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12.01Stratovarius - Jörg Back, But Paris Show Cancelled
30.09Hellfest Open Air 2011 - First Confirmed Bands
27.05Metal Storm & Hellfest: Contest Up Until June 6th!
22.07Anthrax - Vocalist Out, John Bush To Join For England's Sonisphere
15.03Metal Storm Awards - Staff Picks For 2008
21.10The Old Dead Tree - Part Ways With Drummer
18.08Savage Circus - Parts Ways With Thomen Stauch
09.06Hellfest - Running Order Changes & Additional Events
16.05Hellfest - Winners Of The Metal Storm Contest Announced
14.05Shaman - New Lineup, New Song, New Website
21.03Gaia Epicus - Looking For Touring Musicians
19.03Royal Hunt - Part Ways With Singer John West
11.03Valhalla - First Two Albums Available For Download
04.02Gaia Epicus - Still Searching For A Bassist
19.12Apothys - Auditions For New Drummer Position

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Stratovarius - Jörg Back, But Paris Show Cancelled

January 11th, Stratovarius didn't perform in Paris as expected. They went on stage with promoter Oliver Garnier to announce that although this particular date was supposed to be a real party due to Jörg Michael being back in the band after his first therapy against cancer, Timo Kotipelto had been suffering from food poisoning since some time before Christmas. Although they tried everything that was possible, he was still unable to sing a single note, he said.

After the announcement, roadies cleared the stage that they had so carefully set for Stratovarius, allowing rumors that they had indeed hoped to perform until the very last minute.

Stratovarius is currently embarked in a European with German power metallers Helloween. It hasn't been stated when Stratovarius would be performing again, so it is to believe that they won't take the stage on Thursday January 12th in Lyon, France, as well.


Source: wrathchild, attending the concert
Band profile: Stratovarius
Posted: 12.01.2011 by wrathchild | Comments (10)

Hellfest Open Air 2011 - First Confirmed Bands

Hello everybody!

After a great edition in 2010, all the Hellfest team is back to business and working hard on our next festival. We would like to remind you that Hellfest 2011, which will be held on the 17th, 18th and 19th of June, will be the last on these grounds. In 2012, Hellfest will move to a new place... We will not say anything else today but you can expect some great surprises.

Now let's speak about 2011! The start of the festival isn't for tomorrow, but time flies and as always we want to be the first to announce some of the bands which will be playing next summer! Don't expect any headliner today... negotiations are long and complicated, you'll have to be patient but we know that you are real connoisseurs and passionate people and we're sure that you'll like this first list, with bands playing different kind of music!


Event: Hellfest Open Air 2011
Posted: 30.09.2010 by wrathchild | Comments (31)

Metal Storm & Hellfest: Contest Up Until June 6th!

Good news for all of you who've been trying hard to get the correct answers to the Hellfest 2010 Contest.

We're giving you one more week to dig the Hellfest website, so now you have until June 6th!
Still not enough? Well, ok here are a few hints that should help you:

1. When was the first band announced for the 2010 edition?
Hint: They play black metal

2. Which Hellfest 2010 band has never played live before?
Hint: Think French!

3. What type of beer is Hellfest's new 6.66% Hellbeer?
Hint: Seriously, search the Hellfest site again!

4. How many hectoliters of beer were consumed during the Hellfest 2009?
Hint: Hum, think... no, it's more!

To answer, fill the form here.


Event: Hellfest Open Air 2010
Posted: 27.05.2010 by wrathchild | Comments (2)

Anthrax - Vocalist Out, John Bush To Join For England's Sonisphere

As announced last week, thrash legends Anthrax regretfully cancelled the first three dates on the second leg of their European tour due to new vocalist Dan Nelson's unexpected illness. An additional seven European dates are also cancelled, those scheduled from July 22 to July 30. Anthrax is thrilled to announce that they will play the August 1 Sonisphere festival in Knebworth, England, with their good friend John Bush joining them for a very special one off performance.

The members of Anthrax have confirmed the departure of vocalist Dan Nelson. In light of this development, Anthrax's slot on the U.S. Slipknot dates set for August and September, has also been cancelled. Anthrax is already actively considering lead singer candidates, and look forward to hitting the road before the end of the year.

