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Carcass - Finally In Mexico

Finally! After so many rumors, after so many tours in other countries, after so many delays due to festivals and programming issues, Carcass will do one special gig in Mexico City.

September-16-2008 is a date that must be on every mexican calendar pinned with blood and guts, the masters of Goregrind, the pioneers of Melodeath and the true kings of extreme metal have announced a date in Mexico City, the gig will take place at "El Circo Volador", the flyer is not ready yet, but at least we have a date now.

We'll see you there mexican metalstormers!

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Event: Carcass
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Neuraxis - Officially Announce New Vocalist

Montreal based Neuraxis have announced that vocalist Alex Leblanc (Atheretic, Point Blank Rage) has joined as permanent member of the band.
The band comments: "After completing the European Domination tour, we knew Alex was the right man for the job. His vocals were rushing, and he displayed a very intense energy both onstage and offstage. We look forward to Alex contributing to the writing of our next album."

Neuraxis has confirmed they will be touring Canada in May with Martyr. The following dates have been confirmed:

Mar. 24 - L'Epiphanie, QC @ Epiphanie Metal Fest (w/ Martyr)
Apr. 06 - Quebec, QC @ L'Imperial (w/ Martyr)
Apr. 27 - Ottawa, QC @ Babylon (w/Ghoulunatics)

May 17 - Thunder Bay, ON @ The Office (w/ Martyr)
May 18 - Winnipeg, MB @ The Zoo (w/ Martyr)
May 22 - Calgary, AB @ The Underground (w/ Martyr)
May 23 - Edmonton, AB @ The Mead Hall (w/ Martyr)
May 24 - Prince George, BC @ The Moose Hall (w/ Martyr)
May 25 - Vancouver, BC @ Balmoral (w/ Martyr)
May 26 - Victoria, BC @ Sugar Club (w/ Martyr)

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Sodom - Cancels Mexican Full Metal Fest Appearance

Sodom, the headliner and most important band from the Full Metal Fest Vol. 1 cancelled their appearance due to unknown circumstances. The future of the event remains unknown.

The following information can be found at Blabbermouth:

"Commented the group's frontman Thomas Such (a.k.a. Tom Angelripper): "There is a problem. We can't fly. We are really pissed off, 'cause fans are waiting. the last five days we any reply from the promoter. He also cancelled three fights of our crew. So what happened? We don't want the fans to get disappointed! We also heard that the band AGENT STEEL got the same shit. We didn't get any infos about hotel address, backline etc. so we can't do a professional show the fans deserve!!!!! We are really sorry. We are disappointed, but we'll find another serious promoter help us over. The time is right after so many (17!!!) years.""

The organizer of the event hasn't talked to the press or the audience.

More info coming soon...


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Event: Full Metal Fest I
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Odious Mortem - New Album Ready

One of the most promising bands in 2005 will finally release their Willowtip Records debut "Cryptic Implosion" somewhere in April; their fans expectations are high enough already, stay tuned for what it'll surely be one of the best Death Metal albums of 2007.

As always, Metal Storm will offer a full review on this album for those who are requesting it already; wait for it on the reviews section a couple of months from now, it will be worthwhile believe me.

for now, you can pre-order the album directly from the official Willowtip Records Site and you can hear some samples there as well.


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Obscene Extreme Fest 2007 - Main Bands


Obscene Extreme 2007 - 5.-6.-7. July 2007 - CZECH republic

extreme bands

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Event: Obscene Extreme Festival
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Shores Of Sheol - New Demo Available For Download

The complete 2006 demo "Revelations" is available on the band's website - for free.


01. I Rise
02. King of the Olden Domain
03. Revelations

Feel free to check these three songs out and leave your comments!

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Free Downloadable Album In Memory Of Jesse Pintado

To honour the passing of the long-term recording artist Jesse Pintado, Earache Records is offering a free downloadable mp3 album. The album entitled 'In Memory Of Jesse Pintado' features some of Jesse's most well-known songs recorded during his time as guitarist for both Napalm Death and Terrorizer.

The sad news of Jesse's death in hospital in Holland on Sunday August 27th 2006 has shocked fans throughout the world, and this album serves as our small tribute to the outstanding music he created during his career.

Earache label manager Dan Tobin had the following to say about Jesse's sudden death:

'Jesse was one of the most genuine people I ever met, extremely friendly and easy-going. Its such a tragic waste. I'll remember him as part of what is my all time favourite Earache record, Terrorizer's 'World Downfall', which is simply a grindcore masterpiece, and for all his amazing work with Napalm Death that I was honoured to be a small part of. I don't think Jesse's passing has been recognised as the huge loss it is - the worlds of extreme music and grindcore/death metal have lost a true pioneer. We owe
him a massive debt and for that I'll always remember the guy fondly.'

