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Klimt 1918 - Line Up Changes

The band has posted the following statement in their official website:
"We are sorry to annunce that Alessandro is no longer a member of Klimt 1918. We appreciate that this may come as a surprise to our fans and friends, however the reasons for this decision are a lot, professional and personal, due to misunderstandings, different point of views related to the band. This was far from an easy situation as Alessandro has been an important part of the band for four years and two albums recorded together but we feel that this is the best way to ensure a positive future for both. We wish Alessandro all the best with his future projects, musically or for his life.

The new Klimt 1918's guitarist
Klimt 1918 are proud to announce the new guitarist Francesco Conte, close friend of the band since 10 years. He has a respectable musical career, playing with famous international and italian artist as session guitarist, getting a huge experience as a musician as well as composer . Francesco has already made his debut with Klimt 1918 on October 21th for the 10 years festival of Prophecy Productions in Zeltingen-Rachting (Germany). What can we say? We are proud to have him as the new guitarist!! Welcome Francesco!"


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Trail Of Tears - Upcoming Gigs In August 2006

The band has posted in their official website the dates for the upcoming gigs in August 2006:

11. Baroeg - Rotterdam - The Netherlands
12. Dokk'Em Open Air - The Netherlands
13. Triangel - Weert - The Netherlands
17-18. Summer Breeze - Ostalbkreis Germany
19. Metalzone-Diablo Festival - Biebob - Vosselaar, Belgium
20. Metalzone Diablo Festival - Plato- Helmond, The Netherlands

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Anathema - South American Tour Dates Confirmed

The band has announced the dates for the South American Tour in October in their official website:

"We can now finally confirm the tour dates for Mexico and South America! They are as follows:
6th Circo Volador, Mexico City, MEXICO
10th Caupolican, Santiago de Chile, CHILE
11th ND Ateneo, Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA
13th Direct TV, Sau Paulo, BRAZIL
14th Opera 1, Curitiba, BRAZIL
15th Poliedro de Caracas, Caracas, VENEZUELA


Ticket links for the other shows will follow as fast as possible
We are working on more shows right now and will let you know right away if we can confirm any more."

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Orphaned Land - "El Norra Alila" Decade Shows Announced

Orphaned Land published 3 dates (1 in Israel and 2 in Turkey) for the special decade shows of their second album ''El Norra Alila''. Orphaned Land will play two hours sets, during which the whole ''El Norra Alila'' album will be performed chronologically.

The dates for these special shows are:

29/7/2006 Tel Aviv Theatre Club
14/9/2006 Istanbul Yeni Melek
16/9/2006 Ankara Saklikent

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Event: Orphaned Land: "El Norra Alila" Decade Show
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Opeth - Deep Purple Cover

"Soldier of fortune", the Deep Purple cover recorded at the BBC and set up as a bonus track for the upcoming special edition of "Ghost reveries" will be re-recorded at the famed Atlantis studios in Stockholm. This is due to unforeseen legal problems with the BBC in the UK. Therefore the BBC recording won't be available other than through downloads.

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Katatonia - MAMF Festival Cancelled

Katatonia has announced the cancellation of the MAMF festival in their official website:
"Since the promoter couldn't live up to what was signed and agreed for, our appearance at the MAMF festival in Hungary has been cancelled. However, we're already looking at the possibilities of returning to Hungary in the autumn for a club gig with additional dates in countries such as Romania, Serbia and maybe even Croatia - all previously unvisited by Katatonia."

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Moonsorrow - Begin Recording New Album

The recordings of the new album have begun. Henri and Marko are currently at Tico Tico Studios in Kemi starting up the recordings of the new epic. The band have created a separate site for the studio-diary where you can follow everything

In other news, two summer festival gigs announced - Day of Darkness in Ireland and Jalometalli in Oulu, FInland. These, along with the gig at Kaltenback O:A will probably be the only Moonsorrow gigs this summer due to us entering the studio to record the new album. The dates are:

07.07 Day of Darkness, Ireland
15.07 Kaltenbach O:A, Austria
18.08 Jalometalli, Finland

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Novembers Doom - Recording Date Set

Novembers Doom are scheduled to begin recording the follow-up to 2005's "The Pale Haunt Departure (on The End Records) on June 16th, 2006. Once again, the production team will consist of Chris Djuricic for tracking and Dan Swanö to mix the final recording. Mastering will again be handled by James Murphy.

In a statement about the upcoming studio work, the band says: "Consistency and quality are very important to us, to insure that anyone who was a fan of the previous CD, will once again be able to comfortably expect nothing less then a stellar production. Chris Djuricic, Dan Swanö and James Murphy were the perfect choice for "The Pale Haunt Departure" and the perfect compliment to Novembers Doom. We're honored to be working with them once again."

