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Nightrage - Drummer Leaves, Band Seeks New Guitarist & Drummer

The band have posted on their webiste that they are looking for a new Guitar player as well as a Drummer. This Implies that they have parted ways with their former drummer - Fotis Benardo. Marios' post, taken from the website:

"Nightrage is officially looking for a drummer and a lead/rhythm guitarist that they would be able to play the NR songs in no time and they will manage to rehearse very often with the band. We want guys that they are dedicated musicians and focus to be in the band for real. We want musicians from Sweden so that makes things easier for everybody.

I hope you guys understand that we don´t have any problems with drummers and guitarists from abroad it´s just that we want to be a rehearsing band again. If you think that you have what it takes send a presentation, photo and a taste mp3/video of your drum/guitar playing at:"

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Insomnium - New Video Online / New Album Release Dates

The band have posted the following links to their new video for "Mortal Share" of the upcoming album "Above the Weeping World" on the following websites:

The album is their 3rd full length studio offering and is scheduled to hit stores in Europe on 18.9.2006. The US release date is a month later on 17.10.2006.


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Insomnium - 3rd Studio Album To Be Relesed 9th Of October

The following was posted on the band's official website

3rd Insomnium album finally mixed!

We finally finished the mixing of forthcoming Insomnium album today! This time we really feel that we succeeded in the studio and the songs sound just amazing to our ears. Album will be mastered in the famous Finnvox studios in the beginning of the June and released later in the fall (9th of October) by Candlelight Records. We will also shoot new video from the song "Mortal Share" on next Tuesday. Stay tuned for more updates. Here's the complete tracklist:

Insomnium - Above the Weeping World

1. The Gale
2. Mortal Share
3. Drawn to Black
4. Change of Heart
5. At the Gates of Sleep
6. The Killjoy
7. Last Statement
8. Devoid of Caring
9. In the Groves of Death"

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