Aborym - Debut New Video

Italian industrialists Aborym present their brand new debut official video for the song "Dirty", which is also the title of the group's recently released new album. It is available in stores from May 28th. This vide oclip, which was filmed in Italy, was directed by Alberto Falcone and also features all three band members as well as other actors. Check it out below through the YouTube player.

Commented by the video director, Alberto Falcone: "At the first listening of "Dirty" by Aborym, I got projected in a dark world, where I could see the worst of every human. My aim was to tell a distressing and confusional situation, blurring the borderline between nightmares, memories and drug inducted hallucinations. The pub where the story is set becomes populated by different apathetic idiot savants, each and every of them isolated in their own desperation. The few interactions that exist between them turn tragically. And then there's Luna, who stands still and feels passively all that happens and surrounds her. It was a terrific experience to shoot this video and meet the band members of Aborym, especially because I'm a faithful fan since the release of Kali Yuga Bizzare."

Source: youtube.com
Band profile: Aborym
Posted: 22.06.2013 by Abattoir

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