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Morgion - Split up

One of the most well liked doom/death bands, Morgion, has decided to part ways for new projects. While this is indeed sad news for many fans of modern doom metal, we wish them success in their new projects.

The bands biography can be found at their official website:

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Candlemass - The kings of doom are back!!

The kings of doom are back!!
Just when you thought it was over the corpse lives again and is resurrected
healthier, better and gloomier than ever.
Messiah, Leif, Jan, Lars and Mappe. The classic line-up refuse to die!!

We understand this is very confusing for you, since the band disbanded just 6 months ago. But hey - why bother about stupid details when you will have a brand new Candlemass album in your hand before next summer. The boys will enter the famous Stockholm Polar Studios nov 26, mix in january and bless us with an album in may sometime. Perfect for Candlemass 20 year anniversary!

According to what Leif said before, the band couldn't agree on how to proceed after the reunion, so they decided it was best to put the beast of doom to sleep. It is always the best thing when five people want the same thing. And indeed, it looks like they've overcome the individual problems for a united effort to do something great.

Leif: - I had a bunch of pretty cool songs, talked to Mappe quite a lot during the summer and we both agreed it would be stupid not to do anything with it. At Mappes wedding in august we all went up on a small stage and performed Samarithan and Solitude with pink guitars plus a really shitty sound. We were all absolutely drunk and we had suits and everything on us, but it was great fun!! I think it was that occasion that made us reconsider.
Shortly after I started to roughly demo some new tracks. I think I like did five tracks in a couple of weeks with a friend helping out.
Then we had a meeting and decided to resurrect Candlemass, book the studio, and send out a three song demo to the record companies a.s.a.p.
So we recorded "Black Dwarf" and "Spellbreaker" and put "Witches" from the previous demo on it and I think the demo is on the way to the labels right now actually.
Yes, we have two weeks in Polar booked without a deal, ha-ha!! But I'm not worried. I'm sure some smart label guy realize that a new Candlemass album can outsell most of the usual crap that is released today.
We are a unique band with a unique sound and next summer will belong to Candlemass!!

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Diabolical Masquerade disbanded

Yes it's true. After the release of 4 full length albums, despite the starting process of recording their 5th full length album, it will never be finished and Diabolical Masquerade is now over.

No more horror, no more fear.

For more information please visit

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Forgotten Tomb - News update

Here are some news from Herr Morbid :

"UPDATE OF SEPTEMBER, THE 7th: Just popped up around some website a rumour about
a delay in the release of "Love's Burial Ground" album, due to a misprinting in
the cover. That's NOT true, the album is already available since a few days and
you can order it from Adipocere Rec.! If you can't find it yet in your
metal-shop, it will be there before the end of September I guess, 'cause as I
already said it has been just released since a few days. Cheers-"

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Despond - Band Updates

The French doom-metal band Despond has made some new changes, they have once again changed to a one-man band and also signed with Century Media America. The following is taken from their official website :

*DESPOND has become a one-man band once again. Thanks to JuanJo, Fred, Jo and Viriyah for their help during the 2002-2003 period... Good luck to all with your own bands.

*DESPOND has signed with Century Media America for an exclusive distribution in US, Canada, Mexico and South America.

Source :
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Candlemass - Split-up

I am just about to write one of the most heartbreaking news for all Candlemass and doom-metal fans. Yes it´s true, Candlemass have decided to disband and this came just as a shock for everybody. The following part is taken from their official website :


We are truly sorry to inform you that Candlemass have disbanded!
This is sad news for us and everybody else that love this fantastic band.
There will be no more gigs, no new album, no more doom!
This is it...!!!

Despite the tremendous success of the reunion, everything hasn't been perfect.
Tiny cracks in the façade could be seen during the first round in the summer of 2002 because members of the band do not share the same vision of C-mass, the gigs, an eventual new album, democracy etc, and last year it became clear that the indifferences were too large to overcome.
A demo was recorded but the internal problems overshadowed the fun of playing. The gig at Klubben (Stockholm) nov. 29 came to be the last and final for Candlemass.

The band have tried to save the situation. There have been meetings and discussions, but unfortunately it hasn't been possible for the five members to agree on how Candlemass could work in the future. The members would have loved to continue but the chemistry is just not there anymore.
The magic is gone.........................

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Amon Amarth - Entitled their new album

The Swedish viking inspired death metal band, Amon Amarth, have now entitled their new full-lenght album, which is planned to be released late this year in a contract with Metal Blade. The title will be "Fate of Norns", referring to the three Norns or Godesses of fate : Urd, Skuld and Verdandi.
Some of the song titles that they have revealed in their site are :

· An Ancient Sign of Coming Storm
· The Fate of Norns
· Arson
· Sealed in blood
· The Valkyries Ride

They will be entering the Berno Studio in Malmö next monday to start the recording.

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Vader - Back in studio

Polish death metallers Vader, are now back in their studio Radio Gdansk to start the recording of their next full lenght album entitled "The Beast" . The recording of this album is expected to take 1 month. And also, the limited edition of "The Beast" will feature bonus DVD with special studio report, two brand new videoclips, an interview with Peter,and other bonus stuff.

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