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Norway's GREEN CARNATION are gearing up for their North American live debut with their exclusive headlining show at Day of The Equinox in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on October 14.

GREEN CARNATION — who released their well-received fourth album, "The Quiet Offspring", on The End Records this year — plan to make the October 14 appearance a special event for their fans, showcasing material from their current album and older material.

Says GREEN CARNATION singer Kjetil Nordhus, "After a long wait, our North American debut is getting close. This will be a special event because, along with current material we will play, we also plan to play a good portion of 'Light of Day, Day of Darkness' (2001's critically acclaimed single-track album) for our live set. We are specifically bringing over our sound guy for this because it important for us to get the right sound that we need in order to share the different moods of that complex album with the audience. The entire band is really looking forward to coming over there and we feel that this might be one of the band's most important gigs for a long time. We're more eager than nervous, so that must be a good sign."

Also of note, GREEN CARNATION plans to release an exclusive edition all-acoustic EP at the event, titled "The Burden Is Mine… Alone", the first release through the band's own production company Sublife Productions and Profound Lore Records.

"The acoustic EP consists of four songs, two not to be released on our forthcoming full-length (the band's 15th anniversary acoustic album, 'Acoustic Verses'). In good GREEN CARNATION tradition we are again stretching our limits of the band and the EP sounds very different from anything we have done in the past. But the one thing that is still very important is our approach. The fact that we are doing it our own way, which in that case, makes this a regular GREEN CARNATION album if that makes any sense at all." [laughs]

"The Burden Is Mine…Alone" track listing is as follows:

01. Burden Is Mine… Alone
02. Transparent Me
03. Sweet Leaf
04. Six Ribbons (JON ENGLISH cover)

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