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AUTUMN TEARS ( Laurie has already started the process of recording for their next album. She has completed one song thus far and is currently in the process of working on others. She feels this is Autumn Tears' strongest, most beautiful material as of yet and is very excited about it.

EPHEMERAL SUN ( will start the recording process for their next album in October. This album will contain their epic 40 minute song. Laurie is very excited to record this song because she feels that on this song, all the different musical influences of each band member melt perfectly together into something completely cohesive, massive and transcendental. On April 28th, 2006, Ephemeral Sun will perform at the Rites of Spring progressive rock festival ( in Phoenixville, PA.

NEST ( is coming very close to completing the instrumental section of their writing process. Laurie will be featured on this album displaying the more experimental and atmospheric sides of her vocal abilities. Make sure to check out their previous beautiful albums. Very tranquil and woodsy.

TODESBONDEN ( will be recording their first test track for their upcoming album "Ghost of the Crescent Moon" very soon. Although originally the plan for Todesbonden was mostly to have Laurie write all of the music, this next album is constructed with the participation of all the band members while still arranged by Laurie. She is very excited for this next album because she thinks that this new material is more lush, full, complicated, beautiful and thrilling than the EP (not to mention that this time it will have a real talented drummer).

On September 25th Todesbonden will appear at the Goth Stock festival ( in Hartford, CT where they will perform on the main stage. More Todesbonden shows are currently being scheduled. Please check their website periodically for more information. They now have T-shirts for sale as well!!!

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