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02.03Sabaton - World War Tour 2010

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Sabaton - World War Tour 2010

Swedish war machine Sabaton is about to embark on yet another invasion. Here's the official statement from the band:

"As our new album Coat of Arms hits the stores on the 21st of May we prepare for a massive assault through the European mainland on major metal festivals during the summer. Our headline tour, fittingly named the "World War Tour" kicks off on the 27th of August and consists of over 60 shows in more than 20 nations.
The final show will take place on the 11th of December, after which we will regroup, rearm and prepare for yet another strike in 2011. Tickets are already available for many of the shows and the rest will follow ASAP."

Sabaton Tour Preview


Source: sabaton.net
Band profile: Sabaton
Event: Sabaton: World War Tour
Posted: 02.03.2010 by Nardor | Comments (16)