The mp3 album can be downloaded here.
The full track listing is as follows:

01. Terrorizer - Ripped To Shreds
02. Napalm Death - The World Keeps Turning
03. Napalm Death - Throwaway
04. Terrorizer - Storm Of Stress
05. Napalm Death - Upwards And Uninterested
06. Napalm Death - I Abstain
07. Terrorizer - Corporation Pull-In
08. Napalm Death - Purist Realist
09. Napalm Death - Remain Nameless
10. Napalm Death - Inner Incineration


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Moonlight - Recently Joined MySpace

The Polish act "Moonlight" added a MySpace profile; people will now be able to easily get info on the band's progress, new albums, listen to their music and a lot of other great things.

check their profile HERE


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Squash Bowels - Festival Shows

SQUASH BOWELS will be playing two big festiwals in this vacation. First the OBSCENE EXTREME festival in Czech Republic with Sinister, Dismember, Dead Infection, Gut and many more. The second fest is UPPSALA BLODBAD IV in Uppsala near from Stockholm (Sweden) with Regurgitate, Anata, Jigsore Terror, General Surgery, Spawn Of Possession and more bands.

SQUASH BOWELS will be playing both festivals with their new session drummer Kris (PARRICIDE, DEIVOS, AZARATH).

Source: Press Info
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The Arson Project - Will Release An Album Via Lifestage Productions

LIFESTAGE PRODUCTIONS will be releasing a debut album of the swedish grind
tornado called "THE ARSON PROJECT" this year. This CD will be recorded in HERTZ STUDIO
(DEAD INFECTION, VADER, SQUASH BOWELS, DECAPITATED) in the end of October 2006. More info and reviews soon!!!

Source: Press Info
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Lifeforms Agency - Organizing Grind Tour The Pologne VI

Poland. Tour starts at 13.10.2006 and stop at 22.10.2006. There will be playing three bandsOn this tour: INGROWING (Grind Core from Czech Republic), THE ARSON
PROJECT (Grind Tornado from Sweden) and SCABIES (Ex - Psychoneurosis - Grind
Core from Poland). More information soon!!!

Source: Press Info
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Classic Monsters Of Earache Records - Winners!

The "Classic Monsters Of Earache Records" contest has been closed today 10th July 2006. The lucky winners are:

Our fellow Metalstormer; Daniel Kaplan aka "Bloodshed"

Rare Video Tape:
Ryan Levin from London (saw the contest and sent an e-mail)

All the winners have been already notified by e-mail.

All the best and others -- better luck next time.
Metal Storm Staff

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Deicide Complete 'Homage For Satan' Video Shoot

Satan's favourite sons Deicide spent 12 hours locked up in baking
Floridian conditions last weekend while they filmed the video for the
skin-flaying new track 'Homage For Satan'. In temperatures reaching
almost 100º Fahrenheit, the band ripped through the track again and
again with a level of energy and enthusiasm that would destroy many less
committed bands, drummer Steve Asheim in particular pulling of the
almost inhuman feat of playing for 12 hours straight in broiling
conditions without dropping a beat.

Never one to be outdone, Glen Benton then upped the stakes considerably
by donning the now legendary God deflecting armour, last seen at the
Roadrunner All Stars show, and performing the latter part of the video
shoot effectively wearing a second skin. Add to that some blistering
guitar work from Jack Owen and Ralph Santolla and the climactic scene of
the video where Glen is seen spewing forth bile and you just know that
this might just be one of the most intense videos of 2006. Directorial
duties on 'Homage For Satan' are handled by Detroit based crew Scrambled
Visual, who will be filming some additional Christ-baiting material back
in Detroit this weekend.

Expect 'Homage For Satan' to be hitting your TV screens later this
month, if you can't wait that long, head on over to iTunes where you can
currently download an exclusive early mix of 'Homage For Satan' as part
of 'The Stench Of Redemption 666 EP'. The album 'The Stench Of
Redemption' will be in stores August 21st (UK/ Europe) August 22nd (USA).


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Goregiastic Records Acquires Grind Syndrome Records!

Goregiastic Records is proud to announce the acquisition of one of the most promising yet sickest underground labels in the scene today: Grind Syndrome Records. This acquisition includes all the currently available Grind Syndrome releases as well as their entire distro inventory. We are very excited at the prospect of merging the two labels together and look forward to bringing you some of the sickest releases in the genre as well as one of the most dedicated & comprehensive distro services in the scene today!.

Grind Syndrome Records will work as a Goregiastic Records sub-label, promotion, distribution and general marketing for all Grind Syndrome releases will be provided by Goregiastic Records. Unlike the main label, Grind Syndrome will concentrate and specialize in releasing recordings of a "more underground" nature than Goregiastic's (well, if possible!). Grind Syndrome will also cover re-issues of extremely obscure, lost gems in the genre as well as rare and hard to find demo recordings of extreme underground bands.

As a result of this combination, tons and tons of new distro items will be gradually added to our Online Shop during the weekend so stay tuned for one of the biggest, most interesting distro updates in the scene lately!. If you're not on our Mailing List, be sure to join now to receive all our latest label news and distro updates directly in your email inbox!: Click Here To Join Now!!!


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Emeth - Show Update

Emeth will do the belgium "Reticulated" release show at the Gentse Beesten show july 15th 2006. A few weeks later Emeth will be gearing up for a devastating show in Tel Aviv Israel around 10 august 2006. Where we will share the stage with Whorecore & Aborted. After a short break we start playing again around autumn at several european fests & shows. With the possible highlight of playing a string of dates in Greece which shall finish at the Athens Death Fest!!

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