Nightwish - German Premiere Of Imaginaerum Movie This Month

It has been announced that the long-awaited Nightwish movie Imaginaerum will have its German premiere at the "Kino in der KulturBrauerei" in Berlin, on February 11th, 2013. The screening in German cinemas will start on March 18th. Tickets are now also available online through this link. Also, please note that the language of the movie is English. Imaginaerum premiered in Finland in November and you can watch the trailer at this location.

More details about the German premiere:

Monday, February 11th, 2013
Kino in der KulturBrauerei, Berlin
19:30 CET doors open, 20:00 CET start
Tickets are available at the movie theater

Movie description: "Eagerly anticipated around the world, Imaginaerum creates a musical fantasy world in the vein of David Lynch, Neil Gaiman, and Cirque du Soleil. The movie is an innovative mixture of story-telling and music, an extraordinary tale of the power of imagination... and what's ultimately important in life. Shot and post-produced in Canada, the movie was directed by Stobe Harju and produced by Solar Films, and features appearances by all Nightwish members. The screenplay is based on a wild vision that Tuomas Holopainen, the mastermind of the band, devised after the album Dark Passion Play came out in 2007."

The official soundtrack of the movie, Imaginaerum by Nightwish - The Score was already released and features 13 grandiose, unreleased re-interpretations of Imaginaerum tracks by Petri Alanko.

Recently, the band released the "Ghost Love Score" live video (from the album Once) shot at Teatro de Flores in Buenos Aires during their Latin American tour 2012. It is available below.

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Posted: 02.02.2013 by Tristam


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02.02.2013 - 15:26
Wow, Floor is amazing
02.02.2013 - 16:27
Account deleted
I absolutely love Nightwish but I have my doubts in regards to the Lynch comparison ... I don't think this film will come close to anything he has ever done. Nevertheless, I would very much like to see it and am curious if it will make its way to the US or not; Tuomas is a great creative force so it'd be interesting to see how his concept came to life in a cinematic sense.
02.02.2013 - 16:28
02.02.2013 - 16:48
Bad English
Floor perfecly fits into this band, she would be amazing if NW would go to ''angels fall firts'' days sound whit Floor Jensen on vox, this is much better than After Forever and ReVamp , realy so exelent and also visualy she fits into band, much more than Anette ...... she shood be full time vocalist not liveone
Life is to short for LOVE, there is many great things to do online !!!

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I better die, because I never will learn speek english, so I choose dieing
02.02.2013 - 17:32
Ok, thats it. I will judge my self for the rest of my life, if i won't see this. My biggest dream since Tarja left, was to see Floor with NW> And now seeing her playing my favorite song of my life... Thats just too much. I must get tickets and fly wherever thei will play next.
there is nothing left to die for...
02.02.2013 - 18:41
I have never been a big fan of Floor but I still enjoy her voice from time to time. But HOLY HELL that was a stunning performance! It's been a while since I had shivers for 10 minutes non-stop. It's like the song was meant for her.
02.02.2013 - 19:21
Dark Blood
The Avenger
I'm actually very surprised with Floor's performance, I mean I know she's good but I wasn't expecting such perfection with Nightwish. I'm completely sold! And I'd love to see Floor as a definite member of the band.

About the movie: I'm very curious about it. Release it to Europe already!
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02.02.2013 - 21:50
Hope this is released in europe , or ireland at least
03.02.2013 - 09:05
LeChron James
Money says Tuomas Holopainen had some kinda crazy LSD/mushroom induced night and came up with this movie in five hours.
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Music was my life, music brought me to life and music is how I will be remembered long after I leave this life. When I die there will be a final waltz in my head that only I can hear.
03.02.2013 - 09:53
Cyborg Raptor
Always thought it would be cool for a sympho metal band to do a film like this but when are they gonna just goddam release it already?!
pewpew.. gotcha
03.02.2013 - 11:13
The Shape 1973
I was a bit worried when some of her early performances were on Youtube. She seemed to be holding back, but this is amazing. She absolutely nailed it. The power in her voice came through and I hope they give her the job permanently and maybe take a step back to the Once sound.

The note she hits near the end of the song, where the crowd cheer even louder, brought tears to my eyes and a massive smile to my face.
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05.02.2013 - 21:41
As someone who's seen the movie (that's right, who wants to touch me?): it's OK, nothing more. Let's not start throwing comparisons with David Lynch out there.

Oh, and I love Ghost Love Floor.

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