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Kalmah - Confirmed For Paganfest 2013 Extended Shows

Finnish metallers Kalmah have announced their first gigs for 2013. The band has been confirmed as special guests at all five extended shows at Paganfest 2013 next March. The quintet from Oulu has just finished the songwriting for their 7th studio album. They plan to enter the studio in January, so you can expect to listen to new Kalmah songs at Paganfest 2013.


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Posted: 16.11.2012 by popmik | Comments (6)

Bloodbath - Vocalist Leaves The Band

Swedish all-star death metallers Bloodbath have posted the following update on their official website:

"With all the rumours that's been wildfiring the last couple of days people have been questioning the current and future status of Bloodbath, so here's the deal. Mikael Åkerfeldt has officially left Bloodbath. We know this might come as a surprise to some of you, but the rest of us in Bloodbath have been well aware for a long time already that Mike wanted out again. This was made to be made public sooner or later and if you're curious to know more about why Mike is leaving and his vibes in general you can read his own words here. Mike, our best buddy and death metal vocal god has been a tremendous force in Bloodbath and we thank him for all the good and fun times on stage and in the studio we shared with this side-project since the formation in 1998.

Now, we've already been getting a lot of submissions from Bloodbath fans who are looking to replace Mike and we thank you for the interest and offering your talents, but hereby, we want to confirm that our decision to make another album with a new singer is already being prepared since a while. We we will let you know in due time who the new singer is and also details on our musical/lyrical concept that has also already ben set in stone. Expect the exciting things to happen in 2013."


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Posted: 14.04.2012 by popmik | Comments (47)

Hypocrisy - Update On New Album

Swedish death metallers Hypocrisy are continuing to work on their new album and have now issued the following update about it: "We're now focusing on writing new songs for the next album. We've already some new material and it sounds killer! The plan is to record the new album in the autumn this year and release it in the first half of 2013. So far everything is working out as planned and we're really excited to bring out the new release. Between the writing process we're also doing some festival shows and we hope to see you all there! We'll keep you updated what's going on with the band!"


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Posted: 10.04.2012 by popmik | Comments (4)