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29.07Caligula's Horse - New Album Teaser Online, Coming In October
17.02Three - New Song Released
02.05Freak Kitchen - New Album In Production
12.03Iron Maiden - To Release New "Best Of" Compilation
07.03Ihsahn - New Album Update
05.03Opeth - Two-Disc Special Edition Re-Release

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Caligula's Horse - New Album Teaser Online, Coming In October

Caligula's Horse will release a new album, titled Bloom, through Inside Out Music on October 16th in Australia, New Zealand, Europe, and the UK, and on October 30th in the USA. The Australian prog quintet has been sowing the seeds for their third album in secret and you can already whet your appetite with this teaser available below.


Source: facebook.com
Band profile: Caligula's Horse
Posted: 29.07.2015 by Introspekrieg | Comments (4)

Three - New Song Released

After much anticipation and their series of singles released from April to August last year, Three have re-surfaced with another quality track. Back on January 11th, their official Facebook page informed us of the upcoming "Crazy Eyes." Teasing fans with new songs "Woodchuck Truck", "You Are The Alien", "Sugarlife" and a pair of live tracks before hibernating for winter, the patience of eager Three fans has been rewarded.


Source: facebook.com
Band profile: Three
Posted: 17.02.2015 by Introspekrieg | Comments (1)

Freak Kitchen - New Album In Production

Cooking With Pagans, the eighth album from Swedish progressive hard-rockers Freak Kitchen, is being produced for a late 2012 release. According to the band, Cooking With Pagans will include twelve kick butt tunes, which they will take on the road after completion.


Source: freakkitchen.com
Band profile: Freak Kitchen
Posted: 02.05.2012 by Introspekrieg | Comments (3)

Iron Maiden - To Release New "Best Of" Compilation

As posted on the band's website, Iron Maiden will be releasing yet another "Best Of" CD:

"As you guys will have read from our press release, 'the best of' is to help introduce new friends into the world of Maiden. We are not trying to sell this to the legions of our well valued Maiden supporters who probably already have these 'tracks' (and no doubt the entire collection of albums!).

From the amount of tickets sold there are a lot of people coming to our shows this year who won't have seen us before, so this is intended for them as an introduction, similar to previous ones of this nature. As with 'Edward the Great' we will arrange for the front and back cd artwork to be available for you to print free nearer the release date so, if you want, you can have them for your collections."


Source: ironmaiden.com
Band profile: Iron Maiden
Posted: 12.03.2008 by Introspekrieg | Comments (33)

Ihsahn - New Album Update

Mnemosyne Productions are pleased to report that Opeth mastermind Mikael Åkerfeldt has performed lead vocals for the song "Unhealer" from the upcoming Ihsahn album, "angL".

"We´ve been talking about doing something for a while and I´m really happy it finally came together. Needless to say, Mikael´s performance is nothing short of amazing!" says Ihsahn.

Asgeir Mickelson once again handles drums for the album. Ihsahn has also handed over bass duties to Asgeir's colleague from Spiral Architect, Lars Norberg. "Asgeir and Lars have delivered a rock-solid foundation for the whole album. Pounding blast-beats to slow fretless passages are all performed with great precision," Ihsahn continues.


Source: mnemosyne.no
Band profile: Ihsahn
Posted: 07.03.2008 by Introspekrieg | Comments (11)

Opeth - Two-Disc Special Edition Re-Release

Peaceville Records are releasing "Still Life" (2 CD special edition including 5.1 surround Mix). Still will be a 2 disc edition of the classic Opeth album.

"This new 2 disc edition of the critically acclaimed "Still Life" features a re-mastered stereo mix of the album on CD plus DVD with new 5.1 surround sound mix plus "Face Of Melinda" filmed live in London. The artwork has been re-worked by original designer Travis Smith.

"Still Life" was Opeth's first outing for Peaceville. Blessed with renewed enthusiasm, the band delivered yet another flawless gem of an album.

Like "My Arms, Your Hearse" before it, "Still Life" was originally recorded at Gothenburg's famous Studio Fredman under the watchful eye of engineer Fredrik Nordström, and has now been re-mastered and re-mixed by Jens Borgen at Fascination Street Studios.


Source: peaceville.com
Band profile: Opeth
Posted: 05.03.2008 by Introspekrieg | Comments (17)