Dockyard 1 - October Newsletter

Dockyard 1 - October Newsletter (News & Tour Dates)

SAVAGE CIRCUS dream of coming to your manor
It's not about your manor but about the next good club and stage: Currently SAVAGE CIRCUS are negotiating with different agencies about touring possibilities. Piet, Thomen, Jens and Emil are eager to show you the impact of "Dreamland Manor" live. Stay tuned and check for coming tourdates!

We hope that now everybody got their copy after all the print hazzles are sorted out. Thomen and Piet are still impressed by the overwhelming reactions and say "thank you" to everybody who stayed on the path and bought the cd during the last three weeks.

We welcome LAKE OF TEARS!
Welcome home Lake Of Tears. The whole team at Dockyard 1 is proud to welcome Lake Of Tears to the label. The Swedish Gothic Rock heroes will deliver their 7th full length album in Spring 2006. See them live at the "34.000 ton of Metal cruise" in Sweden on Sep 30 or check out their homepage for free MP3s, videos and more.

AFTER ALL to support Candlemass and Destruction
Our Belgian band AFTER ALL is already anxiously looking forward - AFTER ALL are going on the HELLHOUNDZ OF DOOM AND THRASH tour with Candlemass and Destruction in November and they are ready to heat up the audiences from Switzerland to Finland, guided and friendly supported by Dragon Productions. Check their page for tourdate changes!

IN QUEST take the harvest together with Nile
Advanced technical Death Metal from Belgium meets - advanced technical death metal from one of the bands who paved their way, Nile. Our mathematics masterminds join the devoted egyptologists on their second leg of the tour starting from 21st of september that will guide them from southern Europe to Sweden.

PERSUADER add bonus to "The Hunter"
To some of you this band might only be known as the winner of the 2003 Young Metal Gods Award or two of the boys in SAVAGE CIRCUS. But five years ago they recorded their stunning debut "The Hunter" which made those who listened wanna sign the band immediately. Of all possible partners a very small label ended up being the lucky one, released the debut in France with a few copies - and dissolved in bancrupcy. Now you can finally see the light of this rough diamond. To make it even more valuable without polishing away the energy, we added the songs "Escape" and "Cursed" from the even earlier "Visions and dreams" demo as a bonus.

"This album features some of our best work to date." drummer Efraim says. "It has a real raw and uncompromising sound in some ways, which was pretty unusual for what was mainly called a Power Metal band back then."

CELESTY - our Finnish youngsters got signed
We are proud to announce the addition of CELESTY to our fine artist selection. Those young Finnish guys already released two albums and are big in Japan, so be prepared for epic and melodic progressive metal. But don't underrate the Nothern heritage of CELESTY - there is a lot of darkness from long winter nights in the songs also.

ANGEL CREW: don't miss their show!
As we told you previously there's a record release party at the Botanique in Brussels on October 1st for ANGEL CREW's „One Life, One Senteced" which came out last monday. Go to this concert if you wanna take part in the videoshoot for 'Bring Down The World', the fourth song on the album. Brussels is always a nice place for a weekend holiday...

The first reactions to this hardcore brutiful:
"...those old heroes seem to enjoy a second spring right now. The result is bad-tempered hardcore fueled up with old school spirit but hunting for prey in the grounds of metal and groove. Take this mix and blend it with progressive structures in parts. Very obviously the commercial input of former Length-of-time guitarist Ross Van Geel is dominating here, but to sum it up - the record is a punch straight in your face."
Jan Jaedike, Rock Hard Megazine, 8/10 points

MYSTIC CIRLE viva la Mexico!
The shows with MARDUK were a dark blast across Europe. Now MYSTIC CIRCLE already check out how corpsepaint goes with sombreros and prepare for their tour to Mexico. MYSTIC CIRCLE will headline Blackfest IV on november 11th at Distrit Federal. Check out their homepage for more details!

ABANDONED packed their stuff, checked last riffs...
ABANDONED, the winners of the 2004 SimEvil award, are checking their stuff for some of the last times, do workout to be in shape and plan to go to Hammer Musik (former Karo studios) in november to record their debut album. Before they end up in the work camp our Hessian thrashers play some last concerts, so go and get them! Especially if you missed them on this year's Rock Hard Festival or Earthshaker!

A TRAITOR LIKE JUDAS are done recording "Nightmare Inc." at Kohle in Kohlekeller studios/Darmstadt. Early on wednesday morning shouter Björn added his final vocals to the tracks - after three days of heavy screaming in a row. We expect it to be their heaviest and most varied record which will overflow the already abating metalcore wave.

"Nightmare Inc." will be celebrated with a huge release party in the band's home town Braunschweig/Germany on November, 18th at JUZ B58. Ticket presale will start at October 20th.


