Finnish power metallers Sonata Arctica have announced that their new album will be titled Stones Grow Her Name. The album was recorded in several studios throughout Finland, mixed by Mikko Karmilla at Sonic Pump Studios and mastered by Svante Forsbäck at Chartmakers. It will be released on May 18th via Nuclear Blast Records in a limited edition digipak, standard jewel case, vinyl and download. The artwork can be seen below.

Stones Grow Her Name tracklist:

01. Only The Broken Hearts (Make You Beautiful)
02. Shitload Of Money
03. Losing My Insanity
04. Somewhere Close To You
05. I Have A Right
06. Alone In Heaven
07. The Day
08. Cinderblox
09. Don't Be Mean
10. Wildfire II
11. Wildfire III

Band profile: Sonata Arctica
Posted: 20.02.2012 by bokimaniac

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andreosokin - 21.02.2012 at 08:57  
Written by Dargor on 20.02.2012 at 21:15

A Wildfire trilogy? Veeeeeeeery interresting!

The Shape 1973 - 21.02.2012 at 09:53  
I haven't heard any comments from the band as to the style of the new album yet. So there are a lot of comments/guesses made on this thread with no evidence at all.

I enjoyed the last album, but hated Unia. It could go either way and I'm not going to make any predictions until I hear something.

Losing My Insanity was a Dio track on Magica.

Artwork and title
Milena - 21.02.2012 at 14:42  
Written by The Shape 1973 on 21.02.2012 at 09:53

So there are a lot of comments/guesses made on this thread with no evidence at all.

Well, just like on 50% of album news. I can tell you that most of Sonata's comments are pretty much vague anyway when Tony comments on it, he usually doesn't go much into detail, or they are mostly plain wrong when the journalists ask Henkka, because he's not very good at describing things

A weird theory just surfaced on their forum: "stones" is one of the names for seeds of peach trees. That thing on the cover is actually a peach. So there's the whole "growing" symbolism and pretty peach flowers and pastels and stuff. Quite a nice way to describe a girl. And of course there are wolves hidden on the cover just like on the previous one, I have yet to find the "small" wolves but the whole thing assumes a vague shape of a wolf's head.
Malaghost - 21.02.2012 at 16:02  
I have a bad feeling about this. I don't expect much, but maybe there is a suprise on the way.
Cuñat - 21.02.2012 at 17:20  
Wildfire was never one of my Reckoning Night's favourite songs, but I admit that the lyrics have always puzzled me. It will be interesting to hear the trilogy and dig deeper into the story.

On a side note, I am only posting because yesterday I dreamt that I was posting on MS...
Angel_Lament - 21.02.2012 at 17:26  
Awesome cover, looking forward to it, especially "Shitload of Money"
Baz Anderson - 21.02.2012 at 17:35  
Looking forward to this of course!
The Shape 1973 - 21.02.2012 at 19:00  
"What a great blend of their well-known catchiness and slightly new musical challenges! 'Stones Grow Her Name' will amaze you! Never it was that epic and refreshing! You will be led away on a compelling journey, leading you through ultimate sing-along tracks, country feels with a twist and a larger-than-life grand finale!"
ROCK TRIBUNE (B), Vera Matthijssens

Country? oh fuck.
Not another crap Finnish album with a new musical direction. First Nightwish, then this ?

Tony: "Our newest adventure is only a final touch short of being ready. The recordings went extremely well and the mixing is in schedule. Have to say I am enjoying myself greatly. I've had a very hard and work filled two year period writing the songs while touring extensively with our previous album "The Days of Grays". But it has all been worth it! Yet again we are introducing new things to keep the music alive and interesting. New elements, styles and new moods, talented guest artists and ideas for the enjoyment of the loyal friends of our music. Can't wait for you to get your hands and ears on "Stones Grow Her Name"! Hope to see you all again on tour! Be well!"

Wonder who the guests are?
Fat & Sassy! - 21.02.2012 at 22:11  
Written by Milena on 21.02.2012 at 00:08

Written by LordFezzington on 20.02.2012 at 23:18

Which songs are you not so keen on?

I really hate Kingdom and Destruction Preventer.


(or a good fashion sense)

(Duh fuck? Who let you dress yourself this morning, Tony?)
Milena - 21.02.2012 at 23:44  
Written by Fat & Sassy! on 21.02.2012 at 22:11

(or a good fashion sense)

He's a lot better now, this was in 2005. Or worse, depending on which period of "now" are we talking about

His ironic Hot Topic phase (fuck, I'm starting to think he's some sort of a proto hipster ) was often referred to as his "pyjama" phase. So he technically didn't dress himself, just roll out of a bed like that according to legend

Btw, since they're known to name their shit after weird shit anyway (yes, I do mean weird shit, almost every album name of theirs has some weird story behind it), maybe it's not a poetic way to describe a female by comparing her to peach flowers or growing nature, but some sort of a Mario reference they developed further on in the cover and title itself.
John Shock - 22.02.2012 at 00:09  
Nice cover there...
Darkside Momo - 23.02.2012 at 23:38  
Written by Milena on 21.02.2012 at 08:56

Written by Promonex on 21.02.2012 at 01:13

Check out Winterheart's Guild. "The Ruins of My Life" and "Gravenimage" are two of their most somber songs while still having that power metal vibe of their early albums. "The Cage", "Victoria's Secret" and "Abandoned, ..." are very nice up-beat songs, the rest are fillers, but anyway, "Gravenimage" and "The Ruins..." alone make this their best album IMHO.

Oh yes, WHG is the best "old" Sonata album... really great songs. Though I wouldn't call Champagne Bath and Draw Me fillers, they're among my fave songs.

Ah, finally someone who does think WHG is their best 'old' album...
Milena - 23.02.2012 at 23:55  
Written by Darkside Momo on 23.02.2012 at 23:38

Ah, finally someone who does think WHG is their best 'old' album...

Well, seriously, Ecliptica and Silence are quite nice, but WHG is just so much more well rounded and filled with their own identity - even the "crazy" which was introduced in traces on Reckoning Night and later full on in Unia. And plus, Tony Kakko finally found his own voice on WHG... his singing on Ecliptica was full of Timo Kotipelto influences, and plain weird on Silence sometimes.

I always thought that was due to his asthma, although I have no idea which type of asthma does he have and in which ways does it affect his voice. Except that it was always harder for him to sing live when there's a lot of smoke in the club, but his condition has been improving a lot ever since 2008-2009, from that point on you could notice his live singing is sometimes even better than on the albums.
Oaken - 24.02.2012 at 18:14  
Written by Void Eater on 21.02.2012 at 06:50

Shitload Of Money (ft. Lil Wayne)

Warman - 24.02.2012 at 18:50  
I have high hopes for this one considering that their last album was one of their better ones IMO.
thaurer - 25.02.2012 at 07:09  
Written by Shorlack on 20.02.2012 at 21:02

Can't wait!!! Wildfire II and III...

let me reinforce with one more

The cover art is good, the song titles are kinda weird and there's something from the same "family" of wildfire.

I guess we're good to go.
Azarath - 26.02.2012 at 18:09  
Ok, so we have "talented guest artists" + "country feels with a twist". It all adds up to...

"Don't Be Mean" (feat. Taylor Swift)
SymphAlchemist - 26.02.2012 at 20:18  
The artcover is wonderful

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