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Chaos Moon - Announce New Album

Fallen Empire Records announced today that a new Chaos Moon album entitled Eschaton Mémoire will be released later this year. Fallen Empire will release it on LP and I, Voidhanger Records on CD. For now, check out the album art created by Jef Whitehead below.


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AtomA - Sign Deal With Napalm Records, Debut Album Details Revealed

AtomA, the Swedish post rock/metal band featuring ex-Slumber members has inked a deal with Napalm Records and will release their debut album Skylight on March 30th. The band announced it on their Facebook page: "We've inked a deal with Napalm Records, to leave earth behind and explore other worlds. Goodbye, planet earth."


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Empyrium - Empyrium Are Back

The German label Prophecy Production has issued the next statement on their official website :

"We are incredibly happy to announce that EMPYRIUM, the most renowned Prophecy act ever, has decided to reunite and to record new music! Here's the official statement of Schwadorf on the reunion: "Since the rumours start to spread we think it's about time to make this official: EMPYRIUM is alive again! Our first new sign of life will be the song 'The Days Before The Fall' on the Prophecy Prod. compilation 'Whom The Moon A Nightsong Sings' but we have plans for more! The spirit is back and it really feels right to us to start writing songs with EMPYRIUM again. We are not in a rush though so don't expect a full lenght today or tomorrow but we have the patience and faith to make this new songs outstanding and unique. Just as EMPYRIUM ever was...."

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Acid Witch - Update On New EP And Album

US Death Doom metallers Acid Witch are working on a new full-length and EP. Any time soon the band will upload a new song, called "To Magic, Sex and Gore" from the Midnight Mass EP which should be out within the next couple months. Keep an eye on the Acid Witch MySpace for this brand new track.

Both the EP and the full-length will be mastered by Tony Hamera of Detroit death/thrash legends Fatal.

The band commented as follows: "The EP is already mastered and it is by far our heaviest.

In other news, Acid Witch does have a new home... HELL! We will be doin this new EP, plus the 2nd full-length cd/lp with Hells Headbangers. So expect nothing but the very best from us and the label!

The last couple months we have been doing nothing but insane amounts of drugs, watching alot of horror movies, reading alot of old comics and doing more drugs... Our brains are fried and we are ready to write some heavy fucking music!"

More info on the full-length soon.


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Shape Of Despair - New Material On The Way

Great piece of news to kick off your weekend, Shape Of Despair have reportedly finished work on a 7" EP called Written In My Scars. The EP will be released by Solarfall Records - a sub-label of Aftermath Music - on a yet to be determinded date. Written in My Scars is said to feature two brand-new tracks.

More info as we get it, so stay tuned.


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Ataraxie - Recording Anniversary Album

French funeral doomsters Ataraxie are still working on their 10th anniversary album, entitled Project X. Though the album should see the light of day before the end of the year. This anniversary release will take the shape of a double album, featuring re-recordings of The Other Path, a bunch of previously unreleased tracks (written between 2002 and 2009) and live material.

If everything goes by plan, the record should be out somewhere this autumn.


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Bilocate - Sign With Kolony Records

A few weeks ago, Jordanian metal band Bilocate have inked a deal with the Italian label Kolony Records. The first step of the co-operation will be to reissue the band's second album, Sudden Death Syndrome, which was originally released on Daxar Music in 2008. The reissue is planned for mid-July release.

Sudden Death Syndrome was mixed and mastered at Fascination Street Studio in Sweden with producer Jens Bogren (Opeth, Katatonia, Bloodbath etc). Bogren previously stated about Bilocate: "Bilocate takes the qualities from the best epic death metal bands and blend it with their very own Middle Eastern touch, and out comes one of the most interesting metal bands I've heard for a long time. You can hear that they put effort and thought in to every note and every scream!" More Sudden Death Syndrome album details available here.

Bilocate has already confirmed appearances in Slovenian Metal Camp, Hungarian RockMaraton and Austrian Hell Over Vellach Fest.


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