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04.10Shining [NOR] - European Tour In November, To Release Live Album And DVD
14.09Shining - New Video Details
25.05Shining - First-Ever Music Video Online
22.05Shining - To Release First-Ever Single
21.04Shining - Part Ways With Guitarist
07.04Shining - New Song Online
28.03Shining - An Update From Niklas Kvarforth
21.12Apostasy - Shining Guitarist Joins The Band
06.07Shining - Headlining Sweden's Forlorn Festival
03.02Shining - Bassist Quits The Band
12.01Gravdal - Shining Vocalist To Make Guest Appearance On New Album
28.12Shining - European Tour Dates
22.12Shining - Drop Off Behemoth's Evangelia Amerika Tour
26.11Shining - Reveal New Album Details
27.08Shining - Supporting Satyricon, Negură Bunget, Dark Fortress On European Tour

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Shining [NOR] - European Tour In November, To Release Live Album And DVD

Since Norway's jazz-metal outfit, Shining, shocked the music world with their genre-defining and now classic Blackjazz in January 2010, people have been asking themselves if it's humanly possible at all to reproduce the sheer ferocity and aggressiveness on a stage, while still retaining the machinelike precision displayed in their punishing studio tracks. See for yourself that Shining makes it more than possible when they tour Europe this November.


Band profile: Shining (NOR)
Event: Shining [NOR]: European Tour
Posted: 04.10.2011 by Panzerchrist | Comments (6)

Shining - New Video Details

With over 96,000 views on YouTube for Shining's first ever music video in just over three months of its release, the band have today announced that they will start work on a second video in October of this year.


Band profile: Shining
Posted: 14.09.2011 by Panzerchrist | Comments (6)

Shining - First-Ever Music Video Online

"Förtvivlan, Min Arvedel", the first-ever video from Swedish extreme metallers Shining, can now be watched below.

The video was directed by Martin Strandberg & Niklas Kvarforth, produced by Martin Strandberg and created by Black Shadows Filmproductions & Hill Fifty.

Commented frontman and founder Niklas Kvarforth: "We know we are going to get heavily criticised for some of the scenes. But it's nothing more than you will see as soon as you switch on a television or watch a move, or walk down a city street come to that. But we're Shining and it's always open season on Shining when it comes to people who have neither understood, nor taken the time to try and understand, where the band is coming from.


Band profile: Shining
Posted: 25.05.2011 by Kriegsphilosoph | Comments (17)

Shining - To Release First-Ever Single

With the long-awaited seventh full-length album out this month on Spinefarm Records, extreme metallers Shining are set to release a CD single which will only be available in their home country of Sweden. The single will comprise two tracks, one being "Förtvivlan, Min Arvedel", taken from the new album VII - Född Förlorare, whilst the second will be a previously unreleased cover of the Alice Cooper song "Prince of Darkness".

This will be the first time that Shining has released a single, and founder and frontman Niklas Kvarforth is hopeful that the new video, which was filmed recently and is currently being edited, will be included along with the two tracks: "We are trying to get the video included, but the people behind the single are a little nervous, and probably quite rightly so given its subject matter and content. We are looking into the possibility of maybe including a censored version. We'll see how that pans out, but whatever happens, the uncensored version will definitely appear very soon, so Shining fans who have been waiting for it, will not be disappointed".


Band profile: Shining
Posted: 22.05.2011 by Kriegsphilosoph | Comments (1)

Shining - Part Ways With Guitarist

The following announcement was issued by Shining front man and founder Niklas Kvarforth on the band's Facbook page:

"Guitarist Fredric Gråby has left the ranks of Shining today because he no longer felt able to continue playing. Unfortunately this means that we have been forced to cancel our appearance at the Ragnarök Festival this month as there is not enough time for a new guitarist to learn the material.

We are also pleased to announce that Christian "Draug" Larsson, who has been playing bass with the band for some time on a temporary basis, has now has joined Shining as a permanent full-time member."


Band profile: Shining
Event: Ragnarök Festival
Posted: 21.04.2011 by Abattoir | Comments (3)

Shining - New Song Online

"Förtvivlan, Min Arvedel", a brand-new track from Swedish extreme metallers Shining, has been made available for streaming over at Soundcloud.

