( report that Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich told England's BBC Radio 1 that the group's new album is likely to be released in the summer or early autumn of 2007.

Ulrich explained, "I think we've realized that the creative process works a little slower for us than it used to, and we're OK with that. It's not a bad thing, unless, of course, you're waiting for a record."

Ulrich added that the band now is far more relaxed than the turbulent state in which it recorded 2003's 'St. Anger'. The drummer said, "Everybody's getting along, having a great time... Back on ('St. Anger'), it was just a very different experience 'cause we had to kind of get it back together. Now everything's cool."

Metallica is recording the new album, its ninth studio effort, with famed producer Rick Rubin.

The band is currently on a European festival tour, during which it has debuted a new song and has also played its classic 1986 album "Master Of Puppets" in its entirety.


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Posted: 18.06.2006 by lupas


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NoRb3 - 18.06.2006 at 12:59  
I hope it will be really good album.
W-Lash - 18.06.2006 at 13:58  
I hope it won't be that slipknot style like in St.Anger.
Valentin B - 18.06.2006 at 14:30  
i also hope it'll be more thrash and they'll live up to their name.hope it doesn't start a "metallicraze" though
Talvi - 18.06.2006 at 15:24  
Oh yeah! Get prepared for the second part of the long awaiting concept album! Sr. Anger 2, here we come!
Bas - 18.06.2006 at 17:01  
well, new song wasnt that bad, i mean, this time it were drums again, not trashcans anymore, and it had a solo on it...

but im still skeptical
Hamird - 18.06.2006 at 17:05  
ok. if it will be similar to earlier works.
Passenger - 18.06.2006 at 17:17  
New album?...Who cares...
Eight - 18.06.2006 at 19:01  
I care
Atleast i hope and looking forward to hear it
Memento Mori - 18.06.2006 at 21:23  
I Know This Album Similar To ST.Anger Too
Damnated - 18.06.2006 at 21:33  
Let as pray
dark discord - 18.06.2006 at 22:33  
Yesterday night i went to the last Metallica's gig in Europe and James sung us a song of the new album "new song"
ajschlosser1980 - 19.06.2006 at 00:32  
I gave up on hope of Metallica ever being good again. Metallica needs to retire and walk away while they still have some dignity. Their next album will probably be good as a beer coaster just like St. Anger, Load, and Reload.
fade - 19.06.2006 at 00:44  
Written by Valentin B on 18.06.2006 at 14:30

i also hope it'll be more thrash and they'll live up to their name.hope it doesn't start a "metallicraze" though

I'd forgive them for thier atrocities (any album after ..And Justuce), if they'd only go back to what made them the great band of old.
Dark Blood - 19.06.2006 at 01:09  
I still have hope for the upcoming album(s) of Metallica. I believe that the last album was an exception due to the "dark times" and problems they had during the recording of St. Anger (if you watched Some Kind of Monster documentary, you know what I'm talking about).
I still believe in Metallica.
norse steel - 19.06.2006 at 01:26  
i have no expectations of this new album being any good whatsoever, they have not realesed a good album since ...and justice for all, and i think no matter how hard they try, they will never release another good album
MetallicA - 19.06.2006 at 01:55  
I like all their albums except St. Anger. their 80s works are thrash metal classics. their 90s works are awesome hard rock albums. the black album still had thrash elements in it and I like that album. I still have hope for them. St. Anger was an atrocity...if the new stuff has solos and actual drums, then it can't be that bad when compared to St. Anger.
Proffesor Chaos - 19.06.2006 at 03:53  
Metallica, i beg you to restore metal to USA.....
DeathChrushed666 - 19.06.2006 at 05:18  
For me Metallica died on the black album
the shadow 666 - 19.06.2006 at 14:00  
i was on concert in Imola on saturday and they have 20th anniversary of "master of puppets" album release,they play all album +others songs incl. new song! it was a good concert , metallica still rules ! \,,/o\,,/ :banger:
ThunderAxe1989 - 19.06.2006 at 21:02  
@TheDissident and DeathChrushed_66: I agree with both ov you 100%! Metallica are 'finished'
Bulldozer - 19.06.2006 at 22:42  
This is great news! I'm really excited.
Immortal Plague - 20.06.2006 at 05:53  
I hope they go back to their Thrash roots or i can say im calling it quits when it comes to listening to Metallica.
Pianoman - 01.07.2006 at 06:46  
I have the hope that in this album they will go back to their roots.
Maybe Im wrong and this another St Anger shit.
LethargyMan - 02.07.2006 at 00:43  
Metallica should play metalcore. That would be AWESOME!
BloodTears - 02.07.2006 at 00:52  
I will not create more expectation about it, ill just wait naturally. If the album sucks i still love them for what they did.
Metalforos666 - 03.07.2006 at 14:10  
i like St.Anger
It is not one of the best Metallica not at least a Metallica album
But it is a good album
Oracle - 21.07.2006 at 05:24  
Hopefully the new album is better than St. Anger
Prowler84 - 21.07.2006 at 05:48  
Do not have high hopes from the new album. OLD METALLICA is dead !! You can maybe hear some mixture from Reload & St.Anger.. I hope it will be better than St.Anger otherwise Metallica will have NO fans !!!
suicide cloud - 08.08.2006 at 03:15  
i like st anger but its not really what i want to hear from metallica so hopefully we will hear a lil of the old metallica coming through in this album !!!!!!!!!!:P
Insineratehymn - 08.08.2006 at 15:38  
I have not expectations for the album being good. For me, they stopped being good when Cliff Burton died. No matter how hard they try, they will never return to their roots. Metallica should just quit now and never reform.
viimaneraud - 22.08.2006 at 00:53  
New album ..mhh..i guess it will be st anger sound mixed with master of puppets..
DLMokoma - 24.08.2006 at 20:42  
The only expectations that I have is that this album will be just as listenable as every single earlier album they have made (yeah even 90's "crap" and St. Anger). The only thing that I'm worried is James vocals..
Bengans - 01.11.2006 at 10:46  
I'm looking forward to this.. hope it will be good.
Oracle - 10.11.2006 at 05:17  
Im so over metallica now their older stuff is cool but their new stuff sux.
matthioso - 02.12.2006 at 18:34  
I think this new album is gonna be GREAT! I heared both the new songs and they are awesome! with solo's! My conclusion from hearing these two songs is that the album is gonna be more like the black album
ThrashMetal_Rulz - 10.01.2007 at 00:51  
It better sound better then St. Anger. A lot better, but I think that all the critisism they've had finally broke them into working hard to make Thrash albums like they did in the old days (80's wrk and the Black album).
Slupp128 - 21.12.2007 at 06:59  
St. Anger was a great album, but this new album will be good too. I think they dont need to retire yet..i just hope it will be as good as the other ones...{ROCK ON METALLICA}..{KEEP ROCKIN}:banger2:

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