As you probably know, Iron Maiden's bassist Steve Harris has recently released his debut solo album British Lion through EMI Music last month. Now the first video for the song "This Is My God" has premiered and can be viewed here. "This Is My God" is the opening song of the album. More album details were previously reported here.

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Posted: 03.10.2012 by CHEF METAL HEAD


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Nemo Atkins - 03.10.2012 at 13:13  
Well...that was horrible. Vocalist didn't sound right for the song, music was boring anyway and the video was unimpressive. Glad I didn't get tempted to get this album when I saw it a few days ago now.
Druss - 03.10.2012 at 13:37  
^This. Actually horrifying from the self same man who wrote ''Hallowed Be Thy Name'' and ''Rime Of The Ancient Mariner''....couldn't even get halfway through the vid. Glad I never downloaded/bought this.

Also, hope I'm not the only one who was morbidly fascinated watchin' the singer's almost pained facial expressions, as if singing that softly and boringly took even mild effort.
BudDa - 03.10.2012 at 15:01  
The song is flat, just like the video. Flat and almost boring. I though could get used to the song with more listens
Dentura - 03.10.2012 at 18:09  
Yeah, everyone commenting here is right, this does suck pretty badly. The video looks like something I'd be able to make off of iMovie, but even there I'd think I'd be able to make a better looking video. The singer looks incredibly stupid making those facial expressions while singing that boring melody and his voice is unspectacular and just flat-out irritating, he sort of makes me cringe. To be honest, this makes Angel and the Gambler sound "incredible". I'm actually glad not to have bought this album. I'm really disappointed that it's from the same man who wrote many of the Maiden classics. I totally understand that Steve wants to do something different than Iron Maiden for his solo effort, but I don't think this worked very well. Sorry Steve, better luck next time. :/
Dentura - 03.10.2012 at 18:32  
Written by Druss on 03.10.2012 at 13:37

Also, hope I'm not the only one who was morbidly fascinated watchin' the singer's almost pained facial expressions, as if singing that softly and boringly took even mild effort.

Yeah, I was morbidly fascinated watching those cringe-inducing expressions myself. :/
metalicharly - 03.10.2012 at 18:37  
Probably the worst vid I've seen in a while. And I see more than 20-30 new vids/week. I read some articles and opinions saying the whole album is just horrible. If this song is representative for the rest of the album, I think I won't even try.
Azarath - 03.10.2012 at 20:19  
I actually thought the album sounded ok when it was streaming a couple of weeks ago. This was a horrible video though. Hilarious watching the singer hamming it up while the rest of the guys stood in the background, stone-faced.
ChampionOfPower - 03.10.2012 at 20:23  
On a positive note, that's a pretty badass album cover.

On a negative note, not good. You can't expect Maiden material on a solo project, but that doesn't mean it can't be good. Dickinson did a fair job on his solo works, not all of them were great, but they had some memorable songs. Maybe one or two on this album will be decent. Not sure that's enough for me to buy it though, even if it is Steve Harris.
TX09 - 03.10.2012 at 23:04  
Song Was Terrible, Video Sucked and had no energy.. And that dudes drum kit is so small song should be under alternative
Evil Chip - 04.10.2012 at 00:05  
Veredict of the jury: sucks.
Grody2themax - 04.10.2012 at 05:30  
No thanks...I'll go back to my blastbeats
Scuzzy McDouche - 04.10.2012 at 16:14  
The only thing good about it is the bass... Hrmn, I wonder if that's because the only musician here that is worth a shit is the bassist?

WTF would Steve Harris do something like this? It's like if God almighty, after being quite modest and silent about creating the universe for ages, suddenly comes down to Earth to appear on every talk show and news channel in existence so he could publicly boast about and promote Justin Beiber as his latest masterpiece.
Sir Thrashalot - 04.10.2012 at 17:57  
So, SOOOO disapointed. I wasn't expecting any Maiden sound at all, since it's a solo project, if Harris wanted it to sound like Maiden he would have put it on the next album. But this ? Really ? Singer is nothing less than terrible, and with Harris' status, i thought he could get a good singer, at least a respectable singer. Video is painful to look at, terribly made. But the song itself ? Couldn't even made it past half the song, closed it. Forget it, i'll never buy this album, even though Steve Harris is a legend, this album is not. Hope this gets lost in time and we never talk about it again
Philly_Boy - 09.10.2012 at 19:06  
Dentura - 10.10.2012 at 18:24  
I can sing better than this guy in my sleep.

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