Metallica - New Album To Be Issued In 2007 ( report that Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich told England's BBC Radio 1 that the group's new album is likely to be released in the summer or early autumn of 2007.

Ulrich explained, "I think we've realized that the creative process works a little slower for us than it used to, and we're OK with that. It's not a bad thing, unless, of course, you're waiting for a record."

Ulrich added that the band now is far more relaxed than the turbulent state in which it recorded 2003's 'St. Anger'. The drummer said, "Everybody's getting along, having a great time... Back on ('St. Anger'), it was just a very different experience 'cause we had to kind of get it back together. Now everything's cool."

Metallica is recording the new album, its ninth studio effort, with famed producer Rick Rubin.

The band is currently on a European festival tour, during which it has debuted a new song and has also played its classic 1986 album "Master Of Puppets" in its entirety.


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Posted: 18.06.2006 by lupas

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22.08.2006 - 00:53
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New album ..mhh..i guess it will be st anger sound mixed with master of puppets..
24.08.2006 - 20:42
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The only expectations that I have is that this album will be just as listenable as every single earlier album they have made (yeah even 90's "crap" and St. Anger). The only thing that I'm worried is James vocals..
01.11.2006 - 10:46
Account deleted
I'm looking forward to this.. hope it will be good.
10.11.2006 - 05:17
Im so over metallica now their older stuff is cool but their new stuff sux.
02.12.2006 - 18:34
I think this new album is gonna be GREAT! I heared both the new songs and they are awesome! with solo's! My conclusion from hearing these two songs is that the album is gonna be more like the black album
10.01.2007 - 00:51
Account deleted
It better sound better then St. Anger. A lot better, but I think that all the critisism they've had finally broke them into working hard to make Thrash albums like they did in the old days (80's wrk and the Black album).
21.12.2007 - 06:59
Account deleted
St. Anger was a great album, but this new album will be good too. I think they dont need to retire yet..i just hope it will be as good as the other ones...{ROCK ON METALLICA}..{KEEP ROCKIN}:banger2:

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