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Hjel - Set Album Release Date, Share New Track

Atmospheric black metallers Hjel, led by Max (Windrider), have set the release date for their upcoming debut album, Kalte Asche, to July 22nd. The album will be released as limited digipack (100 pc.) by their label Abstrakte Wunden Tonträgerproduktion and digitally via the band's Bandcamp page. Additionally, you can now listen to the title track of the upcoming album here.


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Posted: 19.07.2016 by Windrider | Comments (5)

Hjel - Release New Single

German black metal band Hjel, led by Max (Windrider), has released a new digital single called "Ruinen". The track comes from the upcoming album that is set for release later this year. You can give it a listen on the band's official YouTube channel below and grab it for free on Bandcamp, where you can also hear more material.


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Posted: 30.01.2016 by Windrider | Comments (22)

Carach Angren - New Album Title And Release Date Revealed

Dutch symphonic black metallers Carach Angren have revealed via Facebook that they have entitled their upcoming album Where The Corpses Sink Forever. The official release date has been set for May 18th this year via Season Of Mist. The band has also recently uploaded their first studio report, which can be viewed below.


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Posted: 29.02.2012 by Windrider | Comments (5)

King Of Asgard - Enter Studio In March

Swedish folk metallers King Of Asgard will hit Sonic Train Studios in early March to record the follower to their debut album Fi'mbulvintr, which was released back in 2010.

The band comments: "We're glad to get back there in early March and to get some new stuff on tape. This also being the first time recording with Lars on guitar. The material for this coming release is a natural step forward for King Of Asgard. It differs quite a lot though the foundation of our musical roots still are very present. A natural progression of the sounds on Fi'mbulvintr! Song titles include "Gap Of Ginnungs" and "Plague-ridden Rebirth".


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Eden Weint Im Grab - New Video Online

"Moritat Des Leierkastenmanns", the new video from German metallers Eden Weint Im Grab, can be viewed at this location.

"Moritat Des Leierkastenmanns" ("Ballad Of The Organ Grinder" in English) comes off the band's fourth album, entitled Geysterstunde I ("Witching Hour" in English), which will be released on May 6th via Winter Solitude Productions. More details about Geysterstunde I were previously reported over here.


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Posted: 20.04.2011 by Windrider | Comments (0)

Eden Weint Im Grab - Album Tracklist Revealed

German gothic metal band Eden Weint Im Grab has revealed the tracklist for the upcoming Geysterstunde I (trans: Witching Hour I), to be released on May 6th through Winter Solitude Productions.

The track "Tango Mortis" features a guest appearance of singer Jan Lubitzki from now-defunct German thrash metal band Depressive Age. Geysterstunde I is said to contain elements of tango and waltz next to melodeath, doom and black.

Geysterstunde I tracklist:

01. Geysterstunde
02. Moritat Des Leierkastenmanns
03. Armee Der Wiedergänger
04. Die Knochenmühle
05. Ein Requiem In Sepia
06. Feuer-Inferno (Vision Swedenborgs 1759)
07. Nautilus
08. Der Galgenvogel
09. Gespenster-Revue Im Theater Obszön
10. Friedhof Der Sterne
11. Irrfahrt Durchs Leichen-Labyrinth
12. Taphephobie
13. Tango Mortis
14. Der Nachtalb - Eine Finstere Heimsuchung
15. Gang Durch Ein Modriges Beinhaus


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Posted: 04.04.2011 by Windrider | Comments (1)

Eden Weint Im Grab - Album Cover Art Unveiled, New Song Online

Eden Weint Im Grab has unveiled the cover artwork and the first single off the upcoming new album.

As previously reported, the German gothic metal band will release their new album, Geysterstunde I (trans: Witching Hour I), on May 6th through Winter Solitude Productions.

Geysterstunde - Ein Poetisches Spektakel Zu Mitternacht (trans: Witching Hour - A Poetic Spectacle On Midnight), the album's opening track, has been made available for free download over at this location (click on the "Geysterstunde" logo).


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Posted: 09.03.2011 by Windrider | Comments (5)

Kypck - New Video Online

"Alleya Stalina" (trans: Alley of Stalin), the new video from Finnish doom metal band Kypck, can now be watched below.

"Alleya Stalina" comes off the band's latest album Nizhe, which was released earlier this month through Yellow House Recordings.


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Posted: 26.02.2011 by Windrider | Comments (3)

Eden Weint Im Grab - New Album In May

German gothic metal band Eden Weint Im Grab will release their new album, Geysterstunde I (trans: Witching Hour I), on May 6th through Winter Solitude Productions.

According to a statement, the band's fourth studio album marks the beginning of a new chapter in their history, meaning there will be sequels to Geysterstunde I.

