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26.01Advent Sorrow - New Song Streaming Online
29.10Ouroboros - New Album Update

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Advent Sorrow - New Song Streaming Online

Australian metallers Advent Sorrow have recently released a preview track to their anticipated full-length album set to be released later in 2013. The track is a pre-production version, but has already managed to pull the attention of many new listeners. You can listen to the song "Like A Moth To The Flame" on the video located below.


Source: facebook.com
Band profile: Advent Sorrow
Posted: 26.01.2013 by Xeravia | Comments (0)

Ouroboros - New Album Update

After releasing the positively acclaimed debut Glorification Of A Myth, the Australian tech death/thrash metal outfit Ouroboros is working hard on their new upcoming release.


Source: ouroboros.mu
Band profile: Ouroboros
Posted: 29.10.2012 by Xeravia | Comments (11)