"Working hard on the new material, we've reached the final stage of pre-production, creating well rounded, and a natural progression of songs, which continue where "The Pale Haunt Departure" ends. Always adding new elements to our sound, there will be a few surprises mixed in, but remaining true to the band you expect."

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Katatonia - Hungarian Festival Confirmed

Katatonia are set to play the MAMF festival in Hungary on August 4th.

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Porcupine Tree - Live DVD Preview

Some exclusive downloadable material is now available from MySpace. Firstly, a full song from the forthcoming Porcupine Tree live DVD "Arriving Somewhere..." can be viewed at the band's MySpace page. Blackest Eyes was filmed along with the rest of the DVD in Chicago last October. The DVD, edited by Lasse Hoile and with the sound mixed into both stereo and 5.1 surround sound, is due for release in late Summer. There will be a short promotional tour of Europe and the USA, dates to be announced shortly.

Also available is new music from the forthcoming second Blackfield album, which can be found on the Blackfield MySpace page. A full song "Once" and an album preview are both available to download and share.


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Riverside - Mini Album Out Now

On the 22nd of May, Inside Out released Riverside's mini album, "Voices In My Head". It contains five new, previously unreleased songs, live versions of three tracks from "Out Of Myself" and a video clip to "Acronym Love" created by John Vis.

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Orphaned Land - Steven Wilson To Produce Next Album

Israeli metal band Orphaned Land have announced that Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree, Blackfield, No-Man, Bass Communion...) will produce their next album, entitled "The Never Ending Way of ORwarriOR".

Commented Orphaned Land vocalist Kobi Farhi: "We are a big fans of Steven's works, we are very much exited that we will work together and we are sure we will make an unforgettable album!"

Added Wilson: "I'm very happy to have the opportunity to work with Orphaned Land, one of the most unique and ambitious metal bands on the scene. I know we are going to make an extraordinary album together."

With regards to the next album's concept, Farhi had previously stated, "The next Orphaned Land album will deal with the war of light and darkness. We've dealt with this topic in the past, yet this time the emphasis will be on the hero of this war The Warrior of Light (Lohem Ha'or in Hebrew).

Orphaned land have yet to set a date to begin recording the new album, as they are still working the new material for the new effort. More details will be made available during the coming months.

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Agalloch - Release Date For Ashes Against The Grain

The End Records have set August 8th, 2006 as the release date for Agalloch's forthcoming album 'Ashes Against The Grain.'
"There will not be a digipack edition, however, there will be a special edition made. More information on that will unfold in the coming months," reveals the band in a statement. "The band will be extremely busy this summer with various projects to promote the new album including a record release show in Portland, as well as other performances. More detailed news will be posted as it comes."

Track listing:
1. Limbs
2. Falling Snow
3. This White Mountain On Which You Will Die
4. Fire Above, Ice Below
5. Not Unlike The Waves
6. Our Fortress Is Burning... I
7. Our Fortress Is Burning... II - Bloodbirds
8. Our Fortress Is Burning... III - The Grain

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Dark Lunacy - New Album Out Now

Dark Lunacy returns with "The Diarist", new album produced by Fredrik Nordstrom, already famous for the jobs with In Flames, Dark Tranquillity, Children Of Bodon. The band will be protagonist of the next Evolution festival with Dark Tranquillity, Moonspell, Death Angel, The Gathering, Cradle Of Filth and many more.

1. Aurora
2. Play Dead
3. Pulkovo Meridian
4. The Diarist
5. Snowdrifts
6. Now Is Forever
7. On Memory's White Sleigh
8. Heart Of Leningrad
9. Prospekt
10. Motherland
11. The Farewell Song

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Katatonia - New Single / TGCD Vinyl

The new single Deliberation is out now. The b-sides are two new exclusives, with the first song being a complete re-make of the In The White, now stripped down with acoustic guitars in a contemporary approach for a true urban lullaby sound. The second b-side is yet another unreleased song from the album sessions entitled Code Against the Code. Furthermore, a video for Deliberation once again shot and directed by Charlie Granberg, will be accompanied by the single. The direction of the clip takes a more abstract turn this time, so be sure to expect a dark mixture of reality and animation.

Full track listing for the single:
1. Deliberation
2. In The White (urban dub)
3. Code Against the Code
4. Deliberation (video)

The Great Cold Distance has now been made available on a 16 track (incl all the 4 b-sides from the My Twin & Deliberation singles) red coloured double vinyl edition (ltd to 2000 numbered copies). You can pre-order your copy in the official web site. The vinyl will ship on June 5th.

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