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For the third time in a row, the corporate powers behind Walt Disney Properties have once again pressured promoter Live Nation into canceling Machine Head's performance at a House of Blues venue on Disney property, this time the December 4th show in Orlando, FL.

While no one is willing to provide evidence that would prove unfavorable to Disney, sources close to events have suggested that Machine Head remains on a "banned list", and while Dethklok, All That Remains and The Black Dahlia Murder will still be allowed to play, the corporate powers at Disney have refused to allow Machine Head to perform.

In 2007, Walt Disney Properties banned Machine Head from the House Of Blues venues in both Anaheim and Orlando, citing "violent imagery", "inflammatory lyrics" and most appallingly "undesirable fans" as the reason. The diversity-impaired corporation began pressuring the promoter with vague threats of liability and reduced job security before placing Machine Head under an internal "review process". Five days later, Walt Disney Properties would convey their alarming decision to the band, less than 48 hours before the first date of 2007's anti-war, anti-religion, anti-conservative-themed The Blackening album headline run at the House Of Blues in Anaheim, CA.

A stunned Machine Head announced the details and disgust regarding the situation and let fans know of the then-rescheduled show 70 miles away at The Glass House in Pomona. In retaliation for that public announcement, Disney cancelled the band's then-upcoming performance at the House Of Blues in Orlando, citing the same absurd reasons, though they would only publicly state that they had "changed musical formats" at the venue.

Machine Head wish to once again extend their gratitude to Live Nation and the House Of Blues for their poise and tolerance throughout these ridiculous developments, unbelievably transpiring here in these United States Of America in this year 2012.

As they are not on Disney property and therefore not subject to the corporation's alleged coercion tactics, the current dates with Dethklok, All That Remains and The Black Dahlia Murder at the Dallas and Houston House Of Blues will go on as scheduled. Unfortunately, Machine Head's Florida performance will not be rescheduled in an effort to avoid creating any conflict with the existing dates on the tour. All refund requests will be honored.

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Posted: 06.11.2012 by BudDa


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Olli - 06.11.2012 at 18:51  
Wow that really is bullshit
Gopherhawk - 06.11.2012 at 18:59  
Fuck Disney.
Permafrost - 06.11.2012 at 19:00  
Fuck a duck.:noidea:
Sir Thrashalot - 06.11.2012 at 19:18  
Wow what the fuck !? This looks like a one-man vendetta, a band like "Black Dahlia Murder" is allowed to play and not Machine Head for those retarded reasons ? That doesn't make any sense.
Vombatus - 06.11.2012 at 19:43  
It's on their property, they do whatever they want with it. Problem would be that people start telling you what should be allowed to play or not on YOUR property.

This said, instead of telling them not to play before they show, they should have signaled the issue before the venue was even booked.

The way they did it just adds unnecessary problems.
psykometal - 06.11.2012 at 19:51  
Wow! That's way fucked.
theFIST - 06.11.2012 at 20:10  
Written by Pitwulf93 on 06.11.2012 at 19:31

Wow, I never knew Disney had so much power. I thought they only made movies and had Disneyland/world. Well, FUCK YOU Disney haha

they were also among the main lobbying sponsors for sopa and acta
Nosurper - 06.11.2012 at 20:11  
Kurty Wurty - 06.11.2012 at 20:44  
"violent imagery", "inflammatory lyrics" and most appallingly "undesirable fans"

Wow and they thought Machine Head are bad enough....
Boxcar Willy - 06.11.2012 at 20:47  
But a man ejaculating fire is okay, lyrics and imagewise.
Slyfang - 06.11.2012 at 20:50  
Written by Pitwulf93 on 06.11.2012 at 19:31

Wow, I never knew Disney had so much power.

