Angra - Detail New Album, First Song Revealed

The prog/power metallers Angra just announced their new album! It's been almost four years since they released Secret Garden but the next studio album, their 9th in total, shall be called ØMNI and will hit stores on February 16th, 2018 on earMUSIC. 2018 marks the beginning of yet another era in Angra's history and the new album is the result of months of intense dedication, blood and sweat. Hear the first song "Travelers Of Time" in the official lyric video below.

Once again, the album has been recorded in Sweden with Jens Bogren, who also produced the previous album Secret Garden. Many musicians were involved in creating the album, ranging from the percussion sound of Bahia to European orchestral arrangement.

ØMNI is a concept album, a set of science fiction short stories that take place at various places in time, simultaneously. The backbone of the plot is based on the idea that in 2046 an artificial intelligence system will change human perception and cognition. It is a system which will allow conscious communication between present and future human beings. Characters such as time travellers, cavemen, warriors, among others, help tell this story.

The album connects the concepts of previous albums (Holy Land, Rebirth, Temple Of Shadows) to one main system, ØMNI, which in Latin means "everything." It fabricates an interconnectivity that shines light towards a universal truth: everything that has happened, led to what the band is today. ØMNI celebrates and unites the whole history of Angra to this exact, current moment.


01. Light Of Transcendence
02. Travelers Of Time
03. Black Widow's Web
04. Insania
05. The Bottom Of My Soul
06. War Horns
07. Caveman
08. Magic Mirror
09. Always More
10. ØMNI - Silence Inside
11. ØMNI - Infinite Nothing

The cover artwork was hand-drawn by Daniel Martin Diaz, an American artist who dedicates his life to mixing scientific and philosophical concepts such as Anatomy, Computer Science, Mathematics, Cosmology, Sacred Geometry, Symbolism and Esotericism. The designer Gustavo Sazes was responsible for integrating such an organic art piece to the visual concept of the album as a whole.

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Posted: 05.12.2017 by BloodTears


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05.12.2017 - 19:37
Not bad at all, Fabio Lione fits in unexpectedly better than I expected. Hope this album will be better than their previous one !
05.12.2017 - 22:07
It never rains, but pours with Fabio. Jesus fucking Christ.
05.12.2017 - 23:27
This song alone is much better than the whole Secret Gardens album.
Lets hope the rest of the songs are in this vein.
06.12.2017 - 12:14
An okay song but I kinda lost interest in Angra.
Written by BloodTears on 19.08.2011 at 18:29

Like you could kiss my ass.

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06.12.2017 - 12:26
Are they still relevant?... =/
06.12.2017 - 13:13
Great artwork! It's like... Seth Siron Anton, but PG-13
06.12.2017 - 15:46
Good song. II have high expectations for this one.
07.12.2017 - 11:25
Stunning Cactus
Decent, like most of their material from the past couple albums. I doubt they'll ever be able to hold a light to albums like Temple of Shadows or Rebirth, but one can dream, yeah?
"I always knew metal would live on. I was right."
~Me, 2013
07.12.2017 - 14:03
I am deeply disturbed by how many elements of the cover art are off-center
07.12.2017 - 20:13
Written by andreosokin on 06.12.2017 at 13:13

Great artwork! It's like... Seth Siron Anton, but PG-13

lol that's one way to put it... I think it looks cool actually.
Written by BloodTears on 19.08.2011 at 18:29

Like you could kiss my ass.

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11.12.2017 - 09:03
Gotta love concept albums when lyrics are so poor...
Music-wise it's interesting, starts like Muse, ends up thrashy.
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Beauty resides not in what you're able to create, but in what you're able to communicate

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