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15.05Coronatus - Both Singers Leave The Band
30.07Visions Of Atlantis - Part Ways With Female Singer, Replacement Announced
22.05Cryptic Wintermoon - Album Recordings Finished

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Coronatus - Both Singers Leave The Band

Both female singers have left German symphonic metal band Coronatus.

According to a statement of the band's website, co-singer Lisa Lasch has left the band already in January, while soprano singer Carmen Lorch is expecting her second child and for health reasons is not in a state to continue her position as singer for the band.

All upcoming concert dates have been cancelled.


Source: coronatus.de
Band profile: Coronatus
Posted: 15.05.2010 by albatros | Comments (4)

Visions Of Atlantis - Part Ways With Female Singer, Replacement Announced

Austrian metallers Visions Of Atlantis have issued the following update on their MySpace blog:

"It's right, Joanna Nieniewska was forced to leave the band a few weeks ago! The reason is a health-problem which should not be specified more detailed, but makes it impossible for her to complete a whole show on stage without risk. But because of the grown big friendship within the band during the last months the band is not willing her to leave totally and so we came to the point that at least Joanna has to be on the road with us when she can't sing with the band anymore and so in future she'll be on tour with us, helping us backstage and doing other important things to bring her support and energy into the band, although it's another way now!


Source: blogs.myspace.com
Band profile: Visions Of Atlantis
Posted: 30.07.2009 by albatros | Comments (3)

Cryptic Wintermoon - Album Recordings Finished

Cryptic Wintermoon have issued the following statement, already a couple of days ago:

"It's finally done. The recordings for our new album are finnished Outstanding are just mix and mastering.

After long discussions, we decided to release the record by ourselves, without Label. And so we need YOU to spread the news! The album will be released in September and can be ordered directly from us and chosen Mailorders which will be announced here when the record is out. With the release we do a live release party in Naila (near Hof/Germany) on September 26th together with some other great bands. Stay tuned for further news and the exact release date."

Source: blogs.myspace.com
Band profile: Cryptic Wintermoon
Posted: 22.05.2009 by albatros | Comments (5)