Brutal Truth - Releasing New Split With Bastard Noise

Grindcore behemoths Brutal Truth have announced the release of a new split album with Bastard Noise. The split titled The Axiom Of Post Inhumanity will be out on November 11th on CD/LP/digital via Relapse Records and is described as "harsh power-electronic noise insanity". The CD and LP versions of this split contain completely different sets of music from both bands. For now, you can check out the trailer of the release right here.

You can also pre-order your physical copies and bundles over here or here.

LP version:

01. Brutal Truth - "Control Room: Peace Is The Victory Mix"
02. Bastard Noise - "Preemptive Epitaph For The Living"
03. Bastard Noise - "The Antenna Galaxies (ngc 4038-4039)"
04. Bastard Noise - "Frack Baby Frack"

CD version:

01. Bastard Noise - "The Duel Of The Ant And The Dragonfly"
02. Bastard Noise - "The Horizon On Lynx"
03. Bastard Noise - "Horned Beetle Conflict"
04. Bastard Noise - "Mantis Colony"
05. Brutal Truth - "Control Room: Smoke Grind And Sleep Mix"
06. Brutal Truth - "The Stroy"

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Posted: 03.10.2013 by BloodTears

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