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Silent Scythe - Disbands

The following message has been posted by Tommi (Guitars) on Silent Scythe's official website:

"SILENT SCYTHE IS NO MORE! Silent Scythe has been disbanded due to commitment-issues. Unfortunately this means that "Born Into Bondage" won't see the light of day. I wish to thank the fans who actually believed in this crazy circus, contrary to some bandmembers. It feels strange to write this when we were just voted best new band of 2004 in brazilian metalmagazines. But, hey, I've certainly learned not to put this much trust in someone elses hands again. Before I forget: We would like to thank the people who came to our last gig may 20th, YOU GUYS KICKED ASS!!! So this is Tommi, Fredrik, Oge, Peter & Johan signing off!

"I travel within
Let the longest journey begin
Dissect what I feel
Till there´s nothing more to conceal

Stare into the cold abyss
It stares back into you
The shackels of denying bliss
Repress the haunting truth

Dreams come true but only for a few
You are free to do as they tell you
You are free to be: Born Into Bondage"

Cheers! C'ya under the table


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Zyklon - Working On New Album

The band is currently hard at work on the new album, tentatively titled "Disintegrate," and will record as soon as the band feels that the material is ready & perfect. Confirmed titles are: "Disintegrate", "Vile Ritual", "In Hindsight", "Subversive Faith", "Vulture" and "Wrenched".

The new material is said to follow more or less in the same footsteps as the critically acclaimed "Aeon", only more aggressive and intense.

Candlelight Records has announced that Zyklon will play at the Rockwave Festival in Athens, Greece in July with no other than Slayer, Twisted Sister, Accept, Dio, Anthrax, Dismember and more! Check complete line up at:

The "Core Solution" video is now available for download at this location: . It's currently on rotation on Svisj Metal (Norwegian national TV) and will be broadcasted on ZTV (Scandinavia) and UK station Detonator TV soon as well.

Zyklon was also recently featured on "Choosing Death - The Original Soundtrack" CD that accompanied the book by the same name. It's the "Improbable History of Death Metal and Grindcore." The book is out through Feral House and the CD through Relapse Records.

The "Psyklon Aeon" video is now available on the Monsters of Death DVD compilation available through Nuclear Blast. The band is still working on a full DVD release. To be released fall 2005.

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Impaled Nazarene to release live album in May

Finally folks. Impaled Nazarene celebrates 15 years of chaos and drunken mayhem this year. To celebrate this achievement, we proudly present DEATH COMES IN 26 CAREFULLY SELECTED PIECES, our first official live album.

Recorded last December at Tavastia club in Helsinki, Finland, DCI26CSP features 26 songs from the bands catalogue, including songs from their 7" ep´s.

Album was mixed (at Sonic Pump studio) by band´s own soundman, Tapio Pennanen. Mika Jussila mastered the album at Finnvox studio.


1. Intro
2. The Horny And The Horned
3. Armageddon Death Squad
4. Goat Perversion
5. 1999: Karmageddon Warriors
6. Motorpenis
7. Kohta Ei Naura Enää Jeesuskaan
8. The Endless War
9. Sadhu Satana
10. Ghettoblaster
11. Coraxo
12. Soul Rape
13. Sadistic 666/Under A Golden Shower
14. Zero Tolerance
15. The Maggot Crusher
16. Let´s Fucking Die
17. Tribulation Hell
18. We´re Satan´s Generation
19. Cogito Ergo Sum
20. Goat Seeds Of Doom
21. Condemned To Hell
22. Intro S.F.P.
23. Sadogoat
24. Vitutuksen Multihuipennus
25. The Lost Art Of Goat Sacrificing
26. Total War - Winter War

Total playing time 68:04!!!!

DEATH COMES IN 26 CAREFULLY SELECTED PIECES shall be out by OSMOSE PRODUCTIONS, tentative street date is set for late May 2005.

