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In November 2013, Alex "Rector Stench" Wank posted the following on Pungent Stench's official website:

"The attempt of an Pungent Stench member to start this band again and to present it as a "Reunion" is pure nonsense and a fake.

Pungent Stench was formed, created & lead by Mr. Stench and nobody else. The goal was reached with the other guy, but that doen't allow him to "re-form" the band again under the Pungent Stench moniker (or anything related). This attempt was made to cheat the supporters and promoters to make some quick cash and nothing else.

By no means I will sit back and see my creation abused - legal action has already been taken. This Church is foul - and this Church will burn!

Mr. Stench/Alex Wank"

After a six-year break, death metallers Pungent Stench are back in business. Original composer, vocalist and guitarist El Cochino (Martin Schirenc) has once again re-animated the band and is joined by Danny Vacuum (Genocide SS, The Accidents) on bass and vocals and Mike G. Mayhem (Hollenthon) on drums. From now on, they will go by the name The Church Of Pungent Stench.

The band stated: "Due to possible legal bullshit regarding the use of the name Pungent Stench, the re-born triumvirate from Vienna/Austria will perform all future shows under the banner: The Church Of Pungent Stench.

Fans will finally get what they're asking for, throughout the years: an old school set list including some rare and even never played before material, such as tracks from the 1989 split LP with Disharmonic Orchestra, as well as classic smash hits from their first three albums!

The band is highly motivated and will play its first official show on Friday, 13th December 2013 at the Eindhoven Metal Meeting in The Netherlands. That day The Church Of Pungent Stench will perform together with other highly appreciated artists such as Napalm Death, Brutal Truth, Vomitory, Watain, Belphegor, Tiamat and Carpathian Forest. Smell you later."

Source: pungentstench.net
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Posted: 30.08.2013 by Bad English


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30.08.2013 - 20:22
Where's the new Hollenthon album for fuck's sakes. I don't give a flying fuck about Pungent Stench.
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30.08.2013 - 22:11
Just a Pungent Stench cover band with originals really. Instead of technically starting again as a new band, they're just gaying up the original name so they don't have to start again from the bottom of the musical ladder, so to speak. And I agree with Daniell. I want new Hollonthon, not this.
31.08.2013 - 11:18
Koen Smits
I'll be there for their first show! Who wants new Hollenthon when you can get Pungent Stench?
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but spoil thius film is like spoil porn and say porn ends whit cum shot ...

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