Hevy Devy is a hot, hot, hot item on Metal Storm these days. The musical genius/maniac has finally announced more details regarding the release of Deconstruction and Ghost — the third and fourth in a series of albums which will complete his tetralogy album concept — a great journey through Devin's different states of musical moods — which he started in 2009 with the albums Addicted (2009) and Ki (2009).

Townsend tapped Jens Bogren (Paradise Lost, Opeth, Bloodbath) to mix Deconstruction. The sessions took place late last month at Fascination Street studio in Örebro, Sweden. The CD features guest appearances by a number of well-known metal musicians (see below) as well as two drummers — Ryan Van Poederooyen (The Devin Townsend Band) for the "crushing stuff," and Dirk Verbeuren (Soilwork, Aborted, a shitload of other bands) for the "inhuman stuff."

Deconstruction and Ghost will be released in North America on June 21 (one day earlier internationally) through InsideOut Music.

Deconstruction [slipcase cover art] tracklist:

01. Praise The Lowered
02. Stand
03. Juula
04. Planet Of The Apes
05. Summera
06. The Mighty Masturbator
07. Pandemic
08. Deconstruction
09. Poltergeist

Deconstruction guest musicians:

  • Mikael Åkerfeldt (Opeth, Bloodbath)
  • Ihsahn (Emperor)
  • Tommy Rogers (Between The Buried And Me)
  • Joe Duplantier (Gojira)
  • Greg Puciato (The Dillinger Escape Plan)
  • Floor Jansen (After Forever, ReVamp)
  • Oderus Urungus (Gwar)
  • Paul Masvidal (Cynic)
  • Fredrik Thordendal (Meshuggah)

    Ghost [cover art] tracklist:

    01. Fly
    02. Heart Baby
    03. Feather
    04. Kawaii
    05. Ghost
    06. Blackberry
    07. Monsoon
    08. Dark Matters
    09. Texada
    10. Seams
    11. Infinite Ocean
    12. As You Were

    Source: facebook.com
    Band profile: Devin Townsend
    Posted: 12.04.2011 by Thryce


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    Introspekrieg - 12.04.2011 at 23:49  
    Blecch... that cover is awful. Should have stuck with the slipcase art
    Crippled/Broken - 12.04.2011 at 23:52  
    Shitty cover but still pumped for the release
    Derelict Earth - 12.04.2011 at 23:54  
    The cover is horrendous but the guest musicians list is really sexy !
    Imraghil - 13.04.2011 at 00:00  
    The artwork is really how Devin is, crazy as hell.. haha
    RafaRata - 13.04.2011 at 00:11  
    I like the cover it's totally Devin Townsend
    JÄY - 13.04.2011 at 00:20  
    Sept for that depressed kid, the cover is pretty fitting, im thinking....but the slip cover is much better
    Dark Blood - 13.04.2011 at 00:34  
    Damn... One album (Ghost) has an amazing cover and the other a very weird one. But I guess both fit his usual covers.
    Elio - 13.04.2011 at 00:36  
    Wtf is this artwork lol
    Darkside Momo - 13.04.2011 at 00:43  
    When I saw the cover I was definitely "I'll buy it at once"! Really love it, it's totally stupid, and really fitting, given what he says in teh interview.
    Fat & Sassy! - 13.04.2011 at 00:53  
    Written by Darkside Momo on 13.04.2011 at 00:43

    ... it's totally stupid, and really fitting, given what he says in teh interview.

    My thoughts exactly. =3
    Darkside Momo - 13.04.2011 at 00:55  
    Written by Fat & Sassy! on 13.04.2011 at 00:53

    Written by Darkside Momo on 13.04.2011 at 00:43

    ... it's totally stupid, and really fitting, given what he says in teh interview.

    My thoughts exactly. =3

    Great minds think alike *smug*
    Pétur - 13.04.2011 at 01:28  
    Love the artworks, they're totally Devin.
    bard - 13.04.2011 at 02:29  
    I don't like this Deconstruction cover at all. Not like that really matters, I still can't wait to hear it.
    Necrodamus - 13.04.2011 at 07:00  
    Crazy artwork for a crazy album, can't wait to hear it
    Aetherius - 13.04.2011 at 10:02  
    Ah, im excited as hell for this!
    BloodTears - 13.04.2011 at 10:42  
    I like the cover. It's hilarious.
    Silent Jay - 13.04.2011 at 11:28  
    I actually really like the cover of Deconstruction. The slipcase is too 'minimal' in ways, just not mad enough. Will be looking forward to both these releases and hopefully see him on tour later this year.
    UnknownCheese - 13.04.2011 at 17:31  
    That guest list is terrible. Hopefully the guest vocals are scarce, but somehow I doubt they will be.

    Looking forward to the albums though.
    Music4TheSpirit - 13.04.2011 at 18:08  
    So i wonder who's gonna play on Ghost, i guess there wont be any big names, but more kind of session players, but i would like to know what's their background.

    I don't like the cover, not for a metal album but in general, it could have been better in many senses, thou it can be a bit funny.
    In Bone Factory - 13.04.2011 at 19:18  
    Fuck yeah \m/
    INÆRIS - 14.04.2011 at 17:29  
    Awesome!! There are so many top notch musicians on Decon. I can't wait. The artwork is dark, but silly. I have a feeling that's how this record will be.

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