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23.06Hellfest Open Air - News And Whispers From Hell
03.05Patrick Roy Passed Away
13.11Process Of Guilt - Presents Remix Album
27.01Alchemist - New EP To Be Mixed By Devin Townsend
16.12Tardive Dyskinesia - New Video Online
 Rise To Fall - Signs Deal With Coroner Records
14.12Disillusion - Guitar Player Quits The Band
07.12Hellfest - Special Bustrip For Netherlands And Belgium
 While Heaven Wept - To Re-Release First Two Albums
17.10Disillusion - Update From The Band
09.07Support Hellfest Against A Smear Campaign!
05.05Orphaned Land - Finally Recording The New Album
27.05Voivod - Update From The Band

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Hellfest Open Air - News And Whispers From Hell

Unless you've been living in a cave for the last couple of months, you know that Hellfest Open Air 2011 took place last weekend.

As always, Metal Storm sent out a small army of reporters to cover the event. You can expect an exclusive live report, tons of hq pictures and an anthology of our most memorable festival experiences to appear online in the next coming weeks.

We also had the chance to meet up with some artists backstage. After the small talk and/or a few beers, we got to the juicy details. Here are a handful of scoops we gathered during our chats that we don't want to keep from you!

Orphaned Land are embarking on a big European tour later this year. Direct support will come from Oriental folk metal band Arkan and Tunisian progressive metallers Myrath. Dates for this tour have officially been announced earlier today. You can find them over here.


Source: hellfest.fr
Event: Hellfest Open Air 2011
Posted: 23.06.2011 by Darkside Momo | Comments (4)

Patrick Roy Passed Away

Patrick Roy died today, because of his pancreatic cancer.

He was a French politician, member of the National Assembly, and a member of the French Socialist Party (left-wing), known among other things for his bright red jacket.

But, more importantly for us metalheads, he was a fan of heavy metal (starting with Led Zeppellin, but now leaning more towards Gojira and Opeth), which he defended on various occasions during the debates concerning the Hadopi law or the controversy about the Hellfest festival. You can check this DailyMotion video, but it's only in French, sorry. He often had a Rock Hard magizine in hand to prove his point, saying it was a cultural magazine (at that time, his right-wing opponents would cry and boo in outrage, of course).


Source: slate.fr
Posted: 03.05.2011 by Darkside Momo | Comments (45)

Process Of Guilt - Presents Remix Album

Here's the press release for "The Circle", Process Of Guilt's new release:

"Closing the process started with Erosion, The Circle presents five reinterpretations of the closing song on Process Of Guilt's highly acclaimed sophomore album and opens the door for the composition process of their third full length.

Bringing together the creative minds of Sanford Parker (of Minsk, Buried At Sea, Twilight, Circle Of Animals, The High Confessions and overall producer extraordinaire), Echoes Of Yul (the Polish creators of one of the most interesting ambient/industrial debuts in recent years), DJ Mofo (of Portuguese best kept secret Bizarra Locomotiva), Bosque (one of the leading forces of bleak drone/doom/black art) and Sons Of Bronson (featuring members of Spanish sludge masters Lords Of Bukkake), The Circle offers a deconstructive circle through an erosive world of calm versus chaos. Besides the five remixes, this abstract descent begins with a new prespective on Erosion's closing track, now (re)mastered - as all the other tracks - by the well known James Plotkin (of O.L.D., Khanate fame).


Source: processofguilt.com
Band profile: Process Of Guilt
Posted: 13.11.2010 by Darkside Momo | Comments (8)

Alchemist - New EP To Be Mixed By Devin Townsend

Adam Agius, Alchemist's frontman, posted the following very short but interesting news on their Myspace :

"Hi people , we have been busy tracking for our 2010 EP to be mixed by Devin Townsend, all is sounding great with a different feel from Tripsis, more instrumentation and today i started tracking some nice harmonic vocals for a track.

Keep you guys posted,
Adza Alchemist"


Source: blogs.myspace.com
Band profile: Alchemist
Posted: 27.01.2010 by Darkside Momo | Comments (8)

Tardive Dyskinesia - New Video Online

Greek progressive math-death metallers Tardive Dyskinesia completed their first video for the song "Triggering The Fear Reactor" included in their brand new album "The Sea of See Through Skins" released on October 12th via Coroner Records.

"Aggressive, math, psychotic and obsessive are the keywords that identify this new work amazingly mixed and mastered by Jochem Jacob at Split Second Sound Studio in Holland (Textures, Inquest, Chiraw)."

The video of "Triggering The Fear Reactor" can be seen here.


Source: coronerrecords.net
Posted: 16.12.2009 by Darkside Momo | Comments (1)

Rise To Fall - Signs Deal With Coroner Records

Coroner Records issued the following statement:

"After the great feedback got from some important shows in Spain with bands like Scar Symmetry, Amon Amarth, Neaera, Maroon and Textures, the Spanish melo-death metallers Rise To Fall signed with Coroner Records for their upcoming debut album entitled "Restore The Balance", scheduled on February 22nd 2010.
The album, which includes 11 tracks recorded at the Rockstudios in Bilbao by the renowned producer Carlos Creator, was mastered by Jacob Hansen at Hansen Studios in Denmark."

A preview of the new tracks can be listened at the official Rise To Fall MySpace or at Coroner Records MySpace.


Source: coronerrecords.net
Posted: 16.12.2009 by Darkside Momo | Comments (0)

Disillusion - Guitar Player Quits The Band

Disillusion, under the pen of mainman Andy Schmidt, issued the following statement:

"Rajk Barthel and Disillusion go separate ways in music.