The album's title track will be available for free download any time soon on the official website of Eden Weint Im Grab. Four studio reports can already be found over there.

After the ambient album Der Herbst Des Einsamen, which consisted of poems by Austrian expressionist Georg Trakl, the new album will be a return to the harsh metal style with a mixture of Gothic and Black, creating an unique atmosphere the band is known for.


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Posted: 17.02.2011 by Windrider | Comments (2)

Kypck - Another New Song Online

"Chuzhoj" (trans: Stranger), a brand-new track from Finnish doom metal band Kypck, has been made available for streaming over at MySpace.

Another new song, called "Allyeya Stalina" (trans: The Alley Of Stalin), is also streaming at the same location.

"Chuzhoj" comes off the band's upcoming new album Nizhe, which will be self-released on February 9th.


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Posted: 03.02.2011 by Windrider | Comments (1)

Dimmu Borgir - Album Title And Artwork Revealed

Dimmu Borgir have revealed the cover artwork and album title for their next effort, the follow-up to 2007's In Sorte Diaboli. The album will be called Abrahadabra. Its artwork was created by German artist Joachim Luetke (Kreator, Arch Enemy, Meshuggah) and was revealed step-by-step in 4 pieces during the last days. Abrahadabra will be released in Germany on September 24, in the rest of Europe on September 27, and in North America on October 12 via Nuclear Blast Records.

The word "abrahadabra" (which roughly translates into "I will create as I speak") first publicly appeared in Chapter III of Liber AL vel Legis (commonly referred to as "The Book of the Law") written by Aleister Crowley in Cairo, Egypt in 1904.

Dimmu Borgir singer/songwriter Shagrath shares the following about the new album: "After eleven months of total focus, dedication and professional team work, Darkness has been reborn. Some people have expressed their concern about the future of the band since the departure of some members of the clan. Let me assure you that things happen for a reason. The black flame burns brighter than ever before. With the mixture of our different musical preferences and the personalities involved, I will dare to say we have created a BEAST, the most detailed work to date out of our 17 years of existence. I know it's too much of a cliché to brag when you have a done a new album, but to put it short and simple, it's a fist in the face to all the doubters out there. Forward - Onward - March... Enter the supreme unknown."

For the second time in the band's career (i.e. 1996's Stormblåst), a one-word album title breaks the tradition of a three-word album title for a new studio release dating back to Dimmu Borgir's 1994 debut, For All Tid.

Guitarist/songwriter Silenoz has this to say on the topic: "We knew there would be some big changes with this album in more than one way and since we've had the three-word-title tradition for many years now, we thought it'd make a lot of sense for us to move on from that. It has served its purpose. We are a band that's all about change and moving forward. An album title consisting of one word goes hand-in-hand with the new material it describes both the musical and lyrical content in a more imaginary way, not to mention the unity and the everlasting flame which is Dimmu Borgir. Expect the unexpected!"

When asked about the central figure in the artwork and who/what he's supposed to represent, artist Joachim Luetke responds: "I think that's obvious. Since the whole "setting" is located in an icy, bleak, winter-y, post-industrial era, we're pretty close to H.P. Lovecraft's nameless elder gods. They're represented by the mask's tentacles. In short: the mask/face personifies dominion of powers far beyond mankind. The nameless gods witnessed the birth of our universe and they'll watch it implode. To them, the age of mankind is but a blink of an eye."


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Posted: 11.07.2010 by Windrider | Comments (47)

Cradle Of Filth - To Release New Album In USA Via Nuclear Blast

Cradle Of Filth will release their new album All Hallows Eve in North America on November 9 via Nuclear Blast Records. The CD will be issued in Europe through Peaceville Records on the band's own AbraCadaver imprint.

Frederick Jude, managing director of Peaceville Records, comments on this upcoming cooperative effort: "Football aside, we're pleased to be teaming up with Nuclear Blast on this very important release. Given their resources, interest in the band, and track record in the U.S., we believe Cradle Of Filth will be best positioned to better the sales of their last album in North America."

The band recently entered Monkey Puzzle studios near Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk this month to start work on the follow-up to 2008's Godspeed On The Devil's Thunder, with a full world tour in its support to follow.


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Ex Deo - New Video Online

Ex Deo - the Ancient Roman themed band lead by Kataklysm frontman Maurizio Iacono - have uploaded the video clip for the song "The Final War (Battle of Actium)".

The song also features a guest solo appearance from Karl Sanders of Nile. The clip was released today on March 15 (Ides of March) in honour of the god of war, Mars. Iacono commented: "It has come, on the 15th day the birth of Mars has arrived. The god of war, the celebrations have begun! Let the sirens of war echo the might of Rome. This is the final war!"


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Posted: 17.03.2010 by Windrider | Comments (1)