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09.07Crises - Recording New Album
03.08Solid Vision - In Search Of A New Singer

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Crises - Recording New Album

After a long silence, progressive metallers Crises recently announced that they are recording their new album. The band also shared a small clip of the process with new singer Benedikt Behnke. The band's latest album was Coral Dreams, released back in 2009. You can probably expect more updates soon regarding the new material.


Source: facebook.com
Band profile: Crises
Posted: 09.07.2014 by diamondblack | Comments (0)

Solid Vision - In Search Of A New Singer

Solid Vision, an Italian progressive metal band that also boasts a collaboration with Charlie Dominici, ex-vocalist of Dream Theater, are splitting up with their long time singer, Samuele Pintus. The band, which lives in Sardinia, is currently looking for a singer and has started the auditions. Essential requirements are: fluency in English with good pronunciation, ability in clean singing is requested as much as ability at executing screaming and growling.


Source: facebook.com
Band profile: Solid Vision
Posted: 03.08.2013 by diamondblack | Comments (0)