After 10 years on a common path with Disillusion, our musical ways are separating today . Both allowed this decision a lot of time, trying restarts for almost two years and seeking any chance to continue to work together.
Rajk and I have met back in 1998 in windy November Leipzig, constantly being fond of one another, starting to work on music and the formation of the band only one week later. However, now that some dreams of that time have come true and others are in the reach, a split is important and right; to keep on going and to continue to feel at home in one's artistic harbor, without wallowing in memories.


Source: disillusion.de
Band profile: Disillusion
Posted: 14.12.2009 by Darkside Momo | Comments (8)

Hellfest - Special Bustrip For Netherlands And Belgium

Doomstarbookings organizes Bus-trip to Hellfest France, and the press-release was as follows:

"Dutch booking-agency Doomstarbookings organizes the first official bus-trip from the Netherlands / Belgium to Hellfest Festival 2010 in Clisson, France. This bus trip will embark in the Netherlands on Thursday June 17th and will return after the festival on Monday June 21st. Exact routing, pick-up locations and time-schedules will be announced shortly via the Hellfest-Bus-Trip myspace www.myspace.com/busreishellfest and the Doomstarbookings website www.doomstarbookings.com.

This official bus trip includes: a 3-day-festival-ticket for the Hellfest festival, a camping ticket, a return ticket to the festival with a luxury-touring car and a goodie-bag with surprise goodies on courtesy of Hellfest and Relapse Records. Pre-sale and ticket information are made available via www.myspace.com/busreishellfest.


Event: Hellfest Open Air 2010
Posted: 07.12.2009 by Darkside Momo | Comments (4)

While Heaven Wept - To Re-Release First Two Albums

Cruz Del Sur Music has posted the following news:

"We have heard your calls! After the incredible response to While Heaven Wept's brand new album Vast Oceans Lachrymose - which continues to receive the very highest of accolades worldwide, Cruz Del Sur Music, as well as the continued demands from their audience, have finally convinced the band to re-issue their long out-of-print past albums Sorrow Of The Angels and Of Empires Forlorn in limited-editions of 1000 hand-numbered CD's each. Both albums feature updated cover art, new pictures, and new liner notes from mainman Tom Phillips. The audio content is identical to the original Eibon Records (Sorrow Of The Angels) and Rage Of Achilles Records (Of Empires Forlorn) releases so as to preserve the integrity of the original albums.


Source: cruzdelsurmusic.com
Band profile: While Heaven Wept
Posted: 07.12.2009 by Darkside Momo | Comments (12)

Disillusion - Update From The Band

The following snippet of news was posted both on Disillusion's website and Myspace:

"Disillusion live in early 2010!

... to slowly get some stones into rolling (again) ... Disillusion are preparing for a small live tour in the coming spring of 2010. First confirmed show will be at the Winternichtstraum Festival on Feb19/20. More info and dates very soon.
Thank you all very much for your patience, concern and support in the band!
Really looking forward to seeing you all out there!"


Source: disillusion.de
Band profile: Disillusion
Posted: 17.10.2009 by Darkside Momo | Comments (8)

Support Hellfest Against A Smear Campaign!

A blog has been created to support Hellfest, following the smear campaign orchestrated by Catholic fundamentalists. Here's the translation of their opening post:

"Please note that following an increase in attacks by the CNI, UMP, UNI and Catholic fundamentalists, the festival of extreme rock music "Hellfest" is in danger.

Indeed, these organizations oppose the communities' financial support (Regional Council, General Council, Municipality) toward Hellfest (which represents only 2% of total budget).

A minority of conservative activists organized a campaign amalgam (desecration = metal = Satanism) to these communities and private partners (Coca Cola and Kronenbourg).


Source: hellfest.fr
Event: Hellfest Open Air 2010
Posted: 09.07.2009 by Darkside Momo | Comments (18)

Orphaned Land - Finally Recording The New Album

The band posted this piece of news on their myspace blog:

"Israel's progressive folk metal masters Orphaned Land are currently recording the highly anticipated follow-up to 2004's "Mabool", and vocalist Kobi Farhi states:

"Hello there to all the Orphaned warriors of light - we are very happy that we finally entered the studio to deliver you the long awaited concept album - "ORwarriOR"! The album is going to be more than 70 minutes long and as usual many traditional instruments and languages will be involved in the process. In my opinion this is the best Orphaned Land album ever! We can't wait for you to put your hands on it and we look forward to tour and meet you all on the road! Your Orphaned brother - Kobi."


Source: blogs.myspace.com
Band profile: Orphaned Land
Posted: 05.05.2009 by Darkside Momo | Comments (27)

Voivod - Update From The Band

The band has issued an update regarding their upcoming live appearances.

"A lot has happened since the band's last live appearance. The band had taken time off to begin writing what would become the album Katorz. In April 2005 while the new album was in progress, guitarist Denis 'Piggy' D'Amour became ill before recording began and sadly died of colon cancer. It took awhile to recover from the sudden passing of Denis before Michel 'Away' Langevin, Denis 'Snake' Belanger and Jason 'Jasonic' Newsted could begin to assemble the songs from the demos and create Katorz.

Discussions of a tribute show and possible guitar players for it followed, yet it just did not seem right to perform without Denis, but time does help heal wounds and this summer Voivod feel it is time to perform the music Denis helped create once more.


Source: voivod.net
Band profile: Voivod
Posted: 27.05.2008 by Darkside Momo | Comments (1)