Acheron - Is Back Already

Last May, Acheron founder Vincent Crowley announced that the underground cult US Black Death metal band was calling it quits and would not be doing any more recordings or shows.
It was a surprise to both fans and band members alike, considering Acheron had just released a well received album called The Final Conflict: Last Days Of Gods, filmed their first official music video for "I Am Heathen" and was on the verge of doing a slew of other projects, which included another studio recording, a dvd release and a variety of shows and festival dates. So what happened to cause the band's break-up?

It seems that a lot of things went down before the shit finally hit the fan. Crowley states: "There is too much involving the whole reason for the band's demise. All I can say is that there were a lot of misunderstandings, including a lack of communication and some actions that were done. The end result of it all pretty much killed my will to continue the band. "

After almost a year, the smoke has cleared and the negative things between former members have been worked out. Vocalist/bassist Vincent Crowley (ex-Nocturnus, ex-Incantation), drummer Kyle Severn (ex-Incantation) and guitarist Max Otworth have decided to re-open Hell's Gate and invoke the music beast Acheron once again.

Crowley commented: "I really didn't think I would do Acheron again. Before the band broke-up I was working with a talented bunch of new musicians, but the vibe just wasn't there. I couldn't play without having that vibe. Now that almost everyone from the last studio line-up has agreed to work together again, I am totally onboard and open to any ideas regarding this musical entity!"

Drummer Kyle Severn added: "I am happy as HELL that we were able to put aside the unfortunate BS band politics/drama that sometimes can arise, hell even worse when you're not even sure why it even happens. Especially, when Vince and I, who have been jamming together for 10 years and have been friends even longer are able to continue to go forward. It is a great metal pleasure to announce that we are going to be able to play for the Acheron friends and fans and to continue working forward on the next piece of pure aggression that we call Acheron. Yes we will be moving at our own pace, but the important issue is that we will be moving forward. Late last year we were working on new material and can't wait to bust out the rehearsal tapes and start reviewing our next installment of Blasphemy and Apocalypse."

So what is the next chapter of the band? Are they doing a new album? Will there be any touring or festivals booked? Crowley said: "We are taking things one step at a time. We are not rushing into anything or getting pressured into doing things until we all agree they are worth doing. What I can say is that we have agreed to re-open Pandora's Box. Hopefully all the vile diabolical things that spew forth from it with be worthy of the actions of Acheron."

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Posted: 27.12.2010 by Bad English

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