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27.01Cowards - Release New Video
19.01Hexis - New Split With This Gift Is A Curse Streaming Online
12.11Nasum - To Reissue All Four Albums On Vinyl In 2015
07.09Glorior Belli - Bestial Domination Tour Cancelled

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Cowards - Release New Video

As the release date for Cowards' second full-length, Rise To Infamy, is getting closer and closer, the five Parisians treat us with the premiere of a video for the song "Bend The Knee". Rise To Infamy will be released via Throatruiner Records on the 9th of February, and pre-order bundles are already available at this location. You can always stream the full album on Bandcamp or even download the whole opus for free and legally at this location, courtesy of the very generous Throatruiner label. Who's excited?!


Source: facebook.com
Band profile: Cowards
Posted: 27.01.2015 by Ilham | Comments (0)

Hexis - New Split With This Gift Is A Curse Streaming Online

Blackened hardcore metallers Hexis and friends This Gift Is A Curse are releasing a new split on six record labels, namely: Protagonist Music (USA), King Of The Monsters (USA), Monotonstudio Records (Germany), Farsot (Sweden), Grains Of Sand (Russia) and Shove Records (Italy). The release date for the physical copies hasn't been unveiled yet, but the record is available for pre-order, at this location. To celebrate, the two bands offered us a free stream of the entire release on CVLT Nation via Soundcloud. Alternatively, you can listen to it here. What do you think of the two new songs?


Source: cvltnation.com
Band profile: Hexis
Posted: 19.01.2015 by Ilham | Comments (0)

Nasum - To Reissue All Four Albums On Vinyl In 2015

Nasum have officially announced via their website and Facebook page that all of their four full-length albums will be reissued on vinyl by Relapse Records early next year. The release date is set for January 27th, 2015 and the pre-order is available now here.


Source: nasum.com
Band profile: Nasum
Posted: 12.11.2014 by Ilham | Comments (2)

Glorior Belli - Bestial Domination Tour Cancelled

Due to Infestvvs' serious health problems, the French Black Metal band had to cancel all the dates of their European tour with Impiety and Spearhead. Infestvvs, vocalist and leader of the band posted the following statement on the official myspace blog:

"The day before the gig in Arnhem I got seriously sick and had to go to the hospital in emergency. They discovered that something was wrong with my heart, the left part is deficient and it causes a lot of troubles (lungs, blood pressure...) and a risk of heart attack in the end. Therefore I am forced to take some rest and avoid efforts & stress for a while... 2 different opinions but the same diagnostic.

The decision wasn't easy as you can imagine, giving up on such a great opportunity and people who relied on GB, but there would be no point playing in those circumstances".

Source: myspace.com
Band profile: Glorior Belli
Posted: 07.09.2008 by Panzer. | Comments (4)