"Förtvivlan, Min Arvedel" comes off the band's upcoming new album VII - Född Förlorare (trans: Born Loser), which will be released on May 25th through Spinefarm Records. More album details were previously reported over here.

A song-by-song by Shining frontman Niklas Kvarforth can be read at this location.


Band profile: Shining
Posted: 07.04.2011 by BudDa | Comments (10)

Shining - An Update From Niklas Kvarforth

Shining founder and frontman Niklas Kvarforth is quitting all other projects in order to concentrate on Shining.

Kvarforth released the following statement: "A lot of things have been happening recently with Shining, and the rapid growth of the band over the last year, and the commitment that Shining now requires of me has meant that it has become impractical for me to continue working as vocalist with other bands.

This includes my work with Bethlehem, who themselves realised that the band could not continue with myself on vocals. Bethlehem is still my all-time favourite band and I wish them all the best for the future. I will also be quitting as front man for Den Saakaldte.

From now on, therefore, I will only be making occasional guest vocal appearances on albums by other bands, and my priority will be Shining. My work with Maniac's band Skitliv will not be affected, however, as the vocals and the bulk of the creative work is in his hands.


Band profile: Shining
Posted: 28.03.2011 by Thryce | Comments (14)

Apostasy - Shining Guitarist Joins The Band

Shining guitarist Peter Huss has joined Swedish black metal act Apostasy after the departure of Ludvig Johansson in early October.

The band revealed the following statement: "Apostasy is very pleased to present our new guitarist, Peter Huss. Peter Huss has done tons of session/live works and can play any type of music. He will be a great addition to Apostasy on our upcoming songwriting/recording/live/drinking sessions. We're excited to have this amazing guitarist onboard. And the best thing beside his chops is that he's a really nice and easygoing dude with a great sense of humor and great passion for music.

Peter also play guitar in the legendary Swedish band Shining. He has toured with Sinergy in 1999 as a session guitarist replacing Alexi Laiho. Some of the bands/albums Peter has participated on lately are Swedish death metal band Ruined Soul, Dutch/Belgian death metal band Unlocked, Norwegian metal band Pantheon I, and he did all guitars on the ISSA Sign of Angels album with monster drummer Uli Kusch among others. Weird fact: Apostasy drummer Thomas Ohlsson is playing in the ISSA "I'm Alive" video."


Band profile: Apostasy
Posted: 21.12.2010 by Abattoir | Comments (1)

Shining - Headlining Sweden's Forlorn Festival

Shining will make a rare appearance in their home country of Sweden when they headline the Forlorn Festival which is scheduled to take place on the 26th and 27th November at the Fabriken, in Umea, Sweden. According to the organisers this will be Sweden's first ever Black Metal festival, and the line up will feature some of the country's leading Black Metal bands, many of whom, like Shining itself, rarely get to play in their own country. Line up up for the Forlorn Fest is as follows:

Shining, Ondskapt, Sorgeldom, Valkyrja, Elimi, Chainsawtan, Rev 16:8, Hypothermia, Orcivus and Thornium.

Shining's much anticipated seventh album VII / Född Förlorare is due for release on Indie Recordings later this year. The band will be appearing at a number of festivals over the summer, and will embark on a series of European dates with Enthroned during October and November.


Band profile: Shining
Event: Forlorn Festival
Posted: 06.07.2010 by BudDa | Comments (3)

Shining - Bassist Quits The Band

Swedish metallers Shining have issued the short following update on their MySpace blog:

"Just to let everyone know that Larsen has officially left Shining so that he can concentrate on his studies. He has been a great asset to the band during his time with us, and a good companion, and we wish him well for the future.

A new bass player has already been chosen, and we will be announcing more about this shortly."


Band profile: Shining
Posted: 03.02.2010 by White Winter Sun | Comments (11)

Gravdal - Shining Vocalist To Make Guest Appearance On New Album

Shining vocalist Niklas "Kvarforth" Olsson has recorded vocals for a track on the forthcoming Torturmantra album from Norwegian Black Metallers Gravdal. The track, "Mishandlet", was recorded in Sweden at the Erebus Odora studios and produced by Peter Bjärgö. Torturmantra, is due for release on Unexploded Records in early 2010, and will be the second full-length album from Gravdal, whose debut album Sadist was released in 2008.

