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06.02Nevid - New Album Details And Trailer Online
12.02Nevid - Recording New Song For Tribute Album
30.11Kramola - New Album Out
01.07Nevid - New Guitarist Announced
02.05Nevid - Line Up Additions

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Nevid - New Album Details And Trailer Online

Russian metallers Nevid released their new album Amber Heart Of Arktida

Album's tracklist:

01. Slepaya tundra
02. Hohot mertvogo shamana
03. Aghora
04. Tanets s sablyami
05. Tsepkim sledom
06. Pepel nashih yantarnyh serdets
07. Plamennogo atamana udel
08. DarYa
09. Dar'ya
10. Okayanniy put poperek vzglyadov
11. Petlya
12. Umora
13. Porog lihoy sudby
14. Yantarnie serdtsa
15. Yantarnoye serdtse Arktidy
16. Slava pobed naveka
17. Soldatami ne rozhdayutsya

A trailer for Amber Heart Of Arktida, the new album from Russian metallers Nevid, can be viewed at this location.



Source: nevid.ru
Band profile: Nevid
Posted: 06.02.2010 by Alex Smirnov | Comments (0)

Nevid - Recording New Song For Tribute Album

Russin pagan/folk band Nevid are glad to inform you all, that yesterday, on February 11th 2009, the band has begun the recording of a song for Forgive-Me-Not Tribute album. The band has chosen for the song "Neverland", coming off Forgive-Me-Not's 1998 debut album "Tearfall". You can download the original song here (mp3).
Drums were recorded yesterday evening at the band's home studio in Moscow. The tribute album will be released through Soyuz Records. A release date is not certain yet.

Forgive-Me-Not were a Russian Gothic metal band that disbanded in September 2007, releasing six full-length albums and playing several live shows supporting Doro, To/Die/For, Lake Of Tears and Charon.


Source: myspace.com
Band profile: Nevid
Posted: 12.02.2009 by Alex Smirnov | Comments (0)

Kramola - New Album Out

Russian label Irond records presents the new Kramola album "Krov Svobody". Kramola is the latest side project with members of Moscow metal band Nevid.
The album was recorded by some original Nevid members: Lesiar, Arsafes, Olga Lantseva, Olga Mashkina, and other musicians like Wolfenhirt, Harry, Alex Kozlovsky, Alex Bolshov. Also live on stage other Nevid members Alex Smirnov and Glen will be performing for Kramola.


01. Kanun
02. Kramola
03. Bedny Mesyats
04. Zabludilas Vnov Dusha
05. Moye Pole
06. Smert' Lubit Tolko Voynu!
07. Pogorelets
08. Veter
09. Tihim Ehom Ptichih Stay...
10. Zveri, Ptitsy - brat'ya Moi Odnokrovnye
11. Step'
12. Moya radost'-Gore!


Source: nevid.ru
Band profile: Nevid
Posted: 30.11.2008 by Alex Smirnov | Comments (0)

Nevid - New Guitarist Announced

Russian Pagan Folk metal band Nevid have added a new guitarist to the fold. The new member is called Arsafes and according to Nevid's drummer Alex Smirnov, the band is very glad with his addition to the band. The band also announced they're busy writing new songs. More info (in Russian) here.


Source: myspace.com
Band profile: Nevid
Posted: 01.07.2008 by Alex Smirnov | Comments (0)

Nevid - Line Up Additions

Russian metal band Nevid are introducing their new members, namely the charming female vocalists Olga (Helga) Lantseva and Olga (Skandinavien) Mashkina:

"About Olga Lantseva: she appears as the main female vocalist in the band. About herself: "Ambitious, mean and VERY (addition of the band) kind!" A real treasure for the group. All about wonderful vocals, perfect singing technique. During her musical career, she worked with the bands "Tears Are Pathetic" and simultaneously with the guys from "Los Aybolitos". Before coming to the Nevid, she was singing in the "Galatheia" band. She graduated from Regional Musical College of Rachmaninoff (Kaliningrad, 1999-2003), the specialty of the director of a choir, folk music. Her passion is everything that sounds beautiful and also billiards, paintball, Darts and fantasy genre.


Source: nevid.ru
Band profile: Nevid
Posted: 02.05.2008 by Alex Smirnov | Comments (1)