02Nightwish - No 'End Of An Era' DVD?
03.02Nightwish - Update About New Album
25.10Nightwish - Tarja's Message To The Fans And Media
 Nightwish - Tarja Responds To Her Dismissal

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Nightwish - N. American Tour Dates Announced

According to The Vault, Nightwish have confirmed the following North American tour dates for later this year:

20 - Worcester, MA at The Palladium
27 - Chicago, IL at House of Blues

1 - Portland, OR at Roseland Theater
12 - Houston, TX at The Meridian
14 - Ft. Lauderdale, FL at Culture Room


Band profile: Nightwish
Event: Nightwish + Paradise Lost: North American Tour
Posted: 22.01.2007 by Thryce (brb) | Comments (14)

Nightwish - Vocalist Auditions Completed; New Singer To Be Announced In Late May

Finnish metallers Nightwish have updated their website with following message: "The auditions for the new vocalist have ended, with more than 2000 demos sent to us. (yesterday, 15.1. we received 120 demos!) A big thanks to everybody! So please don't send anymore demos, since now we need to concentrate on finishing the album recordings." The new vocalist will be announced at the end of May, together with the release of a new single.

Band profile: Nightwish
Posted: 17.01.2007 by lupas | Comments (36)

Epica - Reject Rumours About Vocalist Joining Nightwish

Online "news" sources have been spreading rumours that Epica vocalist Simone Simons has been in talks with Nightwish about joining the band. Epica has addressed the issue via their official website with the following statement:

"The last few months there have been a lot of rumours about Simone, implying she would leave Epica to join Nightwish as their new vocalist. With this rumour being published in a Finnish celebrity gossip magazine we are again getting a lot of questions whether or not this is true, so once again: Simone is not in contact with Nightwish nor their management and will not be leaving Epica. Don't believe everything you read, specially not in gossip magazines.


Band profile: Epica
Posted: 18.11.2006 by Thryce | Comments (14)

Nightwish - Did NOT Find A New Vocalist

Nightwish have posted the following statement at their official website regarding rumours they have found a new vocalist to replace Tarja Turunen:

"There has been again false news about (the new) Nightwish vocalist in some medias, at least in Finland. There have not been any decisions made concerning the vocalist and there will not be any before year 2007. When the band will choose the vocalist they will inform all medias about it.

Once again: Do not trust any news if it´s not found at!"

Tarja Turunen was fired last October and is now working on a solo christmas album (as previously posted here). Also Nightwish is currently in the studio working on a new album (read the news report at the MS News Archive here).


Band profile: Nightwish
Posted: 28.09.2006 by Thryce | Comments (28)

Nightwish - Starts Recording New Album

Finland's Nightwish has issued the following update via their homepage :

"Today (Friday, September 15), Nightwish enters the studio to begin recording the new album. Jukka starts the process by recording the drum parts in the next 5-6 days. Then guitars, bass and demo keyboards, followed by orchestral/choir recordings. After those, the final synths and vocals will be recorded. The whole process will last six months minimum, so we should have the final master copy in our hands sometime during the spring."


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Posted: 16.09.2006 by Døc | Comments (26)

Tarja Turunen - Offers Unreleased Nightwish Songs For Download

Ex-Nightwish frontwoman Tarja Turunen has posted eight rare Nightwish songs at her official MySpace profile. The tracks "Sleepwalker", "The Forever Moments", "The Wayfarer", "Nightquest", "Nightwish", "Once Upon A Troubadour", "A Return To The Sea" and "Lagoon" can be downloaded here.

The tracks will only be available for download until July 16th.


Band profile: Tarja
Posted: 10.07.2006 by lupas | Comments (8)

Nightwish - Studio Update

According to a very brief video-blog at the official Nightwish website, the band have finished writing the material for their next album. They are now preparing to record pre-production versions of the songs, after which they will be edited and arranged. To check out the video-blog go here

The band are currently seeking a replacement for departed singer Tarja Turunen before entering the studio in September 2006 to begin recording the follow-up to 2004's "Once", tentatively due in mid-2007.


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Posted: 03.07.2006 by lupas | Comments (0)

Nightwish - Tarja's Husband Marcelo Cabuli's Collected Explanations

Marcelo Cabuli (Tarja Turunen's husband) has finally posted some comments on the whole 'Nightwish vs Tarja & Marcelo' thing and answered a lot of questions from Tarja's fans. You can read the entire (quite lengthy) text at


Band profile: Nightwish
Posted: 12.06.2006 by Mrs A W Riddle | Comments (13)

Nightwish - Launch Official Video-Blog Page

Nightwish have launched an official video-blog page that will allow fans to watch the band during their rehearsals this summer. Go to to check it out.

Nightwish have also opened up a Nightmail forum that allows fans to ask the band questions, the replies for which are posted online at the end of every month. This is just a reminder that Nightwish keyboardist/founder Tuomas Holopainen will be tackling the mailbag for June. Send your questions to him at this location.

To read the previous two Nightmail installments click the following links:

May 2006 - Emppu Vuorinen (guitars)
April 2006 - Jukka Nevalainen (drums)

The band's new DVD/CD, End Of An Era, went gold in Finland only one day after its official release. The DVD sold over 9,000 copies and the live 2 CD set over 15,000 copies.


