Incantation - Finish Recording New Album, Touring Guitarist Announced

Incantation are back with another profound lyrical concept and blasphemous death metal with what's said to be the band's ultimate album to be called Dirges Of Elysium. This new opus will be out in late May on Listenable Records. The band recently announced the departure of guitarist Alex Bouks and their former guitar player, Sonny Lombardozzi, will be filling in on guitar during the touring cycle of their new album.

The band comments: "Elysium. Sky Burial, Necromancy, a cult in ancient Prussia, and Pure Blasphemy all await those who will hear the new release. The music is diverse and holds more aggression then our previous, along side with more doom hymns heard at a demonic funeral! As each and every record gets better by date, this by far surpasses any past materials! Hell awaits in the ashes of Elysium!"

Says Incantation about Lombardozzi: "We have been friends with Sonny for quite some time and he has also played with Incantation as far back as the early 2000s during the Blasphemy era. We really feel he understands the style of the band and that he will execute the songs in a very honorable way. It's great to welcome back an old friend into the fold!"

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Posted: 18.03.2014 by Windir

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