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Sepultura to finish writing new album

SEPULTURA guys are taking a rest with their families right now, but next week they'll get back to São Paulo and back in the studio to finish writing the new album, which they plan to release in 2005.

A lot of plans for the band this year. New album coming out, a live DVD to be recorded in March and some shows arround the globe to keep the energy flowing. For now they have shows scheduled in Argentina, Brazil and Dubai (Arab Emirates - Middle East).

Keep checking for more news!

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The Black Dahlia Murder - New album info

We now are in the midst of our seventh song for the next record, "Miasma". This thing keeps getting bigger and better as we go. We're getting excited to record this beast.

The information I have reported below about the release of our "A Cold Blooded Epitaph" has been rendered a falsehood. We aren't exactly sure when this will be seeing the light of day, but you can expect that it will be with the next while. Guy at Blackmarket has his hands full at the second with The Red Chord's new full length (which I would rather have, personally), and we are deciding on a few last minute tweakings to the ep, to assure that that beautiful Blackmarket quality is shining through in every respect. Guy and I will be conspiring as soon as TRC has finished recording; so expect an ACTUAL release date (!) soon. Thank you guys for being so patient with this thing, and please try to refrain buying any $90 versions of the old ugly one from E-Bay. That would be just a crime. We'll post the new artwork up here in a few so you can at least check it out if you are interested.

Over and out.

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Lamb Of God - Banned from performing in LA

LAMB OF GOD has been BANNED from performing at the Forum in Los Angeles. The band is being forced to step aside from one of their arena concerts on the upcoming Subliminal Verses Tour with Slipknot.

The venue, The Forum in Los Angeles, is owned by The Faithful Central Bible Church who decided to impose a ruling to BAN LAMB OF GOD from performing at their venue.

LAMB OF GOD have come off of several extremely successful headlining runs through L.A. in the last year, so this move comes completely unexpected for the band and the tour as a whole. Los Angeles is, and has always been, a huge market for the band, building steadily with each one of their releases and tours and exploding with the bands current release Ashes of the Wake.

In deciding to BAN the band, The Faithful Central Bible Church are restricting freedom of speech, choice and assembly, and our art and ability to conduct commerce.

In response, drummer Chris Adler points out the following:
"The "situation" in LA can only be described as ridiculous. It has already been a huge waste of energy trying to turn this around. The powers that be are not interested budging - or doing their research apparently - and we have never been a band to placate anyone to get our way, smooth things over or make anyone feel better. They have made it clear that they do not want us because of our name, our show and our crowd - because of that ignorance, LAMB OF GOD is not being permitted to appear on the Subliminal Verses Concert in LA. It is truly a shame for the show overall, especially for our friends and fans in LA that are being forced to miss our part of the show. Trust that this was not our decision, we would love to kick some ass in LA, but apparently the word from the powers that be is that LAMB OF GOD is not the wholesome family fun that the good people of Los Angeles deserve."

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Cryptopsy - Guitarist Jon Levasseur leaves

Greetings all Cryptopsy fans!

Jon Levasseur here writing to officially announce my departure from Cryptopsy. It is something I strangely felt coming on since a year prior to my departure (August 2004) as my inspiration for such extreme music was growing thin. After 10 years in the band, I now wish to step back, lay low and explore other things in music. Who knows, maybe one day this new chapter in my life could turn out into something interesting!

That being said, I want to say that I'm very proud of what Cryptopsy has accomplished as a band and I consider myself extremely fortunate to have broken through boundaries with some of the best musicians in the business. So to Flo Mounier, Eric Langlois, Lord Worm and Alex Auburn, it's been a great ride guys, full of memories. Thanx for everything and for putting up with me!!! I also wish to extend thanx to the ex-members club: Steve Thibault, Mike DiSalvo, Miguel Roy, Martin Lacroix, Martin Fergusson, Dave Galea and to the 6th member for the past 6 years, Maurice Richard and all other people who have been involved in the band's success!