Band profile: Nightwish
Posted: 06.06.2006 by Thryce | Comments (1)

Nightwish - Search For A New Vocalist Is Launched

Finland's Nightwish have posted the following message on their official web site:

"The hassle with the media seems to have died. We've been off tour for some months and we've had a nice and long vacation. It's time to get back to business."

"Nightwish is currently and actively looking for a new singer/frontwoman for the band. We need the obvious things: Looks, charisma, courage, and, of course, a big voice. Good grasp of the English language is also very helpful. We don't necessarily need a classically trained vocalist like Tarja Turunen (the former vocalist). We welcome all kinds of styles and voices, natural and trained, from rock and pop to classical, and all that you can find in between. You should however be prepared to sing with a lot of dynamics and versatility. From loud and high to very sensitive stuff."


Band profile: Nightwish
Posted: 17.03.2006 by Destroyer_666 | Comments (0)

Nightwish - "End Of An Era" Tracklist

Finland's Nightwish have announced the final tracklisting for their forthcoming much-anticipated live CD/DVD package "End of an Era", due out June, 2nd.

NIGHTWISH - End Of an Era - Live at Hartwall Arena 21.10.2005

1. Dark Chest Of Wonders
2. Planet Hell
3. Ever Dream
4. Kinslayer
5. Phantom Of The Opera
6. The Siren
7. Sleeping Sun
8. High Hopes
9. Bless The Child
10. Wishmaster
11. Slaying The Dreamer
12. Kuolema tekee taiteilijan
13. Nemo
14. Ghost Love Score
15. Stone People
16. Creek Mary´s Blood
17. Over The Hills and Far Away
18. Wish I Had an Angel

Band profile: Nightwish
Posted: 16.03.2006 by Metalforthespirit | Comments (0)

Nightwish - No 'End Of An Era' DVD?

The Release Of The New Dvd Is In Danger To Be Postponed!

According to Finnish tabloid "Iltalehti" (3.2.06) the release of the "End Of An Era" -liveDVD is in danger to be postponed due to some unexpected problems in contracts. Riku Pääkkönen, the chief executive of Spin-Farm tells that Tarja's manager Marcelo Cabuli is demanding the Spin-Farm -company, Nightwish as a band and the management staff to sign a contract that no one of them is allowed to say anything about Tarja or Marcelo, or anything related to them, without written permission from Marcelo. This kind of contract would practically prevent the publishing of the Nightwish -book this spring as well. "We really found the proposal to be strange and soon realized that this kind of a paper cannot be signed. You can't make contracts like this" says Riku Pääkkönen in Iltalehti arcticle. There would be a 250 000 Euros fine for breaking the contract.


Source: Iltalehti 3.2.2006
Band profile: Nightwish
Posted: 06.02.2006 by Destroyer_666 | Comments (0)

Nightwish - Update About New Album

A message by Tuomas Holopainen was posted at Nightwish's official website:

"It's been 3 months since the last show in Hartwall Arena and things are finally calming down. I just read through the yet unfinished version of the upcoming Nightwish-book. I was very impressed. It made me feel nostalgic, happy, ashamed and sad at the same time. This book is written by Mr. Mape Ollila and it's being finished as we speak. The Finnish version of the book will be released in May. Also the live DVD "End Of An Era" will be released later this year but we have no information about the exact release date yet.
At the moment I'm occupied with writing songs for the next Nightwish album. 14 pieces done so far. I'm also participating in Timo Rautiainen's solo album, the new For My Pain album, and some Kotiteollisuus´ live gigs before summer. With Nightwish we will start rehearsing the new stuff in June, entering the studio in September. Again we will write a diary through this site so you guys know what's happening while in the studio. New Nightwish-homepage will also see daylight soon.


Band profile: Nightwish
Posted: 03.02.2006 by Metalforthespirit | Comments (0)

Nightwish - Tarja's Message To The Fans And Media

Nightwish's ex-singer Tarja Turunen has posted following message in her homesite:

Since last Sunday morning, I have been asked to express my position by magazines, newspapers, radio and TV stations, fan clubs and fans from Finland and from all over the world. So many in total that it is physically impossible for me to find the time to reply to them all individually. Hence I decided to put down a couple of words in this text to let my fans, family and friends and the public know how I feel after the recent events.

This is a moment of grief and pain and I find it very hard to speak.

At the moment I am in Argentina. I hope you can understand that after this shocking life change comparable to a divorce, I didn't want to stay alone at home in Finland. My husband had booked his tickets to Argentina many months ago and I decided to travel with him at the last minute.


Band profile: Nightwish
Posted: 25.10.2005 by Angelique | Comments (0)

Nightwish - Tarja Responds To Her Dismissal

Tarja has written a letter to the 'Tarja Turunen Fan' website outlining her feelings on her former bandmates decision to fire her. While not an official statement, the former frontwoman had the following to say:

"I don't have words to express my feelings at the moment. I am devastated. This thing happened in a way that I didn't have a slight chance to give my opinion about it. I got fired out of a band that represents the last 9 years of my life and I am very sad about it. It has been very cruel the way the band handled this in public. This doesn't change the fact that we were doing amazing music together, but I will never forget the fact that they didn't give me the chance to say good bye for the people as a Nightwish singer."


Band profile: Nightwish
Posted: 25.10.2005 by Destroyer_666 | Comments (0)

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