Rising - Reveal New Album Details, Streaming New Track

Danish sludge invaders Rising have unveiled details of their upcoming new product Abominor. The follow-up to he band's well accepted debut album To Solemn Ash (2011) will be out on November 4th as LP/digital via Indisciplinarian, which is also the band's mainman - Jacob Krogholt - newly formed label. Below you can also check out the complete tracklist and album artwork, done by (now) the former band member Henrik Waldemar Hald. In addition, Rising is also presenting a brand new track, "The Hills Below", now available for streaming through the YouTube player below.

Indisciplinarian press release: "After two crushing EP's, Danish metallers Rising finally released their debut album To Solemn Ash in 2011, and the band toured extensively in the year after playing more than 50 shows throughout Europe. In the meantime, the band forged new and fiercer material, fuelled by growing differences within the band. The result is Rising's second album Abominor, which will be released on November 4th. The album was to be the final material from this particular constellation of the band, marking and end to an era - and a new beginning.

Rising's new album entitled Abominor contains nine tracks running 39 minutes displaying a faster, more aggressive and gritty side to the band. From the beginning of the song writing process the band envisioned a somewhat harsher and loose album as a reaction to and a development from the more epic and melodic heavy metallic songs of To Solemn Ash. This is shown in the material which incorporates punk and crust influences, not at least aesthetically while remaining true to the heaviness and melodic sense that has been trademarks for Rising from the beginning. Abominor was produced by Jakob Reichert Nielsen, who also produced To Solemn Ash and the debut EP.

However, Abominor is to be the last album from this incarnation of the band. The year leading up to the recording of the album had shown severe disagreements creatively and personally within the band, and upon finishing the album drummer Johansen and vocalist/bassist Hald left the band. The new album thereby signifies the end of an era for Rising and as a result of the demise, there will be no tours or live performances directly in support of this album.

But the exit of Hald and Johansen will not mark the end of Rising, but on the opposite, a new beginning. Main composer, guitarist and remaining member Jacob Krogholt has teamed up with original drummer Martin Niemann, who formed the band alongside Krogholt in 2008, performed on the debut EP as well as co-wrote tracks from the Legacy Of Wolves single and To Solemn Ash Krogholt and Niemann will continue Rising with a new line-up and are currently busy writing new material to be recorded and performed live in the course of 2014.

The release of the second Rising album Abominor also marks the first release on Jacob Krogholt's newly formed label Indisciplinarian. Abominor will be released as 180 gram black vinyl limited to 300 copies, and the album will also be available digitally worldwide."

Abominor tracklist:

01. The Disdain
02. Reproach
03. Vengeance Is Timeless
04. The Hills Below
05. Leech
06. Suffering Nameless
07. Broken Asunder
08. The Malice
09. Gaunt

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