Lordi - Win Eurovision Contest 2006!!!

Hell yeah! If that is not a great victory for hard rock/metal, I don't know what is. No, you're not hallucinating, Finnish metal monsters Lordi won the formatted Eurovision contest (known for its sloppy poppish radio tunes) HANDS DOWN!

They were 44 points ahead Russia (the mullet singer) and gave a fresh new start to the oh-so-boring Eurovision stuff.

We wish to congratulate the winners from the depths of our hearts. LONG LIVE METAL

Source: deadsoulman in front of his tv
Band profile: Lordi
Event: Eurovision Song Contest
Posted: 21.05.2006 by Deadsoulman

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23.05.2006 - 16:13
like a fox
it was hilarious i was at my friends pub, and there was a punk thing going on, we watched all the regulars in the pub being shocked by lordi and looking out the window to be shocked again!

23.05.2006 - 17:14
Account deleted
i can't believe this shit. obviously most of the votes were just beacuse of their appearance, and in my opninion they didn't even play very well. the participation was fun, yet they should not have won it. what we'll get now is either a lot of lordi-like bands in the media, or mainstreamers wearing monstersuits
24.05.2006 - 00:31
Lordi rock! I'm from Northern Ireland in the good ol' UK and i was so glad to hear Lordi won! Altho they cut out the best bit of that song from the album version lol and the solo at the end!! aaahh who cares, Lordi won...long live Metal!!
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24.05.2006 - 00:48
Cthulu Corpse
Account deleted
It was a good show but the original is better than live. Its a good song. Think this is great for all metal. Hope there will be more metalbands in the contest in the next ones to. I was very suprised that they won but i really enjoyed it Gratulations to Finland!
24.05.2006 - 17:03
i was so surprised with lordi's victory and at the same time veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy happy hail to lordi hail to heavy music
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26.05.2006 - 13:53
Account deleted
Written by Alkhemyst on 21.05.2006 at 19:29

He was Pasi Rantanen of Finnish power metal band Thunderstone as backing vocalist. That corpsepaint was probably more like Kiss mask. If you saw those papers members of Lordi were holding, there was written "Kiss Army Finland" to Pasi´s paper.

Yes, one of my friends grilled me about that later... Sorry, my mistake. =)
26.05.2006 - 16:29
Achmeazorg, if you mean by "play" as really playing the instruments, no. In Eurovisions the music comes playback and only singing is "live". They don't have time to hook all the instruments and do sound check in those 30 seconds between performances. The music sounded everytime identical, except for vocals of course. When you go to real live gig you can except even a little variation and improvisation.
29.05.2006 - 22:27
Account deleted
Hard Rock Hallelujah is a bit boring song if you ask me and the singing could have done alot better. But still I'm glad that they won, because 99% of Eurovision songs have been pure crap so far. Okay, and maybe because I'm from Finland too.
24.08.2006 - 21:48
Fallitur Visio
I'm not from Finland but for the first time in my life, i trully like to watch a European music contest! Portugal sends some hores that shake their asses but really bad music :\ So this year I really voted for Lordi! I didnt knew the band but their music is from far the best one from the European contest this year so congrats and keep bringing metal to those contests!
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