Solefald - Details On Upcoming Albums

SOLEFALD have finished recording the first part of their new saga, which is based on Viking mythology and history, entitled "Red for Fire + Black for Death".

"Red for Fire : An Icelandic Odyssey part 1" will be released through Season of Mist, worldwide, before the end of 2005 and will quickly be followed by "Black for Death : An Icelandic Odyssey part 2" in early Spring 2006.

Part 1 features guest appearances by electronica singer Aggie Frost Peterson, on the songs "Sun I Call" and "White Frost Queen", and from Jörmundur Ingi, the ancient supreme Godi of Iceland (an Ásatrú priest), who reads the poem "Lokasenna" (an argument between gods) on the last track of the album. The previously announced guest appearance by Garm of Ulver will be featured on "Black for Death".

SOLEFALD's new effort, a 'true Viking metal album' according to its authors, is produced by Borge Finnstad (MAYHEM, ARCTURUS, etc.).

As SOLEFALD previously stated 'we were experimental when everybody was trying to be as basic as possible. Now that we feel we've said what we had to say in this field, and now that everybody is experimenting one way or another, this is our attempt at being true'. But considering the individuals involved, expect something very unique to say the least !!! And from what we've heard so far during a listening session with a few selected journalists, this album will be a milestone in Scandinavian Metal history!

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Posted: 21.07.2005 by Metalforthespirit

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