And Oceans - New Band Name

Dec. 30, 2005:

Sunshine, lollipops and rainbows! It's the andOceans 10-year anniversary!

A lot of shit has lingered through the pipes of this world since andOceans started as a consortium 10 years ago. And as you know, the world is a circle of shit but it still keeps on turning. Smile, so do we.
After a bunch of releases and two albums on Century Media we decided to turn the page and put the name andOceans on dry land. From now on andOceans is Havoc Unit! It's still the same unit with the same core, just a new name folks. There are new windows to break; twice as strong the stones will be thrown. Stay tuned for new 'looney tunes'!

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Posted: 13.01.2006 by eternalfear

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