Finally, I want to thank every Cryptopsy fan on the planet. Because of your undying support, the band is able to bring its music around the globe and it made me live so many great things and experiences. I got to play for fans in many places in the world, some places even beyond my own expectations. Hail to you all, thank you and do look forward to the next Cryptopsy album!

Long life to Cryptopsy!

Jon Levasseur

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New metal label: Sonic Age Records

A Greek heavy metal record label is born, Sonic Age Records. The label is formed by the people behind the label Cult Metal Classics.

Created in 2001, Cult Metal Classics was launched "mostly as a reissue label, trying to bring back to light some forgotten diamonds of heavy metal music," according to a press release. "The name of the label was related to re-releases, so due to the fact that we wanted to host some new bands too, a decision was made to start a label whose name and profile matched much better with a label that will be dedicated to new releases! The decision was made mainly after the big success of the JACK STARR'S GUARDIANS OF THE FLAME 'Under a Savage Sky' and also Greece's premier power metal band BLOODSTAINED 'Greetings from Hell' releases."

"We have already negotiated deals with great bands like Overlorde (U.S.A.), Valkija (Italy), Bloodstained (Greece), Made Of Iron (Germany), Euroforce (Greece / Germany) and more. Expect a new wave of fantastic releases that will be available pretty soon!"

Cult Metal Classics will continue to exist as a branch of Sonic Age Records and will focus on limited re-issues on vinyl and CD.
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Metallica starting to think about next album

Metallica frontman James Hetfield has told Launch Radio Networks that they are starting to think about their next project. According to Hetfield, the group has been preparing for each concert in their backstage "jam room," and have started coming up with ideas for new songs. "I'm really excited to do the next record," he said. "I'm also really excited to take some time off and just not have anything on a schedule. Creatively I think things are working really good. We're feeling really good. We're in the jam room coming up with stuff. Creatively, stuff's flowing. It feels so free and open."

Hetfield said he expects Metallica to take some time off when their tour ends in November, and then reconvene in late spring or early summer of 2005 to start working on the next album.

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Darkane to start recording new album soon

Guitarist Christofer Malmström of Swedish thrashers DARKANE has posted the following message on his web site:

"It's going to be a busy autumn. Finally it seems like Peter's hands are healed and we can start the serious work on our upcoming album. All songs are written but never rehearsed and we are going to start rehearsing two new songs. A few days ago we did a show at a festival in the area where we live and it turned out very good! I would say all of us did a great performance considering that we haven't played together since November last year. The recording of the new album will start ASAP.

"The recording of my solo project will probably start in a few months or so. Ryan is busy with his DEVIN TOWNSEND BAND and other projects but will start recording as soon as he has learned the songs and is ready to go. It will be released next year anyway."

DARKANE's last studio album, "Expanding Senses", was released in 2002 through Nuclear Blast Records.


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Death Du Jour complete work on debut album

Finnish death metallers DEATH DU JOUR have completed work on their debut album, "Fragments of Perdition", due in September through Golden Lake Productions. The follow-up to the "Gamashinoch" EP was recorded at Pop-Studio with producer Mika Haapasalo. The complete track listing for the effort is as follows:

01. Grace by Chalice of Anger
02. Fragments of Perdition
03. Embittering Cicatricies
04. Harlot Deliverance (mp3)
05. Weakmeat Vortex
06. Satire of Caustic Lunacy
07. Triangle Gallows (mp3)
08. Dogma - The Suffering

DEATH DU JOUR and fellow Finns HATEFORM will support GODHATE and INSISION on their upcoming "Deathkampen 2" Finnish mini-tour in October. The dates are as follows:

Oct. 19 - Helsinki, FIN @ Semifinaali
Oct. 20 - TBA, FIN @ TBA
Oct. 21 - Joensuu, FIN @ Marks
Oct. 22 - Imatra, FIN @ Woodoo
Oct. 23 - Turku, FIN @ Bar Shadow
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Kiss Wants All Your Money Again...