You better believe it. Mickey Mouse is the true face of Satan.
Lit. - 06.11.2012 at 20:57  
First Canada, now this?!
Ace Frawley - 06.11.2012 at 21:48  
You can't kill rock and roll, it's here to stay...
PocketMetal - 06.11.2012 at 22:07  
But I thought Disney makes cartoons ... (?!)
ANGEL REAPER - 06.11.2012 at 22:11  
Written by Slyfang on 06.11.2012 at 20:50

Mickey Mouse is the true face of Satan.

no than he would let them to stay and play....
Machiavelli - 06.11.2012 at 22:18  
Fuck Disney, their conservative corporatist shit, and fuck their copyrights. If I want to sell a shirt of Mickey boning Minney in the ass, I'll do so you unimaginative fucks! Pirate their shitty movies and sell them to Christian assholes for profit.
scapeplan - 06.11.2012 at 22:32  
May the hand of God of God strike Disney doooooooooooooooooowwwnnn.
Valentin B - 06.11.2012 at 22:35  
As was said above, I'm not completely against Disney on this, why the hell was the venue considered in the first place?

The management of this whole situation is completely retarded because any company is completely within their rights to ban whoever it wants from its concert venues, but how the hell are songs about ejaculating fire, getting electrocuted through blood, and whatever Black Dahlia Murder is talking about okay while Machine Head is not, I think those "undesirable fans" will only get more undesirable at the actual show.

I think they didn't ban Dethklok because they can relate to the lyrics to "Fansong" :

You're a bunch of banks
that I'd like to rob
You're my on-line cash transaction
you're my future stocks
Transfer you like money
to a Swiss account
Spend you on an impulse
Buy and zero you all out

Hate [16x]
Titanticus - 06.11.2012 at 23:28  
Wow, welcome to corporate America. Anybody up on the Disney racism debate? Google it. Hypocrites.

Speaking of hypocrisy (not the band lol) enjoy the irony that we get to see this on election day in America.
RottingDeathHead - 07.11.2012 at 00:18  
They're just a bunch of discriminating pukes!
MechanisT - 07.11.2012 at 00:28  
Mickey back with a vengeance.
From the dead.
*boards Warner Bros. bandwagon*
Uldreth - 07.11.2012 at 01:06  
Fuck disney in the ass with a cactus.
Ag Fox - 07.11.2012 at 04:16  
Violent imagery huh? Donald duck is more brutal than most metal bands wth
Cynic Metalhead - 07.11.2012 at 06:46  
Written by scapeplan on 06.11.2012 at 22:32

May the hand of God of God strike Disney doooooooooooooooooowwwnnn.


Srs, Disney should fucked upstairs.
Big-Al - 07.11.2012 at 07:02  
Walt Disney funded the KKK anyway.
Black Conundrum - 07.11.2012 at 09:00  
This is rather stupid. These are rather groundless reason to ban a band from performing from a venue. If a band does something detrimental to the venue or a show at the venue, then banning them permanently would be appropriate, but this reasoning is vague and condescending. Screw Disney and its pathetic double-standard practice here.
Pétur - 07.11.2012 at 16:05  
Mickey Mouse isn't a fan of Machine Head apparently.
Qube - 07.11.2012 at 16:27  
Written by Pitwulf93 on 06.11.2012 at 19:31

Wow, I never knew Disney had so much power. I thought they only made movies and had Disneyland/world. Well, FUCK YOU Disney haha

Well they also own TV channels (ABC group, ESPN, Disney (obviously)) and the asses of Darth Vader, Wolverine and Miss Piggy
odcrl - 08.11.2012 at 03:56  
It's cause they are anti-illuminati. Disney can't allow that. The New World Order is here
M C Vice - 08.11.2012 at 10:54  
Written by Qube on 07.11.2012 at 16:27

Written by Pitwulf93 on 06.11.2012 at 19:31

Darth Vader, Wolverine and Miss Piggy

Now THAT'S a threesom!
Sonic MrSumo - 09.11.2012 at 04:31  
Misfit74 - 18.11.2012 at 06:48  
Seriously, Disney can suck a bag of dicks.

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