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Bolt Thrower - Vinyl Reissues For 25th Anniversary Out Now In Europe

On January 17th, 2012, Metal Blade will re-issue the three Bolt Thrower albums Mercenary, Honour - Valour - Pride and Those Once Loyal on vinyl. Metal Blade Records Europe released their versions on October 21st/24th, and they can be ordered now at this location.

Bolt Thrower comments on their 25th Anniversary: "Anniversaries are kind of easy to achieve. For a band, just don't split up and you'll reach one, whether it's 10, 20 or 35 years. And this year we've reached '25 years of not splitting up'!"

"We managed to stop others from making a big fuss about it, and didn't give in to the numerous offers and suggestions on how we should cash in on it! But it has made us appreciate the opportunities we've been given since 1986, and that we've been able to do everything we wanted to do without compromising in any way. We've been lucky enough to have played a lot of killer shows with great bands and met a lot of very cool people over the years, and we think that's the stuff that deserves some kind of celebration."

"So, we want to organize a Bolty Birthday Bash, where we can reunite with some of these bands and invite you, the people who have supported us over the last 25 years. We were hoping to have everything worked out by now, but it turns out organizing a free show comes with its own unique problems, but we'll get there in the end! Well, that's all we can say for now, there will be more news to come soon, so keep checking back."

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Posted: 03.11.2011 by warensemble


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03.11.2011 - 12:57
Looking forward to Bolty Birthday Bash
03.11.2011 - 21:46
I'll bring my Blood Angels army. :-D
03.11.2011 - 22:36
Troy Killjoy
Literally all my favorite BT albums.
Prettier than BloodTears.
04.11.2011 - 02:34
Black Conundrum
This is pretty good news. I will want to hear more about this Bolty Birthday Bash as time progresses. I would love to go there, although it'll probably be in their home nation of the UK, which I am very unlikely to access within the next 6 months or so.

By the way, I recently got The IVth Crusade on CD, and listening to it makes me happy.
04.11.2011 - 21:19
Abyssal Zebra
Waiting for news!!! All Bolt Thrower events are the best events!!!

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