According to, the very first KISSWorld store is scheduled to open in Australia next month. During the recent Australian tour, the four KISS members spent a few hours to sign the very first items to be sold at KISSWorld. Store representatives will travel to the USA soon to meet with all current and former band members, to bring back a container full of "really cool" stuff for the opening of the store in September. The bricks of the store have been laid, the windows are in and very soon they will commence fitting out the store from floor to ceiling with some amazing KISS merchandise. There are several KISSWorld exclusive products being manufactured right now that won't be available anywhere else.

The fit out of the store is enormous; there will be everything from guitars to shirts and other clothing, to museum pieces through to an amazing array of hand-signed and personal items that need to be displayed. The process will take up all of this month. The opening date for September will be announced as soon as possible, along with the exact location of KISSWorld. The store itself is over 10,000 square feet in size and obviously KISS will be the centre of attention in our store, but there will also be some bands' memorabilia and even some sporting heroes and film stars.

For more information, visit

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To/Die/For begin recording new album

Finnish goth-metallers TO/DIE/FOR are expected to enter Sonicimage studios in Kouvola, Finland soon to begin recording their new album, tentatively due in early 2005 through Spinefarm Records.

The current TO/DIE/FOR lineup once again features vocalist Jape Perätalo, who allegedly decided to reclaim the T/D/F name for his TIAGA project after being offered a record deal by Spinefarm Records. Joining Perätalo in the new TO/DIE/FOR formation are guitarist Juppe "J.P." Sutela, ex-NEW DAWN FOUNDATION drummer/ex-TO/DIE/FOR drum tech Santtu Lonka, guitarist Mika "Alli" Ahtiainen, ex-H.I.M./NEW DAWN FOUNDATION keyboardist Juska Salminen, and bassist Jarkko Strandman (ex-NEW DAWN FOUNDATION).

TO/DIE/FOR's most recent CD, "Jaded", was released in March 2003 through Spinefarm Records (Nuclear Blast in continental Europe). The follow-up to 2001's "Epilogue" featured guest vocals by former SINERGY and current NIGHTWISH bassist/vocalist Marco Hietala.

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Nevermore - New video posted online

NEVERMORE's video for the track "I, Voyager", off their most recent album, "Enemies Of Reality", has been posted online at Check it out here: The clip was directed by Kevin Leonard, who has previously worked with HATE ETERNAL and HIMSA, among others.

NEVERMORE are scheduled to follow up their appearance at this year's Wacken Open Air festival with a U.S. tour, which is expected to take place in September/October. The Seattle-based band will then enter the studio with producer Andy Sneap (MACHINE HEAD, ARCH ENEMY, KREATOR) beginning in November to record their follow-up to "Enemies of Reality", tentatively due in the spring through Century Media Records. A U.K. tour is expected to take place in late 2004/early 2005.

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Pantera, Def Leppard reach new selling records

DEF LEPPARD's breakthrough 1983 album, "Pyromania", has been certified at the RIAA's (Recording Industry Association of America) diamond level (10 million copies shipped) last month, according to Produced by Robert John "Mutt" Lange, "Pyromania" benefited greatly from MTV's relentless airing of the album's first two singles, "Photograph" and "Rock of Ages". The U.K. group continues to record and tour, their most recently release being 2002's "X" (Universal).

Also reaching new multi-platinum heights in July was PANTERA's "Vulgar Display of Power" (Elektra), which was certified double-platinum by the RIAA, signifying shipments of more than 2,000,000 units in the U.S. since its February 25, 1992 release.

Widely considered to be one of the most influential metal albums of the 1990s, "Vulgar Display of Power" revitalized thrash metal, mixing crushingly heavy grooves and rhythms with a harder-edged vocal approach. "Walk" and "Fucking Hostile" remain two of PANTERA's best-known songs.

"Vulgar Display of Power" peaked at No. 44 on The Billboard 200 album chart, according to Wikipedia.

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