On Tour
15.10 Knabenchor Festival - Darmstadt/Germany
26.11. Ragers Elite Festival - Hamm/Westf, Germany

01.10. - Rocktober Festival -Zuienkerke/Belgium
14.10. - Roeselare Live Festival, Kerelsplein - Roeselare /Belgium
26.11. - JH Sentroem - Mechelen/Belgium
26.11. - JH Opsenter - Sint-Laureins /Belgium !midnight show!

supporting Destruction and Candlemass on
08.11. Z7 - Pratteln - Schweiz
09.11. Rockfabrik - Ludwigburg - Germany
10.11. Zeche - Bochum - Germany
11.11. Colos-Saal - Aschaffenburg - Germany
12.11. Hof 23 - Berlin - Germany
14.11. Nosturi - Helsinki - Finland
15.11. Teatria - Oulu - Finland
17.11. Sentrum Scene - Oslo - Norway
18.11. Rosendal Scene - Trondheim - Norway
19.11. Kren - Göteborg - Sweden
20.11. KB - Malmö - Sweden
21.11. N8 - Osnabrück - Germany
23.11. Hof Ter Lo - Antwerp - Belgium

01.10. Botanique - Brussels /Belgium (Video shooting)

01.10. Funtime Festival - Netherlands
02.10. Sputnikhalle - Münster - Germany
03.10. HdO - Brandenburg - Germany
05.10. Arena - Vienna - Austria
06.10. Berchtesgarden, Kuckucksnest - Germany
07.10. Sommercasino - Basel - Switzerland
08.10. Burn The Stage Festival - Oberentfelden - Switzerland
09.10. Magazinkeller - Bremen - Germany
10.10. 007 - Prague - Czech Republic
11.10. Straßbourg - France (tba)
12.10. Juz - Saarlouis - Germany
13.10. MuK - Gießen - Germany
14.10. MTC - Köln - Germany
20.10. Stengade 30 - Copenhagen - Denmark
21.10. The Riot - Lichtenstein - Germany
22.10. Kommarzbank - Hammerstadt - Germany tba

30.09. Pumpe - Kiel /Germany
21.10. Juz - Burglengenfeld /Germany
22.10. JUCA - Zwiesel /Germany
28.10. JUZ HERTEN - Herten /Germany
18.11. B58 - Braunschweig /Germany (Huge Record Release Party!)
20.01. METALKELLER - Innsbruck /Austria

29.10. Pokrock, Ieper - Belgium
04.11. JH de Flodder, Langemark - Belgium
19.11. Fallout Fest, Zaal Ravelingen, Heist - Belgium w/ Severance
15.12. Stadtwerkstatt - Linz - Austria
16.12. Arena - Wien - Austria
17.12. B-hof - Wurzburg - Germany
18.12. Underground - Koln - Germany

14.10. Elvärket - Mariestad - Sweden
11.11. Club Nyfiken Gul - Gothenburg - Sweden

On tour with Nile
28.09. CC Mirabeau - MARSEILLE - France
30.09. SALA GAMB - MURCIA - Spain
01.10. RITMO & COMPAS - MADRID - Spain
02.10. CLUB BRANCA - COLINAS - Portugal
03.10. IRUN - TUNK - Spain
04.10. LYON - C.C.D. - Spain
06.10. LOPPEN - KOBNHAVN - Denmark
07.10. SKYLTEN - LINKOPING - Sweden
08.10. MUSIKHUS - Gothenburg - Sweden
09.10. JON DEE - OSLO - Norway

16.12. Planet Music - Vienna - Austria

30.09. 34.000 ton of Metal cruise - Sweden 02.12. Heavy Fidelity, Trägårn - Borås - Sweden

Headline Shows Mystic Circle
18.10.2005 D Ludwigsburg Rockfabrik
28.10.2005 CH Islikon Tonbombe C4
29.10.2005 - GER - Bad Canstatt - Juz Anna


Release Schedule
Out Now: AFTER ALL - The Vermin Breed
VANISHING POINT - Embrace The Silence
IN-QUEST - The Comatose Quandaries
AS WE FIGHT - Black Nails and Bloody Wrists
INTEGRITY - Sliver In The Hands Of Time
SAVAGE CIRCUS - Dreamland Manor
DYECREST - This Is My World
ANGEL CREW - One Life One Sentence
October 24, 2005 PERSUADER - The Hunter
November 21, 2005 A TRAITOR LIKE JUDAS - Nightmare Inc.
DREAMLAND - Future's Calling
January 30, 2006 VANISHING POINT - In Thought
LOST IN RHONE - Beloved Be The Ones Who Sit Down
February 27, 2006 MYSTIC CIRCLE - The Bloody Path Of God
March 27, 2006 ASSAILANT - tba
PERSUADER - When Eden Burns
April, 2006 DEATH BEFORE DISCO - tba

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