Tarja - Lyric Video For New Song Released

Naturally, fans are curious about the new material that Tarja will release on her upcoming new album Colours In The Dark which follows What Lies Beneath. She has already revealed the album's colourful cover artwork and today the lyric video for the song "Never Enough" has surfaced online. You can have a taste of the new album right now. A different version of "Never Enough" was also featured on Tarja's Act I live release.

Colours In The Dark drops in Europe on August 23rd via earMUSIC and in North America on August 27th through Eagle Rock imprint Armoury Records. Find out more about the album here.

Source: facebook.com
Band profile: Tarja
Posted: 31.05.2013 by BloodTears


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31.05.2013 - 16:56
Wow, this is some heavy stuff! Get it, Tarja!

Even if I disagree with bold choices, I infinitely prefer them over safe choices. I don't love the cover art, do love the song, and they are both bold choices. So a big to Tarja!
"A life all mine
Is what I choose
At the end of my days"
--The Gathering "A Life All Mine" from Souvenirs
31.05.2013 - 17:15
Yay ..the guitars are back !
"Cross is only an iron,hope is just an illusion,freedom is nothing but a name..."
"Build your walls of the dead stone...Build your roofs of a dead wood..Build your dreams of a dead thoughts"
31.05.2013 - 17:45
Admittedly I've never been the biggest fan of her solo stuff (there are just few songs here and there that I really like), but IMO this song is just bad.

..but I like the cover art, so maybe I just got weird tastes
31.05.2013 - 17:47
Very surprised! Never thought it would get heavy again with her. And the song takes another rute by the end, so it's not your typical single Looking foward to the album.
31.05.2013 - 18:17
Black Knight
Boring song... her solo career is a desaster, you can count on your fingers the number of good songs...
31.05.2013 - 18:55
Her voice is still sounding great, cannot give any negativeness for that. The music and song-writing is still overly weak to average. The heaviness is a plus, but not by much.
31.05.2013 - 19:00
Ahhh, boring. That riff was deceiving, I thought I was going to be something different but the song is extremely generic. Except for that long ending, where the riff comes back just to be overused alongside a canon of arrengements that still don't manage to make the time worth.

And the videoclip was so literal with the lyrics that it ended up being cheesy Anyway... I'll be checking for good stuff on the album.
31.05.2013 - 19:21
Well that was rather awful.
31.05.2013 - 19:42
God Alone
Trashy and hilarious as ever.
Tarja I love you.
31.05.2013 - 23:49
She desperately needs to team up with someone creative enough to write good metal. She's a great singer but her albums are completely forgettable.
02.06.2013 - 23:52
The Shape 1973
I used to be a big Nightwish fan, especially her era. Didn't like this. Don't think the down tuned guitars suit her voice.
Just because you believe in your strong morals it doesn't mean they are correct
03.06.2013 - 08:00
Nice try, but ... if that is the best song, I'm not convinced to buy the album.

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