Band profile: Anthrax
Event: Sonisphere Festival
Posted: 22.07.2009 by wrathchild | Comments (36)

Metal Storm Awards - Staff Picks For 2008

With the Metal Storm Awards 2008, you, the metalhead, were given your say in which albums were the best of their respective genres in 2008.

We, the staff of Metal Storm, also had our own internal polling done to determine our selections for "best in show" of each genre. Just like you, we spent the month of February reviewing our final nominees for each category and voted for who we thought represented their respective genres best during the last calendar year.

As with some of the general MS awards (see Sludge, nearly a three way tie that was decided with, literally, Two Minutes to Midnight on the final day of voting), we had some close calls of our own to hash out. After much deliberation, much alcohol consumption, even more metal consumption, some heated words, a few fist fights, and one kick to the junk (sorry, Lucas, hope your "boys" are feeling better!), we've compiled our list of who we, as the staff, would hand out our awards to.


Posted: 15.03.2009 by wrathchild | Comments (62)

The Old Dead Tree - Part Ways With Drummer

As posted on the official website:

Foued Moukid has stepped down from his drums wielding duties after 3 years in The Old Dead Tree. Foued has decided to devote himself to his other band Arkan in "full-time" mode, and also to others personal private projects.
"We had been working in this band together for almost 3 years and we shared some unforgettable experiences together all over Europe. We will obviously remain friends and this "break up" has been on very good terms from both sides. We would like to thank our friend and wish him the best of luck with his future ventures!"
Please note that all gigs scheduled - except Portugal - are still confirmed! A session drummer - Raphaël Antheaume- will replace Foued until his successor has been found.


Band profile: The Old Dead Tree
Posted: 21.10.2007 by wrathchild | Comments (1)

Savage Circus - Parts Ways With Thomen Stauch

As posted on Savage Circus official website:

Umea/Hamburg the 17th of August 2007

Dear Friends,

After the recent events at the Rengsdorf Rock&Blues Festival and the Rock Am Schloss Festival the band sees no perspective any more to go on with our drummer Thomen Stauch. Therefore we immediately release him from all duties.

Even though we are aware of his personal situation we cannot ignore the fact anymore that he is still not able to carry out his duties for Savage Circus. Already in summer 2005 Thomes started to cancel most of his all planed out promotional activities. In 2006 he canceled the Japanese shows and wasn't part of any other activity for the whole year. We gave him this entire year to solve his situation because we deeply hoped that he would be able to recover and to get back into pace again. But instead in spring this year Thomen almost canceled the Circle II Circle tour. Now he canceled two festival shows with extremely short notice again…


Band profile: Savage Circus
Posted: 18.08.2007 by wrathchild | Comments (11)

Hellfest - Running Order Changes & Additional Events

There's been a change in the running order for Sunday: Animosity, originally scheduled to play on the Discover Stage, will play on the Main Stage from 3pm to 3:30pm. On the other hand, 1349 will switch to the Discover Stage from 8:15pm to 8:45pm after Orthodox (7:30pm to 8pm) and Klone (6:45pm to 7:15pm).

See the complete running order here (click the "Running Order" tab). The download files will be updated later...

New: along with this year's edition of Hellfest, free events related to the festival's "Hard Rock Metal" theme will take place in the city center of Clisson on Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th. See the detailed list as well as a map of Clisson in the "Infos Clisson" part of the website (only available in French at the moment).


Event: Hellfest Summer Open Air 2007
Posted: 09.06.2007 by wrathchild | Comments (27)

Hellfest - Winners Of The Metal Storm Contest Announced

The contest is over and we're proud to announce the winners of the two 3-day tickets to Hellfest!

Marjorie A. from France

Péter B. from Hungary

The correct answers to the 3 questions of the contest were as follows:
Q1 - Which famous band had to cancel its performance last year at Hellfest is coming back this year?
Answer: Korn

Q2 - Which famous guitar manufacturer gave its name to one of the three stages at Hellfest?
Answer: Gibson

Q3 - What is the name of the famous local wine produced in the valley of Clisson?
Answer: Muscadet

Thanks to all of the participants! And remember, whether you win or not, don't miss Hellfest, this year's edition simply rules!
Hellfest will take place on June 22/23/24 in France and will feature more than 70 bands, including Slayer, Megadeth, Children Of Bodom, Dream Theater, Cynic, Immortal, Emperor... and many more!


