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19.05Dimmu Borgir - Allied With Terminal Press To Release Comic
15.11Pelican - New Video Up
11.11Entwine - New Album And Shows
18.07Metallica - Entire New Album Available For Guitar Hero
14.02Kamelot - To Reissue Ghost Opera With Bonus Features
18.01Mnemic - Nominated For Danish Music Awards
10.01Entwine - New Album In The Works

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Dimmu Borgir - Allied With Terminal Press To Release Comic

Dimmu Borgir posted the following announcement on their Facebook page:


Terminal Press and Nuclear Blast Records have teamed up for one of the most brutal comics of the year with "Dimmu Borgir: Dark Fortress." This is the first in a series of books influenced by the lyrical, artistic and musical concepts from Nuclear Blast's polarizing roster of bands translated into the comic medium by the creative teams at Terminal Press.

Three reluctant men are chosen to quest to the Dark Fortress in a desperate attempt to protect their land from a growing evil. Despite a legend warning that the harsh land built upon lava fields is actually the gateway to Hell, they make their way across the treacherous path, encountering horrors, madness and death along the way. The three men will either survive the journey and learn the secret behind the legend of the Dark Fortress, or meet a most gruesome demise.


Source: facebook.com
Band profile: Dimmu Borgir
Posted: 19.05.2009 by +{Jonas-BS}+ | Comments (40)

Pelican - New Video Up

Instrumental metal band Pelican have premiered their new video on MTV Headbanger's Blog today (November 15). The band said in a bulletin posted on their MySpace:

"The "Lost In The Headlights" video is now up for your viewing pleasure on the MTV Headbangers Blog. The on-air premiere is Saturday 11/15 on MTV2's Headbangers Ball. It will air between 2am-3am EST and 11pm-12am PST. If you do the DirectTV thing, it airs live from the East Coast feed. We are fairly certain it is the first video to air that night, so tune in early!"

The video can be seen at this location or on YouTube here.

"Lost In The Headlights", which was directed by Kenneth Thomas will be the second and final video from the "City Of Echoes" album, released last year. Pelican guitarist Laurent Schroeder-Lebec commented the following about the video shoot:


Source: blogs.myspace.com
Band profile: Pelican
Posted: 15.11.2008 by +{Jonas}+ | Comments (5)

Entwine - New Album And Shows

From MySpace:

"The new album is recorded, the artwork is ready, the promo copies are being pressed right now... and Entwine will back on the road to promote it in January 2009.
First of next year's shows are now released, starting in Finland:

17.01.2009 FINLANDIA-KLUBI, Lahti
29.01.2009 SPINEFEAST
13.02.2009 HENRYS PUB, Kuopio
14.02.2009 KARJALATALON KELLARI, Joensuu
20.02.2009 PANAMA JACK, Kerava
27.02.2009 LUTAKKO, Jyväskylä
28.02.2009 VILLIMIES, Kankaanpää
06.03.2009 HOUSE OF ROCK, Kouvola
24.04.2009 HOTELLI IISOPPI, Nokia

More details about shows and the album to follow soon..."

Source: blogs.myspace.com
Band profile: Entwine
Posted: 11.11.2008 by +{Jonas}+ | Comments (7)

Metallica - Entire New Album Available For Guitar Hero

From the band's MySpace blog:

"Death Magnetic," the entire album will be available for Guitar Hero too!

It's a first in both music and gaming - the same day that "Death Magnetic" hits the streets, you'll be able to download every song from the album for "Guitar Hero III!" We are so psyched that we'll be the first out of the gate with this simultaneous release... who knows, maybe a few years from now this will be the norm when your favorite band's new record comes out.

And for those of you who are anxiously awaiting the next Guitar Hero, "World Tour," we're ready for that too - you will be able to experience "Death Magnetic" for drums, vocals, and guitar when that game emerges this Fall."


Source: myspace.com
Band profile: Metallica
Posted: 18.07.2008 by +{Jonas}+ | Comments (51)

Kamelot - To Reissue Ghost Opera With Bonus Features

Says in the band in their MySpace bullettin:

"Kamelot will reissue its classic "Ghost Opera" album on March 28 (Germany), March 31 (rest of Europe) and April 8 (USA/Canada) under the title of Ghost Opera - The Second Coming, enhanced with lots of interesting features. The album will be released as a double CD limited edition slipcase design. This sophisticated and comprehensive package includes the CD featuring all the songs from the regular album, plus ten additional live tracks recorded live in Belgrade, Serbia during the band's 2007 World Tour, plus the bonus tracks Season's End, The Pendulous Fall, Epilogue and the remix of Rule the World. Additionally the two videos for The Human Stain and Memento Mori (live) and on top of that, the package features new artwork and a comprehensive booklet."


Source: bulletins.myspace.com
Band profile: Kamelot
Posted: 14.02.2008 by +{Jonas}+ | Comments (12)

Mnemic - Nominated For Danish Music Awards

Danish metallers Mnemic has been nominated in the "Hard Rock" category at the annual Danish Music Awards (the Danish equivalent to the Grammy Awards). The 40th Danish Music Award show will be held Saturday, February 23 at Tivoli in Copenhagen, Denmark and will be broadcast live on Myspace TV.

The nominees in the "Hard Rock" category are as follows:

Mnemic - Passenger (Nuclear Blast)
The Psyke Project - Apnea (Bonnier)
Hatesphere- Serpent Smiles And Killer Eyes (SPV Records)


Source: dma08.dk
Band profile: Mnemic
Posted: 18.01.2008 by +{Jonas}+ | Comments (4)

Entwine - New Album In The Works

Finnish metallers Entine have published the following update on their MySpace blog:

"During the end of year 2007 and at the beginning of '08 Entwine has been spending some time in rehearsal room gathering new ideas for the new album. Already there are about eight new songs or at least the basic structures of them. The plan is to hit the studio some time in the spring. The studios and the producer are yet unknown, but the album should be out later this year! Check back for further details…

Due to the writing and recording of the new album, unfortunately, there will be no time for live shows. There might be some exceptions though, in case we need some time off from writing."

Source: myspace.com
Band profile: Entwine
Posted: 10.01.2008 by +{Jonas}+ | Comments (7)