Svartby - Working On New Material

Folk metallers Svartby have issued the following update on their MySpace blog:

"We're glad to announce that Svartby enters the studio on April, 19 to record a small single of 2 brand new songs devoted to imps of Water and Fire elements. The single will be called Scum from Underwater and will include the songs "Scum from Underwater" and "Flaming Balls".

What will be waiting for you on this single? First, these are not complex, thoughtful songs as you experienced at Riv, Hugg och Bit. Scum from Underwater will deliver a pure energy of real fast and furious folk metal.
Second, you will get acquainted with two new Svartby members - Skrik (vocals, bass) and Fenrir (drums). They do big things at gigs, but you never heard them at records before.
Third, it's a hint of what the new album will be like. Both tracks will also participate in the 3rd album Elemental Tales which is planned to be recorded this Autumn.
Fourth, it's a language experiment - our first songs written not in Swedish language.

As we did with all our singles and EP's, Scum from Underwater will also be issued as a web release, available for free downloading."

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Posted: 04.04.2010 by BudDa

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