Omnium Gatherum - New Song Streaming Online

Finnish melodic death metal band Omnium Gatherum has released a new track off their upcoming album Beyond, set to be released in Europe on February 25th and in North America on March 5th through Lifeforce Records. "New Dynamic" is streaming via the YouTube channel of Lifeforce Records and you can listen to it below.

Beyond tracklist:

01. Luoto
02. New Dynamic
03. In The Rim
04. Nightwalkers
05. Formidable
06. The Sonic Sign
07. Who Could Say
08. The Unknowing
09. Living In Me
10. White Palace

Band profile: Omnium Gatherum
Posted: 09.01.2013 by Blizk


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09.01.2013 - 20:16
Until the End

Posts: 128
From: UK

Good song, looking forward to hearing the song for their official video now though.
09.01.2013 - 20:18
Carl Berg
Carl Berg

Posts: 589
From: Luxembourg

Excellent song and a beautiful album artwork.
09.01.2013 - 20:23

Posts: 659
From: UK

The song is great, I like it alot.
09.01.2013 - 20:37
Lost To Apathy

Posts: 278
From: UK

Going by this, sounds like it's going to be a pretty similar record to New World Shadows. This results in immediate want. Now.
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09.01.2013 - 21:06
Dark Blood
The Avenger

Posts: 1435
From: Portugal

Pretty nice song, love its melody. Looking forward to another good album.
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09.01.2013 - 22:40

Posts: 234
From: USA

Nice. Took New World Shadows and kept it fresh. I love the tap leads that Omnium and Insomnium do.
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09.01.2013 - 23:11
Fallen Ghost
Metal & Beer

Posts: 573
From: Norway

Wow this is great!
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10.01.2013 - 01:03

Posts: 233
From: Canada

Awesome song
10.01.2013 - 03:31
The Galactican

Posts: 184
From: USA

More New World Shadows style music? Yes please.
10.01.2013 - 05:51

Posts: 7
From: Canada
Wow these guys can't make bad music and now i have the urge to listen to new world shadows again. Can't wait for this!
10.01.2013 - 10:19

Posts: 128
From: Albania
Heh, nice to hear it is still OG sound. The guys staying true. Added a bit "Inflames like" choirs, but anyway it is perfectly fitting the sound.

Well done OG! I believe that the rest of the album will sound brilliant like that song.
10.01.2013 - 11:01
Learning To "X"

Posts: 4389
From: Serbia

Not bad.
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23.01.2013 - 20:06

Posts: 32
From: Macedonia
It's great!
Looking forward for the album.

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