Event: Hellfest Summer Open Air 2007
Posted: 16.05.2007 by wrathchild | Comments (3)

Shaman - New Lineup, New Song, New Website

Drummer Ricardo Confessori has assembled a new SHAMAN lineup following the group's split last October. Joining Confessori in the new group are guitarist Leo Mancini, vocalist Thiago Bianchi and bassist Fernando Quesada. Check out a photo of the new group at A song from the revamped band, entitled "One Life", can be downloaded at this location*.

This website seems to be the homepage of the new Shaman. Note that it doesn't seem to be officially open, yet you'll find many information on the new band, and their new album entitled "Immortal." Why the band seems to be able to use the name "Shaman" and not "Shaaman" is still unknown.


Band profile: Shaman
Posted: 14.05.2007 by wrathchild | Comments (12)

Gaia Epicus - Looking For Touring Musicians

Posted on the official website on March 21st:

Gaia Epicus are ready to Rock the world! but there is one or should we say two problems with it. Number one: our guitar wizard Jokke doesn't feel like going all the way and cannot give 100% into the band. That's why we have decided to look for
a skilled guitarist who can act as a Live Stand-In player, and with time maybe become the next solo guitarist of Gaia Epicus. This is not something we want to happen but it seems to be the best for the band. Jokke is still a member of the band
until we find a better solution.
Problem number two: is that we are still seeking a new bass player, and have decided to use a Live Stand-in player also on the bass.


Band profile: Gaia Epicus
Posted: 21.03.2007 by wrathchild | Comments (1)

Royal Hunt - Part Ways With Singer John West

Posted on the official website on March 16th:

Royal Hunt and John West have decided that at this time (after numerous albums and concert tours) they are no longer able to contribute creatively to each other's future musical development. It's been a hell of a ride, but both parties feel like it is about time to move on and explore different musical paths - therefore, they mutually agreed to part ways as of March 16th, 2007.

"We're not ruling out possible future collaborations for a joint venture or a side project" - André and John state - "but it won't be under the RH moniker."

John had joined Royal Hunt in 1999 during the recording of the "Fear" album and he worked with the band until our latest release - live CD/DVD "Royal Hunt 2006." We'd like to express our gratitude to John for a great 8-year run and we wish him all the best in his future endeavors.

Band profile: Royal Hunt
Posted: 19.03.2007 by wrathchild | Comments (5)

Valhalla - First Two Albums Available For Download

The Spanish heavy/power metal band Valhalla have put their first two albums for free download on their website:

These albums are sold out and no re-releases are planned.

Valhalla, featuring Soultiude's mastermind Jevo, have announced they'd be playing cover songs in 2007 to celebrate the band's 10th anniversary. They launched a contest on their forum (in Spanish) so that everyone can make suggestions about which songs they should cover.


Band profile: Valhalla
Posted: 11.03.2007 by wrathchild | Comments (11)

Gaia Epicus - Still Searching For A Bassist

Norwegian power metallers Gaia Epicus are actively searching for a new bass player after Hans Åge Holmen left the band in October 2006.

We are still in search of an great bass player...

You are over 18 and interested in trying out?
Then contact us now!!!!

We would of course like someone who already lives in Norway, but we are also looking for people in other countries.
For a place in the band, he would have to move of course, and would also have to be very dedicated to play the music of Gaia.

Gaia Epicus have released their third album "Victory" on January 26th on the band's own label, Epicus Records.


Band profile: Gaia Epicus
Posted: 04.02.2007 by wrathchild | Comments (0)

Apothys - Auditions For New Drummer Position

Through an unfortunate turn of events recently, Apothys is faced with the task of replacing their drummer. Auditions will start very soon.

Apothys is an established, original metal band out of the Woodbridge, Virginia area, and they have been generating a lot of buzz in the Northern, Virginia/Washington, DC area. They released a demo this past year that has garnered some great reviews, and is being played on several underground stations across the country, and a few overseas.
Apothys has also opened for some national bands, including Venom, Dope, Evergrey and Nevermore. Their music has been described as heavy, brutal and driving, and they have been referred to as "Virginia's Metal Monsters". They are also well respected by many bands that they have shared the stage with who view Apothys as being a very "tight" live band.


Posted: 19.12.2006 by wrathchild | Comments (1)

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