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22.03Symphony X - Writing New Material
28.12Judas Priest - Confirm 2014 Release For New Album
07.08Behemoth - Postpone New Album Release
30.03Ghost B.C. - Album Release Delayed Due To Blasphemous Art

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Symphony X - Writing New Material

We haven't had many updates on Symphony X's new album. Their last album Iconoclast was already released back in 2011 and fans are probably curious about the next one. Recently, guitar virtuoso Michael Romeo thanked the fans who supported him in the Zimmer competition and for his birthday messages. He also added that he has been writing new material for the next Symphony X, "things are starting to come together as far as that goes. And so the cycle that is the creation of a new Symphony X CD starts anew."


Source: facebook.com
Band profile: Symphony X
Posted: 22.03.2014 by Ruin | Comments (12)

Judas Priest - Confirm 2014 Release For New Album

We already knew that heavy metal legends Judas Priest were working on their new album, but recently, on their holiday greeting, they confirmed the release of their new album in 2014. This means that after so many years, the band is finally unleashing the successor to Nostradamus, now without founding member and guitarist K.K. Downing.


Source: facebook.com
Band profile: Judas Priest
Posted: 28.12.2013 by Ruin | Comments (16)

Behemoth - Postpone New Album Release

The release of Polish extreme metal masters Behemoth's upcoming tenth studio album The Satanist, which has previously been announced for this fall, has now been postponed to early 2014 and will be accompanied by an extensive headlining tour. Further information, including the exact dates will follow in the near future. For now, all that we know is that it is titled The Satanist and the band used Hertz Studios to record it.


Source: facebook.com
Band profile: Behemoth
Posted: 07.08.2013 by Ruin | Comments (4)

Ghost B.C. - Album Release Delayed Due To Blasphemous Art

Swedish occult rockers Ghost B.C. face yet another controversy. The band had to change their name from Ghost to Ghost B.C. for legal reasons and now one piece of the Infestissumam deluxe version artwork was reportedly deemed too sacrilegious by some US manufacturers which have refused to print it thus delaying its release in North America. However, the original artwork can still be found on both the vinyl and European copies of the album. It seems like this will generate even more buzz around the release of the opus.


Source: spin.com
Band profile: Ghost B.C.
Posted: 30.03.2013 by Ruin | Comments (41)