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A Forest Of Stars - New Album Out By May

The band that surprised everyone with their majestic debut album The Corpse Of Rebirth is back again. A Forest of Stars have been busy conjuring up the next Beast; entitled Opportunistic Thieves of Spring cover art glimpse], due for release in May. A few kind words from the likes of Mr. T.S. Kettleburner:

"Mark thy words: this album will send listeners to the world that lieth beyond. The exact release dates for North America and Europe will be announced shortly, but the tentative release is set for May. Opportunistic Thieves of Spring was recorded once again at Silent City Studios with master Rob Hobson behind the controls. For this recording, new member John Bishop took care of the drums."


Band profile: A Forest Of Stars
Posted: 30.03.2010 by TheBigRossowski | Comments (9)

Gorath - New Album Revealed

December 26, 2008:

Not even one year has elapsed since Gorath's triumphant "Misotheism" and the band brings to light the upcoming release. The fourth album will be entitled "MXCII" and will contain seven deadly revelations. At this time they have not stated a release date and it is undecided which label shall host the upcoming release. After receiving such great reviews for "Misotheism" the band is sure to deliver its next masterpiece.

Band profile: Gorath
Posted: 25.12.2008 by CDR | Comments (8)

Secrets Of The Moon - New Album And Tracklist Revealed

At last, Secrets of the Moon have revealed the name and tracklist of their fourth studio album! The album will be entitled 'PRIVILEGIVM'.

The band is stated to enter the studio in early 2009. These are a few of the listed track names, but no specifics yet:

Black Halo
A Million Suns
For They Know Not
Queen Among Rats
I Maldoror

The last statement from the blog at myspace: 'Major updates, samples, lyrics aswell as impressions on the evolvement of the record can be found on a special website that will be revealed next week.'

In other news, the band announced the following: "We are proud to annonce that K.S.A. has joined Secrets Of The Moon as a permanent member. His skills and his exigent nature just feel right for the band and he already contributed some extremely good ideas to what will become the new album."

Band profile: Secrets Of The Moon
Posted: 14.10.2008 by CDR | Comments (2)

Antaeus - New Track Finished

The latest work since "Blood Libels" was recently spawned from the vicious Antaeus! The track "Misery To The Defeated" was sent to the label for the split with the German black metal band, Katharsis.

MkM stated: "..we had to fix numerous details, but the final mix of "Misery To The Defeated" revealed itself to be worth the wait.." and apparently it will show the audience a different side of Antaeus. This track shall remain exclusive to the split with Katharsis.


Band profile: Antaeus
Posted: 14.10.2008 by CDR | Comments (3)