According to the band, Torturmantra will be a huge step forward in Gravdal's development: "You will still be able to find the madness that was apparent on Sadist but our song writing skills have developed considerably since we produced that album, and our new material has much more depth and variety to it, both in sound and concept. Kvarforth's handling of the vocals on the "Mishandlet" track caught us completely by surprise. It's a very different song for us, more along the lines of a Black Metal "ballad", and his whole approach to it, and his delivery, is amazing. The track deals with abuse, and he conjures up a terrifying atmosphere of pain and suffering".


Band profile: Shining
Posted: 12.01.2010 by BudDa | Comments (1)

Shining - European Tour Dates

Official press release

We are pleased to announce that with immediate effect Germany's Blast Corpse Promotions will handle all live bookings for the European region. We feel confident that we can now leave all this side of things in the capable hands of Blast Corpse Promotions's Mike Heinemann, and very much look forward to working with him.

Anyone wanting to book Shining should contact Mike directly mike bcp-agency com. Any requests regarding European bookings that come to the band page or to Patricia's page, will be passed onto Mike, therefore please feel free to bypass us so that your enquiry can be dealt with more quickly.

A short headlining tour in March has already been booked, dates as follows:


Band profile: Shining
Event: Shining: European Tour
Posted: 28.12.2009 by White Winter Sun | Comments (1)

Shining - Drop Off Behemoth's Evangelia Amerika Tour

Swedish extreme metallers Shining have dropped off the upcoming "Evangelia Amerika" tour alongside Behemoth and Septicflesh, due to work visa issues. Lightning Swords Of Death, who had previously been added to three of the tour dates, will now be taking Shining's place for the duration of the tour.

Lightning Swords Of Death vocalist, Autarch, comments on the Behemoth dates: "Regarding our dates with Behemoth, attendees can expect to find themselves victim to the horror of true and agonizing ritual abuse. All of the bands on this lineup exemplify the epitome of their collective genres' strengths and will be a dark and impressive sight to behold."

Lightning Swords Of Death's Metal Blade Records debut album will rear its head sometime during the spring of 2010. In anticipation of this album's release, the band will be touring the western and southern US during March of 2010 with Kreator, Kataklysm, Evile and Lazarus A.D..


Band profile: Shining
Event: Behemoth: Evangelia Amerika Tour
Posted: 22.12.2009 by Thryce | Comments (11)

Shining - Reveal New Album Details

Shining posted the following blog on Facebook:

"Swedish Extreme Metallers Shining have completed work on their seventh album and have today revealed details and cover art. Scheduled for release on Indie Recordings in March/April 2010, the 6-track album will have the title "Shining VII - Född Förlorare" (Born Loser). Track listing as follows:

1. Förtvivlan, Min Arvedel
2. Tiden Läker Inga Sår
3. Människa O'Avskyvärda Människa
4. Tillsammans Är Vi Allt
5. I Nattens Timma
6. FFF

According to founder and frontman Niklas Kvarforth (also of Skitliv), with "Född Förlorare" Shining will "take a deep dive into the darkest of all musical genres you could imagine". Making guest appearances on the album are Erik Danielsson (Watain), Peter Bjärgo (Arcana) and Nordman. (Cover art can be found here.)


Band profile: Shining
Posted: 26.11.2009 by Lucas | Comments (22)

Shining - Supporting Satyricon, Negură Bunget, Dark Fortress On European Tour

Swedish extreme metallers Shining have been confirmed to support Satyricon on the upcoming European Tour. The 17-date tour, set to start on the 2nd December, also includes Negură Bunget and Dark Fortress.

Referring to the recent cancellation of Shining's European tour, front man Niklas Kvarforth said: "We are all too aware of the fact that a lot of fans were disappointed by the actions of the Metal Maniacs Agency, which forced us to cancel the tour, but hopefully the tour with Satyricon will go some way towards making up for it. We are also looking at a lot of possibilities for next year at the moment, so be prepared for Shining and 2010".

Dates so far confirmed for the Satyricon + Shining + Negură Bunget + Dark Fortress tour as follows:


Band profile: Shining
Event: Satyricon + Shining + Dark Fortress
Posted: 27.08.2009 by Thryce | Comments (14)

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