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Arsis - New Track Online

Arsis just posted a brand new song "Beyond Forlorn" from their upcoming album Starve for the Devil online. Click here for lyrics and song details.

Commented mainman James Malone: "I am of the belief that one can be most convincing when they write/create from personal experience. "Beyond Forlorn" is probably one of my favorite tracks from Starve for the Devil because it is so deeply personal for me. I really feel that I tried to put all of my being into this one track; enjoy."

Starve for the Devil cover art] tracklist:

01. Forced to Rock
02. A March for the Sick
03. From Soulless to Shattered (Art in Dying)
04. Beyond Forlorn Listen]
05. The Ten of Swords
06. Closer to Cold
07. Sick Perfection
08. Half Past Corpse O'Clock
09. Escape Artist
10. Sable Rising
11. A Pound of Flesh (For the Hell of It)


Band profile: Arsis
Posted: 04.12.2009 by krokmortem | Comments (0)

Persefone - Album Details Revealed

Persefone have revealed the cover artwork of their upcoming album "Shin-Ken".

"Shin-Ken" will feature the following tracklist:

01. The Ground Book (Intro)
02. Fall To Rise
03. Death Before Dishonour
04. The Water Book
05. The Endless Path
06. The Wind Book
07. Purity
08. Rage Stained Blade
09. The Fire Book
10. Kusanagi
11. Shin-ken Part I
12. Shin-ken Part II
13. The Void Book
14. Japanese Poem
15. The Sword Of The Warrior

"Shin-ken" has been released in Japan on 22nd July.


Band profile: Persefone
Posted: 24.06.2009 by krokmortem | Comments (7)